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It's More Fun When You Win!



       Volume VIII : Issue #4

                                                                          Date April 2008

In This Edition:


A Word From Soft Touch

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Who Ya Gonna Call?

A Labor of Love...

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Soft Touch Say's

Our Workshop Weekend and Mr. Cranky Pants...

I thought I would share that the Three Amigos workshop held early this month turned out to be a successful experience. It is always wonderful to witness our players apply what they learn in the Dice Coach's virtual craps pit to the actual casino tables. As seems to always be  the case, tuition for the workshop is compliments of the casinos.  A nice return on the student's investment, if you understand my meaning.
It is very common for a student to participate in our workshop and go home a winner with the chips gained from our group in-casino play sessions.  Our goal of empowering the player with the confidence to win was definitely achieved this time around.  Thanks everyone for your support and it is an honor to learn from you and play, to win, alongside with you at the tables.
By the way, be sure to check out the Dice Coach's learning videos at The videos are so informative and really do help learning how to approach this game in a way that makes most sense.  I know that students who took the opportunity to view the pertinent ones for their game came prepared to gain the most from their workshop session. And, we got to the real tables that much sooner to enjoy our wins.
A side note.  I have to kid Dice Coach on his "celebrity" status.  Seems that now that there is a "face to a name" in cyber space with his learning craps videos, casino patrons are coming up to him left and right, sheepishly asking him, "Are you the Dice Coach?"  They love his videos.  Kiddingly, I asked him, "What's next? Autographs? Do I need to carry a sharpie pen for you now?" I must say my play time with the Dice Coach is filled with interesting moments in the casino.
Kidding aside, if there is a subject Dice Coach hasn't addressed yet in his videos, write him.  I'm sure he'll place your suggestion on his video lesson "to do" list.  Just the other day, I inquired about a team play video.  He said it would make a great video and so I will look forward to that one. Hey, maybe I'll be in it.
A Moment Caught "Off Guard."
While visiting Vegas during our workshop weekend, I had an opportunity to visit and play at the Bellagio.  As some of you may know, I have listed this casino as one of my preferred places to play craps.  Each time I visit Vegas, I make it a point to schedule a session there.  Most times my sessions are of a solitary "hit and run" nature and there are other times that I choose to play for an extended amount of time with certain playmates.  With our workshop, I had  the opportunity to play three group sessions and they were all a financial success.
I did have an interesting, "what would you do?" kind of experience during one of my group sessions and I thought it would be something helpful to share with the community.
In working and corresponding with students, I encourage the player to always be aware of the many factors that determine table selection and game entry. The all important questions I ask myself have everything to do with "who, what, where, when and how" can I be successful with this game at the moment the decision is made to play, even before we open up a table as a group.
A little background about my game with this casino. I utilize markers for my session buy-in and in most cases, the dealers issue my chips in a timely manner which is generally acceptable to me.  Sometimes, I know there will be "glitches" and it is part of the energy the pit people like to express as they sense the player positivity facing them. True to form, they go through their checklist of things and finally give the table an "all clear." Then I get my chips.
Delays from the floor personnel usually get tolerated by me because it offers an opportunity to build a positive rapport with my dealers and box man as I wait for my chips. And, my entertaining dialogue goes on until I exit the game.  If our conversation entertained me and served me well monetarily, I tip the dealers generously as I "color up."
Now, there was a certain cranky pants floor person who decided he did not like our banter and decided to butt into my box man conversation which caught me by surprise.  "Okay," I thought to myself.  "This feels different."  Wow, this guy was in a bad mood and his words sure let me know it. His looks toward me even felt strange.
"Uh, oh, what kind of sign is this?" I wondered. This is where that little visual of the robot from the old Lost In Space television episodes pops in my head and repeats "Danger Will Robinson, danger!" All my bets were called off, with "cranky" insisting the dealers take them down. "What bit his butt?" I wondered.
"Paging The Professor." This was one of those times when I wished Michael Vernon was there for insight into the unseen dimension of this game. He's a master at teaching that special awareness we all need to utilize with this game.
The Professor's game is all about patience and detachment.  A believer of right time and right place, I could hear him telling me to detach, detach, detach. A wonderful playmate, my Mr. Vernon is a walking testimonial on how a true master approaches his game with discipline and focused intent. Sadly, for me, he was already on his way home.
Anyway, all this occurs while the game is in progress.  I notice Beau in a full betting swing, pressing his bets.  The students and my playing acquaintances are utilizing the pass line progression approach taught to them and then there I am with no bets on the table watching.
This table is moving toward a hot streak by a lady shooter with great energy rolling the dice out of expected probability.  Her hand is one of those that any player betting conservatively will win without working or thinking too hard and for those who lean into the game, a very nice profit will be converted into cash.
I watched, as point after point was completed without my making a bet.  Honestly, as much as I watched the players around me pick up their pay offs from the bets they were pressing, I knew, with all the fuss surrounding my interaction with the pit staff, that if I so much as placed a bet down on the table for action, I would invite Mr. Cranky pants to spar with me and I would forever change the energy of the table and in doing so would change this beautiful shooters energy.
So, I found myself facing a conundrum. Not being one to send the game into a downward negative spiral, I stopped playing. I was aware enough to know the players don't want to feel  the combative energy hovering outside of this "hot" roll.
As players scratched their heads, wondering and asking why I would not get into the game, I knew at that moment, if I began to enter, I risked delaying the game with the floor person there to share with me some more of his manly energy. "Me Tarzan, you Jane."
