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The Missing Ingredient


Recently, while in Las Vegas, I met with a student who arranged for private dice instruction. He wanted help understanding metaphysical elements and how they apply to the dice game. Two components that he asked about were affirmations and right time, right place, and right action.

The student confided his belief in affirmations. He said he was confused about the way affirmations worked. He asked me why affirmations did not work. He gave me an example of an experience he had while attending a program designed to help grow wealth, using affirmations to get what you want. He told me that he wrote down affirmations, placing them around his home and workplace as visible reminders and that he often mentally repeated the phases. In the end, he said, that the process did not work.

I asked him to explain exactly what he learned at the seminar for growing wealth. He told me that the seminar presenter represented that by using affirmations, checks would come in the mail and money would appear to him. I asked him what he had done to cause someone to want to send him a check in the mail. After a long pause, he replied, “nothing”.

This is my answer to the student's questions.

Affirmations support the reprogramming of the subconscious mind to accept a new way of thinking. Without concerted action, on the part of the affirmer, little to nothing is likely to happen. There has to be a willingness on the part of the person who is making the affirmations, to do something that aligns with the affirmations to work. Stuart Wilde covers this in his book, “Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle”. You do not necessarily have to work hard for success, but you do have to act toward the end goal. Money is an expression of energy. If you put out little to no energy, it probably explains why you have little to no money. Somewhere along the way action, supported by intention, with the appropriate energy is required.

This is a fairly simple concept and is typically missed. Once you set out on the path in pursuit of abundance, it is an ongoing process. Affirming goals does not have an ending, like the example above, posting a bunch of sticky notes and then watching for the postman and wondering why there is no money.

If a person’s lifestyle and beliefs are rooted in scarcity and lack, it is nearly impossible to have any support from affirmations about abundance. A thought-form of limitation holds back prosperity the same way as a lack of action. Once engaged in the practice of abundance and wealth, a different lifestyle is set in place to evoke a feeling that aligns with the affirmations. Often that feeling can even exist without having a lot of money. Think of it like a spring pouring from the side of a hill. Would you want to try to stop the spring once you had quenched your thirst? No! You would want the spring to continue to flow and support your needs for water. Think of it as a continuation of events in your life always coming at you abundantly. There is always more. You can feel when you are in the “flow” by acknowledging that you deserve more.

The person that you take to the game is the same person that you take into life. Your strengths and weaknesses, your fears, and your lack of confidence will be exposed during the game. The quickest way to change the game is to change your beliefs about your life. You are better off believing in something that empowers you and having a plan of action.

Right place, right time and right action are not just motivating phrases. It has to do with a commitment to a belief system. It is taking on a belief that supports limitless possibilities. Contrast that, for example, to how much of society, especially now, subscribe to a belief in lack, scarcity, and the fear of not having enough. Never mind blaming outside forces for their reasons. Having an abundant life means taking ownership of a belief of limitlessness, like the spring, always gushing water. It is a lifestyle and a way of living that takes responsibility for life’s experiences. Life does not just happen to you it is an expression of your energy, your thought forms, and your actions. It is a combination of an expanded belief system, affirmed by your action. In a game of chance, you affirm your intention of being at the right game at the right time and possessing the skill and knowledge to take the right action. If you leave any door open to doubt, it is an expression of weakness or lack, and it is a leak in your game.

The process of change involves overcoming old ways. It will take some time and practice to release old beliefs based on restriction and act in favor of empowering yourself with a belief of limitlessness abundance and opportunity. That is when the missing ingredient can kick in... powerful, abundant action. It evokes creativity, ideas, and cleverness which results in financial reward.

Copyright © 2023 - Michael Vernon

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