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Toking The Dealers

The best place to place a wager on the dealers behalf is on the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line. And… if you take or lay odds in addition on their behalf you will be appreciated by the dealers even more. You can even add odds to your own odds for the dealers as this gives no "cut" to the house.

You can also place the point for the dealers. It is rare that a player will actually ”lay” odds for the dealers on the “Don’t” side as the player would have to lay more money on the wager that he would on the Pass Line (taking odds).

Dealers appreciate any wager made on their behalf, but in reality, wagers made on the hardways or on “Yo” (Eleven) are high “House Take” propositions and most of the time are losers that just fatten the “House Take” and discourage the dealers as much as the players. Savvy dealers also appreciate “hand-Ins”, actual “Tips” handed in during the course of a successful roll of luck or during the “Cash-In” (Color Up) when a winning player is ready to leave the table. It is best for the player to get the dealers on their side as soon as you get to the table.

Even if only doing this once, it sets forth a clear indication that you understand their method of compensation AND makes it very clear that you are BOTH gamblers who are riding the fortunes of Lady Luck AGAINST “The House”. If you really want to show some class and get the dealers on your side IMMEDIATELY then throw out a wager on the hard 6 and/or 8 and yell “TWO WAY PARLAY”.

You will be surprised at how quickly the dealers will awaken because you have just told them that you and they are going to parlay this wager if it hits. Though a long shot wager this would make for a very handsome toke for the dealers if it happens to hit. This tells the dealers that you are a real player.

You will be surprised at the impact that these suggestions will have on dealer servicing of your wager pattern and how much information the dealers will provide to you during the course of your action, recognizing any limitation that the boxman or floor people might have.

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