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Craps Table Etiquette
A Roundtable Discussion 

This topic was suggested by Roadrunner. Following this discussion, you may wish to read Table Manners


I have a problem with players that have no manners at the table. Some of the things that I think are important include:

Proper timing of buy in. Best is:

1) When a decision is reached (out or winner)
2) when hardway payoffs are being made at the other end of the table
3) immediately when the dice are in the middle. How many times have you had a nice roll going only to have the dice hit bills thrown by an inconsiderate player buying in?

Making bets while the dice are in the middle. I have had players actually hit my hand with cheques just as I was starting my toss.

On coming to the table, don't ever “squeeze” in front of the shooter.

Watch your bet to make sure it is placed and is booked by a dealer. This can eliminate squabbles with bets when the win. Also watch you bets to make sure dealers don't move or take them down.

At a busy table prop bets eat up rolling time. Do you really need the prop bets on every roll? I have been at a table with 12 players that prop bets reduced the number of rolls per hour to a crawl at 60 per hour. 100-120 is normal.

I am quite sure there are more.


I also have found that by being pleasant with the dealers, ("Please place the xx", "Thank You", "Color Please", etc), a couple of things (sometimes) happen:
1. Your time at the table becomes more enjoyable for you and the dealers, (win or lose).
2. The heat is not forthcoming.
3. Sometimes, (this usually only happens while playing the DC), - a losing place bet is NOT picked up when hit - and IS PAID when the demon rolls.
4. The hand goes faster, and if you have the dice, this means more opportunities.
Just a few thoughts…


I thought I would address some of the etiquette concerns others have brought up and ways that we as experienced players can help the dice flow at the tables where we are playing.

Buy ins in the middle of a shoot. If you must buy in when the hand is taking place the best time of course is after a point has been made. The second best time is after a hard way has been thrown and the dealer is paying the other end of the table.If neither of these opportunities present themselves then:

#1 Decide what your bet will be total get as close to the exact amount of money in your hand and say to the dealer"I want $44 inside here's $45 change after the roll or better yet change on the dealer hard six.

#2  Buy some cheques from the player next to you,maybe $100 in green and then make your bet at the appropriate time. Any or all of these ways to buy in will keep the game and the dice moving.

When people (usually drunk, always stupid) won't keep their hands out of the layout, throwing the dice at their head is a good move as long as you can keep your concentration after you do it.My friend Bill did exactly that at the Golden Nugget this weekend...worked like a charm.

As far as watching your bets, yes your bets should be scanned after every roll.As experienced and serious players we can help the dealers and nubies by helping keep track. I'll always say "I'll watch my end to the box"with a big smile if the dealer is a weak one or can't remember a wager or whatever. Helping the dealers out on a busy table can be good if done correctly.You shouldn't belittle a dealer even if they are the weakest link on the game.


I'm always surprised at the number of folks who haven't figured out Life 101 - the simple fact that good behavior is rewarded and poor behavior is not.  
I recall one afternoon at Harrah's - I was the shooter, standing next to stick and throwing to the opposite corner of the table.  I had 3 or 4 passes behind me and a string of 30 or so numbers rolled.  I'd had the dice for around twenty minutes.  My friend Jack was standing straight out near where I was tossing to when a large woman (classic Big 6/8/Field bettor) crowded in at dealer first and started placing late bets.  Her position required her to reach across all of the other players in order to place her self-service bets - but she never placed a bet before I picked up the dice.   
On my first near miss of her hands I politely asked the stick to admonish her to get her late bets in early.  As I picked up the dice he called "hands high!"  Again, the dice nearly hit the woman.  I turned to the boxman and said, "Tom, would you please ask the lady at dealer first to get her bets in before the dice go out."  He did so - and on the very next roll her hands were again out there in the way.  At which point I made eye contact with the woman and asked her if she would please get her bets in early - that she had her hands directly in my landing zone.  She looked sullen - but said nothing.  So I picked up the dice to throw them and - sure enough, there she was again.  I balked and set the dice back down - then made eye contact with my friend Jack and asked him to explain to the woman that if her hands were below the rail next time I threw the dice - the next time they came down the table I would do my best to put one in her eye.  A chorus of assents from around the table.  Well, next roll she was out of the way - and the following roll she caught the mood of the table and moved on out - looking for another game to screw up.  Absolutely amazing.

Dice Doctor

I have finally learned to NOT be surprised when all of the "monkey business" begins at a table. For a long time I let it agitate me, therefore taking away from my natural abilities.

I call these folks the "99 percenters". I believe that 99.9% of the folks we encounter in this game will have no clue as to what is going on, aren't wanting any clues, and feel they are not in need of any clues(read guidance) at the table.
By accepting this fact, I am able to remain more focused and in my own game.  
Sometimes I feel like a giant bug light that attracts all of the riff raff in a casino. Crazy crapper bets abound and hands all over the playing field. Of course, you gotta add in the fella at the other end trying to past post the 2.00 bet and arguing over the payouts.

Last week a fellow pulled up on our right. Guess what he was doing guys? Picking his nose. Three knuckles up, I swear. You could see the stuff on his fingers. Then he gets the dice to shoot. Yuk! I immediately requested new dice. But, no that is not enough, up next to me on my other side?...a guy who was NOT passing gas but had actually soiled himself. And was scratching his behind and handling chips. I coloured up and left. Good God. Somehow I read it as the Dice gods telling us the table had just gone to sh--.

We are subjected to adverse playing conditions in most every arena we enter. I can only hope and look forward to the days when guys like Roadrunner, Pablo and the Dice Coach, etc come to town. At least we have a fighting chance!


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