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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

  Topic: Rolling Thunder - Throwing Technique

Post Date: 9/4/2001 7:17:41 PM (Pacific USA) P4K 
Author: Roller

What type of throw does Rolling Thunder Recommend? Stacking? Yuri throw? Something else?

Do they give any advice on how the dice should land?

Post Date: 9/4/2001 9:13:09 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: irishsetter
Home Page: ~woof~


If I remember correctly, they show several different grips, including one that I've been messing around with, the 2 fingered front & back grip. I've been having some excellent rolls in practice with it. Yes, they give advice on everything from beginning to end. Some of it is culled from Yuri, some of their perspectives are new and intriguing. (throwing into the corners)
hope this helps.

Post Date: 9/5/2001 5:04:40 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: bubbles
Slogan: Quit while your ahead


You can see for yourself by using the link on this web site to Rolling Thunder. Just by coincidence I did it for the first time yesterday & just from their home page I discovered a great new throw. Just flick your wrist. I tried it out at Caesars AC last night with the diagonal grip & shooting from the first position left of stick. I just used wrist motion & sent them into the corner to just hit the back wall. I had two 20+ hands.

Post Date: 9/5/2001 7:49:26 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Rubacava

Hi all,
Yeah, throwing to the corner has some significant advantages. It allows a more natural stance, smoother throw and often fewer obstacles like stacks of chips. I have been practicing the corner throw for a while and I believe it is much better aim point, at least for me. Yuri sez, gotta aim for the back wall only, but ya gotta go with a winner, wherever it is!

Post Date: 9/5/2001 6:05:26 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: McShooter

The Rolling Thunder link does not work from this site, or others I have tried.

Post Date: 9/5/2001 8:07:32 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: irishsetter
Home Page: ~woof~

Here's the link for Rolling Thunder.


Some links are not working properly for netscape users on certain versions.

Post Date: 9/5/2001 8:27:25 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Ron Landon Sr.

As per the corner shot, I have been doing this for quite some time now, and having better rolls by doing so.. It seems for me to be more natural to throw there, less cluttered by chips etc., and so far no arms n hands reaching in, only have to watch out for one person, the dealer usually.. Might not be good for everyone, but I have kinda settled on that area myself.. My wrist does not work right though, so maybe good for others with restricted wrist movements.. Oh, and I usually use from left edge of right hand corner (looking from left of stick) to about 8 inches left towards center.. Wherever the "sweet spot" for the session happens to be..

Post Date: 9/8/2001 11:21:20 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Roller

Yes, checked out the rolling thunder site.

THe picture seems to show Yuri like throw that imparts backspin. Is that what others see? Or some other type of spin? Or no spin?


Post Date: 9/21/2001 7:23:17 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Roller

Initially, lots of good discussion on this topic.

But I'm still wondering, does the Rolling Thunder throw put back spin on the dice? Do the advocate keeping the dice "on axis."?

Post Date: 9/21/2001 8:20:46 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: irishsetter
Home Page: ~woof~


The Rolling Thunder folks throw palm down from the end of the table. They DO impart backspin. They have a differing opinion on how close they recommend the dice to land. Whereas I prefer the dice to land just past the pass line, they recommend 1" to 3" from the wall.

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