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Other Grips

The Diagonal

bluedie.jpg (9708 bytes)

I first got a glimpse of this grip in the Yuri Kononenko book this is a three or four fingered grip (3 finger shown), where instead of gripping the flat surface of the dice, you grip the dice at the corners, thusly holding them diagonally.  This grip gives you an amazing amount of control over arc and dice rotation and is best suited for straight away shooting from the ends of the table.  Getting the dice into this grip takes a bit of practice but well worth it once you've mastered it.

The Diagonal:

Three versions of the diagonal pickup/grip 
First is the pick up.  It is truly a beautiful thing.  
heavy1.jpg (22169 bytes)
Next is the grip.

heavy2.jpg (26675 bytes)

Another version of the pickup and grip.
heavy3.jpg (24454 bytes)  

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