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Here's One for You


Hi Dice Setter, 

Here’s one for you. The other day I was playing at Murphy, that’s Cherokee River in North Carolina. I’m shooting from SL1, (stick left first position). I throw a two finger front, thumb in back, on axis (at least that’s what I always go for) toss. Every toss I’ve seen, which is either PARR or a similar type toss, has arm extension toward the end wall, right? So, I come out with a point of six. I’m about to place bet a bunch of money and the stickman tells me my hand went over the center line. He points to center of the “sucker bets” area and tells me the boxman will call a no roll on the dice and move the dice to another shooter. Have you experienced this? 

I have looked at a lot of videos and in every one, where somebody is throwing or being taught a PARR type shot, they always extend over the center line from SL1! 

I tried to move back on the rail, but there was a big guy to my left who wouldn’t move. I threw my second roll and guess what? 7 OUT. I suppose if I move to SL2 or SR2 I will not have a problem. But that sure got to me. It changed my whole rhythm. 

Nick ”Thnick” on Heavy’s forum

Hi Nick, to answer your question, yes, I think I have seen it all. You have to recognize the times when the establishment is messing with you. This was one of those time.

Never forget that when you are in a casino, it is your choice to play “their game”. They own it all and they make the rules. Be prepared to play by their rules or be prepared to walk away. I like to think that I have the savvy and discipline to do both, anytime it is required. 

The short version has to do with the stickman. Not all, but some, play a game within the game. Once I was told that my arm was too close to the stickman. Of course he deliberately leaned in to my arm during the act of shooting. It’s their game. I chose to not make it mine. I rolled a couple of points and colored up. There is always another game. 

For more on how energy can subtly influence an outcome, you may want to visit Playing 4 Keeps blog.

Thanks for writing the Dice Setter. 

Ed Jones
Web Editor /


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