So, I felt that removing myself from the game was warranted and necessary in order for the hot roll to continue. I know that some would argue that it would not have mattered.  I beg to differ.  I have played this game for too long and my belief system supports that there are greater forces at work that don't have to be proven to me.
Now, knowing that it was my ego that was fueling what I was feeling at the time, my delayed entry into the game became a permanent disengage from the game. With my ego feeling like it was missing out I left the area to refocus. Frustrated, I knew full well that this game requires a bigger part of me that extends beyond my ego in order for me to win. The game that was being played out before me was not my game.  It was someone else's.  My game was yet to be discovered.
This was definitely a time when I had to remember "What do I share with my students?"
The answer was simple to acknowledge the situation. And, that is what I did. The emotions I was feeling at the time were draining me of my energy. Remembering that quite often, people will make decisions about their future based on emotions instead of looking at what is the best course of action, I found myself reciting a list of items I share about dealing with game situations not going my way.
What the heck do I do to turn this situation around for myself?
First of all, why fight with Mr. Cranky pants? It's draining to my energy. I'll only attract even more of what I don't want from him.
Backing away from the craps table, I acknowledged how I felt about the situation. I admitted my feelings to a player there that I trusted. Heck, I was frustrated and resentful.  I have this casino at the top of my list for a reason and it was because of my positive interaction with the staff.  This was a new experience for me and caught me off guard. Still, I did not have to wallow in these feelings. I knew all I had to do was identify them and it was easier to do because I had great supporting players surrounding me.
Why disclose my feelings? Because until I identified my feelings, I knew I would be unconsciously fighting with them, as they did battle with my wounded ego and suppressing the part of me that controls my creativity.  And I know that fighting is what exhausts me of my energy when I need it the most for a winning game.
Once I identified what and how I felt, it became part of my awareness and I did not have to struggle with it anymore. What a relief!
Next, I focused on a way to feel better about my situation and I knew I did not have to figure it out all the answers right that minute. I trusted that at some point I would just know what to do about my game situation and that was all there was to it.
With the intentions of renewing my emotional batteries, I immediately looked for a place with some pleasant music, sat for a while, took quite a few deeps breaths, went to look at the glorious water fountains in front of the Fontana Room to neutralize what I had just put myself through. 
"Just breathe," I told myself. Just take deep belly breaths and focus on taking each breath in and feeling that action all by itself.  I knew this would bring me to the present moment. Done properly, it works all the time and lifts my energy.
I could not help but be calm after all the deep breathing. I returned to the table where I had left my chips and proceeded to find "my" game.  Well, my game was not too far.  In fact, it was right next to the table I had just left.  It was a green chip table with no waiting. 
Once detached from the emotional drain I experienced at the other table, I was able to focus on a new table with neutral energy.  I did not engage in a conversation with the dealers or box man.  Instead, I focused on deep breathing and focused on achieving what I was there to do. 
With my attitude adjusted, my intent was to have a lengthy roll. And to make playing more interesting, I added some shooting with the goal of parlaying my hard ways.  Yes, I shoot for the hard ways and I run a three step parlay and complete them very often.  This is just my betting style that works for me. Do you know what the pay out is on a hard way parlay done three times??
All in all, everyone turned out to be a winner.  While it is always great to be in on the hoopla of a wonderfully hot table that is easily and visibly dumping chips to its players at the right time, sometimes the same goal can be accomplished in a quiet, subdued, almost invisible fashion. With focused energy toward winning, coupled with an unstoppable attitude, I doubled my buy-in, I colored up discovering  more about myself, my game and confirmation of what I preach does work.
As Dice Coach would say, "This stuff works!" Sometimes his language is a bit more colorful though, if you get my meaning.
This was an experience about game selection and the fact that "my" game may not lie within the success of the group's game.  This particular experience was connecting with what I express to my students about successful play. 
One reason I play at the Bellagio is for the energy of the atmosphere. Bellagio, The Wynn, and a few others have a certain type of beauty in aesthetic architecture, and a clientele that appeals to me.  And, the staff in the craps pit have always been cordial and overly helpful, most times anyway.
 I need to add that anytime I decide to end my game, whether the session was successful or not, it is always a great idea for me to reflect, taking  just a few seconds to understand what choices were made that determined the outcome of the session and especially for the positive ones, to lock in the feelings that provided the energetic fuel that  lead  to success.
Quite often, in life, people will make decisions about a frustrating situation based on emotions instead of looking at what is the best course of action according to their reality created by their beliefs and values. Personally, I value winning, and searching for ways to accomplish this. I know it is difficult, to say the least, to create a win when I experience being caught off guard. So, it is great to know that my approach to winning is holding true for me as it should for my students.
One last thing,
Hey Mr. Cranky Pants, I send you nothing but my love and thank you for my experience.  Until we meet again, there is always another game, at another time, in another casino, any day of the week.


Soft Touch



PS If you have any suggestions for the new website or newsletter please send them to me at and I'll have a look and see how we can incorporate them into our future plans.


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Today's Wisdom:

"Release the need to know. It sets you free. When you become comfortable not needing to know, you stop asking questions. When you stop asking questions, you stop being confused. Once you are no longer confused, a sense of clarity to all things is possible."

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