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Welcome to Dice Setter, Ed Jones here, it is not by accident or by chance that you find yourself here. You are in pursuit for the answers to your questions about dice setting and the game of craps. Your search is over and you will find answers here. I just want to let you know that there is wealth of free gaming information written by the experts of the game at your finger tips. We have published over 1,700 web pages covering every aspect for the game of craps. Enjoy reading all the free information provided here just for you.

The art of dice influencing has long been debated by players of the game. Dice Setter makes a commitment to you, to insure that the craps player is exposed to a variety of the most popular and proven strategies for playing the game of craps. 

Many of the opinions, about dice setting, have been collected and are published here. If you are residing in India and looking for a new online casino where you can play table games and other casino games, we recommend that you visit Gambola. Besides covering a wide number of games, they also offer cashback every time you wager a bet.

If you are planning to play craps online with an active casino bonus, make sure to read the online casinos terms and conditions. More often than not there are specific rules when it comes to playing table games with an active bonus.

Arguments abound regarding the theory of Dice Setting. Is it realistic? Let's have a quick look at the pros and cons for this hotly debated gaming subject. Find the best minimum and £5 deposit online casinos at CasinoAdvisers.com.

Pros: Dice setting really can enhance your craps playing experience. However, dice setting is not the "Golden Goose". Never the less, a dice influencer may experience a 2% edge. Influencing dice should be kept a secret. Extending the roll is the goal and with proper techniques, this may be achieved. Dice setting provides the player with an advantage over the casino. It's free, so what do you have to lose by trying it?

Cons: Dice setting does not work, it is a hoax. No one can control the dice, it is impossible. Taking a lesson is a waste of time and money. Dice setting is illegal. Dice setting is cheating. Casinos will barr dice setters from playing the game. It is difficult to learn. It takes hours of practice. It's not worth the effort. You must find the perfect table suface, not too hard and not too bouncy. Pick-up, grip, backspin, trajectory, and landing the dice square is essential for success, though mostly impossible. If dice control worked, every craps player would be doing it. Casino personel despise dice setters because setting the dice slows the game. Precision shooting hurts the game. Too many dice setters will ruin the game. Never bet with a random roller. Some casinos rig the game to thwart dice setting. If players could really control the dice the casinos would close the game. There is only one true school of thought for dice control.

Choosing the right payment method when playing craps and other dice games online is also important, this is where a Boku Casino comes in handy; by offering a secure and safe way to deposit.

Consider this question. No matter what your opinion may be, there are over 5 million craps players in the United States. How many of these players have you actually witnessed attempting the skill of dice setting?

Whoa! Enough already. Dice Setter's mission is to expose and explain how the artful skill of dice setting can add an advantage to your game.

These "hot" topics are discussed in the many of the articles authored by several respected authorities of the game. With over 1,700 pages published and on-line for nearly 20 years, we are dedicated to the subject of dice setting and playing casino craps.

Please understand that many of the articles were submitted to Dicesetter during the early days of the dice setting movement. As a result, some of the information may be dated. Never the less, it is our intention to maintain all of the articles as documented archives. The articles published here, not only provides the reader with free gaming information, but stands as testament to the history of dice setting and the names of those individuals who were involved. Therefore, we intend to continue with updates and preserve the historical documents depicting the evolution of dice setting and dice influencing.

Consider Dicesetter.com as the University of Dice Setting. You are just a click away to discovering the largest collection of articles contributed by the experts and professionals of the game of craps. No other online website offers the volume of free gaming information presented by active players. Our contributors truly understand the game of craps. 

You will find answers here, for all of your dice setting questions, as well as discovering how dice setting works. And, it's not only the "how to", but also, the reasons for "why" you will want to add all the possible advantages to your gaming "tool box". Dice setting is more than a skilled physical application. It is a paradigm shift for your game. If you are just beginning, you can learn how to play the game of craps here with our free dice lessons. 

If you are an advanced player, you will find tips and techniques to improve your game. If you cannot find what you are looking for simply send Ed an email with your question and we will do our best to answer your gaming question. 

At Dice Setter, we have access to the most knowledgeable experts playing the game of craps and the best part for you, it's all free! Remember, learning is a life-long process. If you are not pursuing knowledge, you just might be dead. 

Truly a Winner by The Professor

When it comes to gaming, there is no other way to enter that particular reality, other than to enter with an awareness and with responsibility. Find matching deposit bonuses at Casino Gorilla. There can be a thousand excuses for why you lost and one reason why you won. You can pretend any story that fits what you want to believe or you can move forward with your evolution, taking responsibility for your actions. Learn from mistakes and live to fight another day. Make that your truth.

There are many resources for gaming, websites, books, articles, authors, teachers and workshops promoting ways of improving the players game. Sometimes I wonder if it is just so much dribble. Really, is the game of craps all that complicated? Does a player need all the stuff out there to enjoy a game of dice?

So, why go through all of this information? Why promote a better way to play and win? Well, I don't know about you, but the process for me is a continuing educational experience. I say, "If you have stopped learing, you just might be dead." Dice Setter has provided for a wealth of free gaming information.

The search for the "Holy Grail" is as much a part of the fun, as is the thrill of actually playing the game of craps. Through self-examination of thoughts and experiences, you make it your intention to come out the other end a better person. It is simply the satisfaction of knowing that you figured it out. 

