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Table Position

Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.


I would like to start a discussion of favorite table positions, and your reasons for choosing the position. It may be you are just comfortable, where you first began shooting from, or because it’s a shorter distance. For that matter it may be any reason, left or right handed et cetera.

I of course invite the Irishsetter, Heavy, Professor and the rest of the group to jump right in and let us know what positions he or she prefers to shoot from and maybe some the reasons why.

Although you don’t have to use this terminology I will start with designations of the positions as SL1 (stick left immediate) SL2 (two out), SL3 (hook), SL4 & SL5 (ends of the table) and the SR1, SR2 et cetera.

I have already thrown out some of the reasons why, all you have to do is let us know the details to your preferences.


Favorite position? I just came up with an idea for a book! The Kama Sutra of Craps!

Anyway, I prefer SL1 and 2 or SR1 and 2. Love the short distance, generally like to chat up the stick a bit before I shoot. On the other hand, I practice for other positions. For instance I throw a 3 fingered, top, diagonal grip if I'm on a long table or throwing straight out. I don't like the idea of limiting my opportunities to shoot, because "my spot" is unavailable. Even out of position, I'm a better shooter than the chicken feeders......


I am right handed and my Favorite positions (best hands from)are L1, L2 and R1.

I have had some good hands from the ends (L4 R4). But it is harder to run a mile than 100 yards. I don't shoot from those positions anymore.

Crowding the stickman sometimes becomes a problem at L1 and R1 but can generally be overcome with a dealer bet or two or just some good conversation.


If it is a 12' table, makes little difference, ends are fine also. On longer tables, S 1 or 2 is fine, makes no difference r or l. IF I am in the dp/dc mood, I like the dl position and not shoot. However there is one position I detest, that is square in the hook. That throws off my thinking, my playing, my attitude because the table just doesn't "fit".

Mickey D

As long as I'm on top I don't care what.....Oh, Oh, no wait..........Oh yeah, Um My best results, as a righty, come from SR2.5 And my game has grown to the point where I actually look forward to throwing from SL4 which used to give me the willies. I wish I could do better from SR1 but its too close for my throw or my head!? It seems that I can't get the dice on axis when I try and throw them with the softness that that position calls for. As I move away from the wall the distance helps deplete some of the energy in the toss and I can really get them on axis from that farther distance. In any event, the key is definitely to be able to throw from at least two positions to be a better player and to give yourself more opportunities to "Get in the Game."


Straight out is the best position for me . I've tried shooting from the other positions , but shooting straight out from the ends of the table works best for me .

I always look for empty tables so I can get the dice quickly. If my favorite spot isnt available then I wont play there . So its off to the next casino in search of my favorite spot.

I rarely risk my money on other shooters ... but if i see the tables is hot then I wont hesitate to squeeze in and play anywhere,as long as Im in the game.


I am a firm beleiver that it is very hrd to become good at 1 or 2 positions let alone all of them. SL 1 or 2 , or SR 1 or 2 is where I play from, and I will only play at postion 2 if position 1 is occupied by a friend of mine that can move away so I can get closer to position 1 by creeping up. End if table is a position I will not shoot from. When you add this added distance to the error factor it is multiplied. I know that sometimes the tables are crowded and you have driven 2 hours to get to your local casino, but when this happens I will just wait it out. Almost all of the time I will get my spot in 30 minutes or so. I will look at all the tables and see what player has the least amount of chips in their rack and just stand there and wait. I want all the advantage I can get when I am investing my hard earned money.


SR1 or SR2 has to be my best position, i'm not sure if i throw correctly, so i tend to stay closer, i feel i can get more control and have a softer landing this way, it is also easier to keep the dice on axis.



Well, a lot of this has to do with table conditions. How long is the table? What is the condition of the layout? Are there any dead spots? How many other players are there? What are their table positions and what is there betting action? Let's start at the top.

On a 14 foot table I like the first position left of stick. That puts me shooting from about 8 - 10 feet out. On a 12 foot table I also like the first position stick left - however I slide a half step to the left and "spread out" so I'm still shooting from 8-10 feet out. Alright - this is the length I pitch from in practice most often - so I go for that range - despite the table position.

Second favorite position is stick right - from the same distances for the same reasons.

Third favorite is straight out on a 12 - 14 footer. I use a different pre-set and grip from this distance and put more backspin on the dice. I had several HUGE hands in Vegas last trip from straight out. Even conservative betting old Long Arm made money on one of them.

Last on the list - dealer first or the hook - I'm not crazy about this spot but I'll shoot from it if I have to - shooting diagonally into the opposite corner. I've had some very good hands at this position shooting the crossed sixes. I recall one hand throwing maybe a dozen fives in twenty or so rolls - that was huge.

The condition of the layout is important in determining playing position. Some layouts are bouncier than others - so I prefer to cut down the length of the toss on those. If there are dead spots those work better on longer length tables.

Obviously, I'd prefer not to be shooting into a bunch of player action - so if the north end of the table is loaded and the south end is empty - I'm likely to join the boys on the north end so I can shoot at the empty end. Likewise - I try to avoid shooting into the corner when there's a big don't player present. Not concerned about him so much as some of those big lay bets they put out there. Again, it's that chips on the layout thing I'm trying to avoid.

Guys - if you do not practice at a variety of positions you are cutting yourself short when you get to the casino. Still - if you will pick a specific distance to practice from - then step off that distance at the tables when you get to the casinos and choose your shooting position - this is much less of a concern.


Everyone's view points are quit interesting.

I can see the shooting position is a very personal thing among craps shooters. With precision shooting control and accuracy from the closest position possible is probably recommended for the softest delivery for the controlled throw. The distance itself would cut down on the velocity necessary to find your target with a soft throw.

If one or two particular positions are much more beneficial for the shooter (I know that this can be true on the extra long 14’ tables) it may wise to add the “Wait until your position is available.” rule to your discipline.

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