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The DiceSetter.Com's Precision Shooter's Forum


Members Click Here   


Three Quick Questions if you are not a member yet?


1) Where can you go to learn about the best paying casinos?


2) Where do go if you want to get the best gaming experience, opinions

     on strategies, books, workshops, and answers for your game?


3) Where are you going to find out about the people, the places and the

     ways and means of winning at craps?


The Dice Setter's Precision Shooter's Forum, of course!


Here you will discover thousands of posts from players and experts sharing

the latest information from the dice players world. You can scroll through topics

to find something specific to learn about or you can start your own topic, "thread", and have others respond.


If you have something to share, you can jump in with your comments. DiceSetter.Com's Precision Shooter's Forum's specific purpose is YOU!


We provide you with a first hand connection to the cutting edge of craps and

gaming insights and information right from your key board. Keep up to date

with the latest events, trends, commentary, books, workshops and winning craps strategies.


Where else can you get so much knowledge for so little investment right at your finger tips? Don't wait, join the best dice forum now!




NOTE: New Members please read the terms below and follow the link to the Registration instructions. Email ed@dicesetter.com if you have any questions.


Message Board Members User Agreement

Terms of Usage:

This message board is for the expressed purpose of exchanging ideas as it pertains to precision shooting, dice influencing, dice setting and rhythm rolling.  To participate (read or post new threads or respond to threads), you will be required to subscribe with a valid e-mail address.  This forum is moderated.  If your intent is to Spam, flame, whine, or otherwise cause problems, your posts and username will be removed at the webmasters discretion.

 General Rules:  By entering the message board…

You agree to: 

Be Civil!  Personal attacks on other members or poor manners in general will not be tolerated.  Any posts that the webmaster sees as impolite will be deleted immediately.  Differences of opinion are healthy and welcomed. 

Be Truthful!  Even the slightest “embellishment” of the truth is detrimental. Enough said.

Copyright protected material must be cited and used only with permission on the copyright holder. There are severe fines and punishments for violating copyright laws. Please respect the original author and be sure to attribute and source any quotes, abstractions used in your post to the proper source. All post become property of DiceSetter.com and are protected by our copyright.

You agree NOT to: 

Attempt to sell ANYTHING! Any sales oriented materials must be approved by the webmaster prior to posting. Please e-mail me at ed@dicesetter.com to get permission first.

Insert links to commercial gaming sites in your posts to the message board.  The only exceptions to this may be in regards to where to buy products helpful to the precision shooter (books, dice etc.).  Please e-mail me at ed@dicesetter.com to get permission to post such links.

Copy or otherwise re-create and/or disseminate any of the content enclosed within the message board for use on other web sites or publications. 

Republish materials from other web sites or sources that are not your own, without written proof of permission from the copyright holder of the material.

Post under multiple aliases/handles.

Annual membership fee:

The board requires an annual membership fee of $49 this fee helps us maintain the board and monitor it. Renewals are only $29. You can click here to purchase your membership or once on the board visit "Join The Precision Shooters Board post and follow the instructions posted within. If the fee seems excessive then this is probably not the place for you.

If you agree to the above statement, WELCOME and click the PayPal Button!


Limited Time Special Offer

If you have attended a live workshop in the past 12 months with Heavy, The Dice Coach, DiceBusters or Playing 4 Keeps, you are eligible to receive a trial 6 months free membership Login and Password. NOTE: Please email ed@dicesetter.com apply for this offer.




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