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Other Grips

Top Grip
( 2 / 3 / 4 / and 5 Fingered)

Get-a-Grip... Top Grip:

newgrip11m2ftg.jpg (25252 bytes)

Here is the 4 fingered:

newgrip13m4ftg.jpg (17740 bytes)

and the 5 fingered:

newgrip14m5ftg.jpg (15242 bytes)

Rear view of the five fingered top grip pickup:

newgrip2m5ftr.jpg (35990 bytes)

Side view of the five finger top grip pickup:

newgrip3m5fts.jpg (37406 bytes)

2 Fingered Front and Back
(deep or bottom grip)

2fingertop.jpg (63450 bytes) 2fingerbottom.jpg (63588 bytes)

(Left Photo: Backhanded throw  Right Photo: Underhanded Throw  )

This is a set I've been experimenting a great deal with. The reason being, it is easy to apply equal pressure to both the front and the back of the dice.  The set is made using the thumb and middle finger. Notice how the two fingers make an "O" shape.  I've found I can with great ease do several things with this grip. One, for the backhand toss, I can throw the dice with no spin, which is my preference, but I can easily also add backspin if I choose to with a flick of my wrist, or I can add top spin with a flick of my thumb when I release the dice. The second advantage I've found, is that it is easy to throw with this grip both backhanded (palm down) or underhanded (palm up).  Again with this grip, the dice are thrown parallel to the wall, rotate at the same rate and fly as a single unit.

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