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 Beau Parker - The Dice Coach
Dice Coach

 Michael Vernon - The Professor
Playing 4 Keeps

What a former student has to say...

  I wanted to touch base and let you know how much I enjoyed your workshop. I was impressed with the realistic casino-like set up and your professional approach to the game.  Michael, you are obviously a keen student of the game and your expertise in all its aspects was a real help.


  Just to let you know that of the four sessions I played after taking the class, I had three winning sessions, using my normal betting strategy and Michael's "preserve your bankroll" betting method. Am looking forward to many more winners!!!


I thought the class was well run. I had been practicing the setting and throwing techniques prior to coming to the session but could have used some more actual instruction and demonstration of the technique from you guys.
The biggest benefit from the class was seeing the business like approach you all took to the game. I had come to the realization a long time ago that craps is not a "game" if you want to play on a continuing basis it has to be approach in a business like manner. Your instruction and attitude just confirmed this for me.
So glad I decided to take you class. Anyone who is at all serious about becoming a better dice player should definitely attend one or more of your sessions. You guys are the real deal. Thanks! - D. Rennick - Canada

~ ~ ~ ~

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