We journey together and associate with like-minded players who enjoy the challenge of a craps game. Perhaps the information and articles, here at the Dice Setter, may be a benefit to the visitors who take the time to invest in themselves. Within the hundreds, if not thousands of pages found here, are the stories of the players who forged the path to successful play. They bare their soul, sharing their mistakes and their successes. The reader may assimilate what the authors have learned from personal experiences. Come to think of it, what better way to shorten the learning curve than by taking advantage of the lessons from those who paved the way?

At the end of the day, it simply comes down to how you played the game. By acknowledging your achievements, you lock in the experience by taking ownership. When there is no one else to observe you, observe yourself. After all, only you need to know that you are truly a winner. It is not about how much you win. It has everything to do with how much you don't lose.


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Thank you for all you do for the game of craps. I guess that means for both the game
and the amount you don't get paid. I looked at the New Digest and really like the format.
  Thanks again for sharing free information. Jack D.

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Hello My Dear Readers,

We offer Free Craps Lessons so you can learn how to play craps and for the more seasoned players, this is the place to improve your craps play. Our site includes articles, tips, techniques and strategies written by many of the most well know dice experts in the world. You will find their information throughout this website and you may even get to interact with them at one of the gaming programs we promote.


Craps is probably the most exciting table game and it is likely the most complicated of all casino games. At DiceSetter.com we intend to help all craps players with our free information. Contained within this website you will find a multitude of articles written by experts of the game of dice. You will find loads of information ranging from betting strategies to the art of dice setting, and tossing. Also, you will not want to miss our collection of newsletters written only about playing craps and gaming. Now, you are connected, to the Dice Setter's network of informed players worldwide. This collection of gaming information is provide for you, with no charge, free for you viewing pleasure.


Please pay us a visit as often as you like. Share the Dice Setter website with your friends. Your feedback is appreciated along with your questions about the game of craps.


At DiceSetter.com you will learn how to play craps from "real" people playing the game, like The Dice Coach, The Professor, and Soft Touch! click here We consult with experienced craps players dedicated to knowing all there is to know about winning. All you need to do is click and read.


Now, if you've just decided you want to learn how to play craps, that's great, welcome! Craps is the most exciting table game in the casino and provides the player with the best odds of leaving with some of the casino's money. If you already know how to play craps this site will help you take your play to the next level.

Craps is not a game to be taken lightly or for the lazy gambler.  Without some basic knowledge, intuition, and luck, the cash in your wallet or purse will disappear quickly. The first thing you should do is join our Dice Setter's subscribers list to stay up to date on "everything craps"  as you will discover reading some amazing articles by our dice setting experts. You will receive email notification when new articles are added to our website along with available programs for hands on instruction. (Dice Coach and The Professor)


We hope Dice Setter will assist you with information, links and other resources that will help you learn the rules,

 strategies, and mathematics that you need to enjoy a successful game of craps.


If you are like me, your passion for the game will fire your quest for the knowledge and the best methods for tackling casino craps. "It's always more fun when you are winning."


Good reading, good luck, and good fortune to my fellow dice players,


Soft Touch




Want to play craps with an additional advantage?

The ability to manipulate dice fairly with a desired result has eluded craps players for as long as man has been rolling bones. Fair in this context implies without cheating. The interest and popularity of dice manipulation has boomed in interest with the advent of the Internet and the speed in which information may now be shared in today's world. Although there are numerous web sites, books, and clinics about dice manipulation, it is not the end all to beat all. However, Dicesetter.com has been on-line longer than any other dice influencing web page. If you are seeking up front information provided by numerous contributors on the subject, start reading, there are over 1,700 pages to examine.

Regarding the myth of dice control, the truth is no one can control the dice. No one can prearrange a pair of dice, call the next roll and consistently produce the predicted results. For all the hype promoting the glories of "dice control" the game of craps is impossible to control through physical interventions alone. So, why bother to continue reading here? You are investing in knowledge to learn more about a skill that may provide some positive influence for your game. It all depends on you and your intention to improve you chances to win more and lose less.

Dice manipulation is a skill that does not work every time. However, when it does work, it provides an additional edge over the house advantage. It is  the little things, when added together, that gives the craps player that edge when facing the challenges of casinos craps.

Remember, the casino operates a craps game with the odds guaranteeing that the player is seperated from their money. By committing the time to read the articles published at DiceSetter.com, you will learn how it is possible to lose fewer sessions as you add positive aspects to your game. Subtle manipulations and advantage play shaves away the house advantage. 

Win more and lose less. Start now, read 
Table Manners

Dice influencing is a leared skill that follows a theory. First, the threory starts with setting the dice in a prearranged configuration before picking up the dice. Next, the dice are carefully picked up before being tossed in a specific manner. In most cases the shooter tries to avoid the number seven. However, during a come out cycle, it is reasonable to set the dice to favor the seven by employing a set that favors the seven. 

When you combine a prearranged set of dice with a perfect toss, in theory, it is possible to influence the outcome of the game. It is as simple as that. Albeit, a theory is not the same as a convention. Just because the idea can be thoroughly explained and some alleged experts even profess proof with elborate math calculations; it does not assure deliverance of the premise for all concerned.  Read more, Eye on the Ball by the Professor.

If you are serious about having answers to your dice influencing questions, our bet is that you will find them here at Dice Setter. If not, just send and email to Ed Jones and he will refer your question to one of our expert dice consultants. 

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