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Volume VII : Issue #3

Date March 2007

In This Edition:


A Word From Soft Touch

From the Editor

To B or Not To B A Dice...

Today's Wisdom...

Hilton Craps Tournament...

A Labor of Love...

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 Soft Touch Say's


Last month, after having read Mike in Hawaii’s article on flicking the dice to quickly and efficiently find your preferred set, I thought it would be great to have our Dice Coach pay a visit and let us know about the rare instance in which a player may find a different pip arrangement that could impact your dice set. These dice do exist in a few Vegas casinos as well as other craps pits in the nation and it is good to be aware of how the difference can impact your set configuration.


So, this month’s newsletter is about knowing your “pips” on the dice among other things.


And, about the “other things.” We receive e mails and phone calls from all over the world and this tells me that dice setting is gaining tremendous popularity and momentum. Ed, my editor, has decided to come out and address the consistent bombardment of questions we get with respect to whether our approach to the game works or not. 


From my point of view, most of my inquiries about sharing my perspective on today’s precision shooting issues are pretty much reflected in Ed’s comments.  And, our focus is to educate and encourage our readers to learn how to access their own innate resources and intelligence.


Our main focus is to publish and circulate practical material for our growing subscriber base that visits the casino every once in a while or that wishes to take his or her game to an elevated level.  The contributions in the newsletter are from players that approach the game through their own unique perspective. And, this is what I appreciate most about those that do contribute.


My contributors tell me that by creating their written work for my newsletter they find themselves becoming more resilient and empowered with their game.  And, as a side benefit they also find that they have become more tolerant and compassionate toward other players at the table, no matter what their philosophy is on how to play the game.


So, enjoy this month’s brief newsletter.  Enjoy the last of your cold season. Spring is in the air, at least in my “neck to the woods.” As one of my dear friends likes to say,


“Enjoy in Joy.”



Soft Touch



PS If you have any suggestions for the new website or newsletter please send them to me at and I'll have a look and see how we can incorporate them into our future plans.


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From the Editor


Power of Persuasion…


What does it take to believe? How much proof is necessary? Why is skepticism still so rampant?


With new players entering the arena of dice daily, the pursuit of new angles will probably continue. Undiscovered ways of defeating the house’s edge will never cease. Add to that all the existing players on a quest, and it is no wonder Dice Setter receives the volumes of questions. Email, phone calls, and even snail mail, ask continuously if dice setting is “for real”.


The short answer is, “Yes, dice setting is real”. It is not banned in any casino known to this writer. The threat of dice setting being banned is not eminent. Anyone can arrange the dice and chuck them down the felt… no matter how good or bad they are at doing it. Okay?


Other questions to this desk have to do with the “golden goose”, the “holy grail of dice”. Many want confirmation that once dice setting is mastered, it assures the dice setter Carte Blanche in any casino gullible enough to allow this soldier of fortune near the dice pit. stands for the truth in gaming. Hence the corporate name, G.I.F.T., Gaming Is For Truth. It is the clear intention of the publishers of this newsletter and the web site to delivery our truth. This could be defined as the best of our combined years of experience and knowledge. Providing readers with unadulterated gaming information is our mission.


The goal of Dice Setter provides gaming information that allows viewers and readers  to make their own choices. After all, it comes down to you and your game. No one is going to hold your hand. You have to choose for yourself the methods you will experiment. You decide which methods you will employ as part of your game. is not interested in convincing or persuading anyone about anything. We are only interested in presenting information for your consideration. If there is any judgment involved, you be the judge.


One player writes that in his thirty years of playing craps, he has never seen a dice setter perform better than a random shooter. Another player writes with gratitude how dice setting has helped his game. Which player is right? It is not about right and wrong. It is about which method best supports your particular style of play.


No matter what dogma is held dear, gambling games are alluring because of the casino’s edge. If a player is to understand anything about the game of dice, they have to accept the fact that the rules of the game are designed to separate the player from their money. Recently, we published an article written by “Mike In Hawaii”, regarding dice setting and the possible advantage a master dice setter might expect. Click here to read the article.  


This is not to say that we are defeatist here at Dice Setter. To the contrary, we are the ultimate optimists. We believe that the more you know, the better you improve your chances of success. The more tools at your disposal, the better your odds of beating the game.


There are loads of web sites, gaming forums and folks presenting their best way to win. The “Dice Coach”, Beau Parker, said it best, “Any system will perform when a hot hand is in play, but give me something that allows survival the other 80% of the time.”


The “Golden Goose” does not roost here. If you are searching for the “Holy Grail of dice”, search elsewhere. and Dice Setter Newsletter are about the real game of dice. The real game of dice is the collage of talent and beliefs that reside within you. You create your own dice dogma. Whatever you believe in has a funny way of showing up at your front door.


If heavily persuaded to believe in something, then you have been pulled away from listening to yourself. Take some knowledge, mix it with practice and manufacture your own belief. Add experience and your belief will become stronger. The foundation to begin building your game starts with your choices. The choices should make sense to you and feel right. If you find yourself needing persuasion or convincing, you could be setting yourself up for disaster.


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To B or Not to B A Dice...

Question:  What is the difference between Type A and Type B dice?

There are a few casinos that utilize different colors such as amber, green, purple, and even black. They also will use either "A" or "B" type dice, sometimes called "upside-down dice".

Every once in a while you will see a pair of red dice with something different about them, something that looks a little odd. Check out the pips (dots) on the dice. The answer is in which way are the 2 pip and the 3 pip are pointing.

If the 3 pip and the 2 pip are forming an arrow toward the 6 pip, these are called "type A dice." If the 2 pip and the 3 pip form an arrow toward the 1 pip, these are the "type B dice."

In the pictures below, picture #1 shows Type A on the left side. Notice the 3 and the 2 forming an arrow toward the 6. On the right is a Type B dice. On this die, the 2 and the 3 forming an arrow toward the 1.


In picture #2, you see the 3V set on an "A" type die and a "B" type die. Notice the die on the left side form an arrow away from the shooter and the die on the right side form an arrow toward the shooter.


Both sets of dice are on the same axis and that is why they are sometimes known as upside down dice. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas use "type A" dice. Occasionally you will find "type B" on certain shifts, but you should never see them mix together in the same bowl.

It is important that you are aware of these two types of dice. If you are setting the 3V set, and know that the V points away from you, but now you see the V pointing straight at you, it may take you out of your game.

Beau Parker
The Dice Coach



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Today's Wisdom:

"We refer to our emotions as feelings. But that is not a precise definition either. Our emotions are, in effect, reactions, which are generated by the positive or negative responses of the ego/personality. The personality establishes rules. When life complements those rules or ideas, the personality is happy (positive emotion). When the personality is contradicted by circumstances, it is unhappy (negative emotion). If your personality doesn't like your getting cold and wet, and you fall in the river, that generates an emotional response. Emotions are the reactions of the personality, presented on the grand stage and scripted in the theater of the mind. Free tickets at the front desk for all basket cases!"

Stuart Wilde - Silent Power / Chapter Six - Developing Subtle Feelings

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The Dice Coach & Pablo
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Good Luck!



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