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Strategy #17

The Patrick System (Wrong Side Strategy)

This is a system named for John Patrick. The most popular systems instructor in the world.

Step One

The objective of this step is to nullify the influence of the 7 on the comeout roll. The way we will do this is to place $5 on the Passline and place $5 on the Dontpass. Now, if a 2,3,7 or 11 shows, it will be a wash. The only way to lose is if the 12 shows causing the Passline bet to lose but not affecting the Dontpass bet.

This twin bet carries only a 2.8% house vigorish. Once the point is established, lay odds against the number. There is a 0% house vigorish on this move. At this point, you have some options which we will go over in Step 2 but the basic move is to just Stop and wait for a decision.

You have the upper hand because you have made it through the comeout roll and are now in the position of having the 7 work for you.

Step Two

Ok, on the second roll, instead of placing single odds on the point, place double odds and make a $5 Dontcome bet. The 7 is protected by the odds bet. When a second point is established, reduce the original odds bet to single odds.

Now you have 2 numbers working for you and we’re not in danger of losing at any time. At this point you might want to make another don’t come wager to establish a third point. If the 7 shows at this time the second point number will protect your don’t come bet.

Then, once the third point is established, fall back into the Basic Wrong Betting Method of replacing only 2 numbers and awaiting the outcome. You might also want to protect the 6 or 8 if they are the point by hedging and making a place bet. Or, if the point is an even number, hedge it with a Hardway bet. These are all options that you can utilize according to your playing style.

Well those are some different approaches to the Wrong side of Craps betting. Try some of them out. 

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