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Learn How to Play Craps!

Lesson 8 - Continuing Your Craps Education


Learning how to play craps and Dice Influencing is a process that requires a commitment to continuing your education and practicing what you learn. The

resources here will accelerate the process and shorten your learning curve.


Whether you want to be a weekend warrior or a professional player this website

can help you improve your play on the craps tables, but you must do your part;

that means you must study, practice and test out your skills on the tables.


Our contributors have spent thousands of hours playing, studying, practicing,

refining and honing their dice skills for the game of craps.


This is not a get rich quick scheme but with an investment of time, dedication and practice your craps play will improve. The skills and discipline you learn here,

can carry over and be applied to all aspects of your life.


Now that you are done here be sure to check out, Advanced Craps Payoffs.



See You At The Tables,


Soft Touch


PS Review the Books and products listed. I would love to see you at one of our live events!



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