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Meet "Soft Touch"


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Deborah “Soft Touch” Garcia is likely the most authoritative woman craps player in the world today. She is frequently at the tables in Las Vegas and other great locations.

With her philosophy of helping others to help him/her self, she explores the different dimensions of the game teaching students that the casino is a reflection of what goes on in life. 

As a dedicated student of “the energy” of the game of craps, she uses the casino as a laboratory where, as an observer and a participant, she discovers and develops the playing methods she shares in her articles and during the workshops she participates in throughout the year. 

Avidly reading books on the game, studying the subject and working with several individuals who led her on a path to success she has cultivated a deep treasure chest of knowledge.
Deborah's mentors of the game include the likes of Jerry Patterson, Cris “Sharp Shooter” Pawlicki, Beau “The Dice Coach” Parker, Steve "Heavy" Haltom, Thom “Irishsetter” Morgan, and Michael Vernon are among a few of the individuals that she has trained with.

Deborah has been a Parr coach since 2001, and now coaches students with a few of her mentors at craps workshops and seminars like, Dice Feminique™, Craps Fests and now Dice Busters.

Deborah recently acquired the
www.dicesetter.com website, forum and newsletter to expand this enormously valuable knowledge base for the dice community. Her goal is to become the leading web resource for dice players of all skills levels and abilities. Helping both the beginner and the advanced player take their games to new heights.

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More "Soft Touch" Articles Coming Soon!


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