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Learn How to Play Craps

Lesson 7 - Dark Side Odds Payoffs



Did you know that less than 15% of all craps players are dark side bettors?  In part I of the series, I covered odds payoffs on Pass Line/Come Line bets, otherwise called Placing Odds.  Now it's time for the dark side. 

 Initially, it's easy to be confused and intimidated by dark side odds, (called Laying Odds).  Some of you in fact may say, "I don't need to learn dark side odds, I'll NEVER play the don't!"  Let me tell you something.  The longer you play craps, the more likely it will be that you will develop some dark side methods to your overall playing strategy. 

If you are the type of player, who even after five seven outs in a row are bucking the trend and STILL making pass line bets, there is little help for you and your bankroll.  (If your idea of a dark side strategy is placing bets on the "Any 7", then there is NO hope for you.) 

With the dark side, there are generally two things that people get confused by.  The first being, "How much do I have to lay in odds?" and, "How much will I be paid?"   Basically, if you know your odds payoffs as a Right Bettor, then you will be able to lay odds easily as well. 

For instance, look at a don't pass/don't come bet on the 6 or 8.  If you had been a Right Bettor, you would place $5 in odds to get a $6 payoff on the odds. (Odds amount x 20% plus odds amount).  The inverse is true for laying odds on the 6/8.  You would lay $6 in odds to get a $5 payoff on the odds.  

Frankly, I'm not sure whether this will simplify the process for you or confuse you more.  Perhaps you will need to memorize the chart.  For me, I take what I know about right side odds, and merely flip them around.

Point True Odds
6/8 Lay 6:5
5/9 Lay 3:2
4/10 Lay 2:1

Look at the lay odds payoff chart below and you'll see what I mean.

Point 6/8

Point 5/9

Point 4/10

Lay Odds Amount

Payoff on Odds Amount

Lay Odds Amount

Payoff on Odds Amount

Lay Odds Amount

Payoff on Odds Amount



$6 $4


$12 $10 $9 $6 $20 $10
$18 $15 $12 $8 $30 $15
$24 $20 $15 $10 $40 20
$30 $25 $18 $12 $50 $25
$36 $30 $21 $14 $60 $30
$42 $35 $24 $16 $70 $35
$48 $40 $27 $18 $80 $40
$54 $45 $30 $20 $90 $45


Obviously, laying odds on the 4 or 10 is easiest to calculate, the 5 and 9 being the most difficult.  If you play the dark side for even the shortest period of time, you will quickly become adept at knowing how much to lay and what to expect to be paid.

Similar to placing odds, if you become familiar with the basic lay odds amounts and payoffs, you'll be able to calculate larger amounts.  For instance:  How much would you be paid if the point was 9 and you layed $48 in odds behind your don't pass bet?  You know the payoff on $24 in odds is $16, so the answer would be $32 on your lay odds amount, plus $5 for the flat portion of your bet.  Not too tough, is it?

On a final note regarding laying odds.   Don't hesitate to ask the dealer.  That is why they are there, to assist you.



Now that you are done here be sure to check out, Lesson 8 - Continuing Your Education


See You At The Tables,


Soft Touch


PS Review the Books and products listed. I would love to see you at one of our live events!



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