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Lay Bets On Come Out

Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

rhythm dice setter

Has anyone tried this strategy on the come out roll? Lay all of the numbers on the Don't side, put a $5 horn bet plus a $10 bet on the pass line to offset any number that you throw that will be your point. Set the dice for come out roll of 7s. If you throw a 7, you win all of your lay bets. Horn bet will cover crap -&- 11. If you throw a number for a point, then you come down on all of your lay bets on the don't side.(You lose one lay bet). This way you don't expose much money to risk but if you throw a 7 on the comeout, you win all of your lay bets plus your pass line bet. Seems that you have the advantage over the house on the come out especially when you set the dices for 7 on the come out. Am I missing something? Sounds good but if it was that good, why haven't more people tried it?


Some people have tried it and found that putting their money on 6 possible combinations versus 26 possible combinations doesnt work very well .A better bet would be to place all the numbers working then regress to the 6/8 .Unless of course if you buy into the myth that the comeout is where most 7s appear.good luck shooter


I played at a table with a guy who used that strategy back a few months ago. He's lay $194 across - and play $25 on the line plus a $5 Horn high ace-deuce. He came down on everything if a point was established - played 10X odds behind the line and placed the six and eight for $60 each. I played at the table 45 minutes or so. He was down over $2000 when I left ...

rhythm dice setter

Was the guy at the table a dice setter? Did he set the dice on the come out on the 'all 7s set'? When things go bad, they ballon and keep going bad. That is why 3 in a row is a trend and one needs to switch or stop betting for awhile.


I believe it is a good bet.Your risk is only $31 for $120 in gain...if...IF..you can throw the seven.Placing all the numbers carries much more risk because all the bets go down at once vs only one bet.If you know what number is more likely to show on your come out throw then you might lay off of that one and only lay the other 5 numbers to slightly reduce your risk.If you were consistant in throwing the seven on the comeout it is a very good bet.



If you're gonna use your all 7-s set, you can use any axis you choose. I'd suggest using the 3-4 axis for this set, then lay the 5 and 9. If you're good at keeping your axis, you should be hitting this bet a lot since you'll hit the 7 at least 25% of the time, (more if you're truly skilled) and the 5 and 9 should never show. This works out to a player advantage of 67%. Not bad at all for a bet you can use in addition to whatever you normally run with

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