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Dice Setter Digest

Sometimes you just have to try stuff. Other times you should give it some consideration. Dice Setter Digest is a new addition to the website. Strategies, hot topics, questions from readers, with answers to questions, readers' contributions, topics related to playing craps, and gambling in general will be published here in the Digest.

The intent is to provide thought provoking information so the reader can "digest" and ponder how the information could apply to their game. It's about making informed decisions and the best choices when it comes to investing in a game of chance. It is our hope that the Digest becomes a resource of thought provoking, fresh ideas, which will inspire creativity and enhances the gaming experience for all of our readers.  

Power up!

Do you have something you'd like to share about the game? Would you like to have a question published and receive feedback? How about reporting a casino experience? Now you can with Dice Setter Digest.

If you have a Digest that would be appropriate to publish at this page, send your copy to Ed Jones Dice Setter Editor for consideration.

Thank you for all you do for the game of craps. I guess that means for both the game and the amount you don't get paid. I've looked at the new digest and really like the format.  Thanks again for sharing free information. - Jack M.

Digest Title


The Missing Ingredient 04/01/2023
To Be Successful 12/15/2022
To Late to Sing the Blues 12/07/2022
It is No Surprise 12/04/2022
Change You Point of View 05/09/2022
Heavy's Dice Set - Straight Sixes 04/29/2022
When to Walk Away 04/18/2022
Keeping a Journal 04/18/2022
This Grip's for You 04/18/2022
I Don't Get It 11/30/2017
Inside the Mind of a Poker Player 11/21/2017
When You Have To Shoot... 10/10/2017
Bouncy Practice Box 06/09/2017
The Parables of Don Guangoche 05/15/2017
Follow Up to Caution 04/21/2017
Subtle Signs of Caution 04/ 09/2017
Here's One for You 04/01/2017
Taking a Break 03/28/2017
What About a Losing Streak 03/17/2017
Losing a Losing Streak 01/31/2017
Dice Setting is Consistency 10/20/2016
Self Discipline 08/13/2016
Question about Units 08/08/2016
A Little Bit of Luck 07/25/2016
Might as Well Face It 07/09/2016
Fishing Up on Cripple Creek 06/28/2016
Keeping a Record 05/06/2016
Not Too Tall 05/03/2016
Craps Play-  It's a Mental Thing 05/01/2016
Good Craps Book 04/25/2016
Break Energy 04/18/2016
Casino Heat 04/02/2016
Does Size Really Matter 03/12/2016
The Dice Whisperer 03/08/2016
Birds on a Wire 03/05/2016
We are Being Cheated 03/01/2016


Dealers are People Too 02/28/2016



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