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Our craps and instructors are dedicated teachers of the game!


Featuring The Personalized Coaching and Casino Play with

The Dice Coach & The Professor

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"Is Your Craps Teacher An Expert Of The Game?"


    Each of the Dice Setter's Instructors have already spent more time playing craps than most people will in a lifetime. I mean they literally have spent hundreds of hours each year studying, practicing, playing, as well as taking out time from the game for teaching craps to people like you! Their combined experience totals over 50 years. Now you can benefit from their thousands of hours of dice knowledge, and have their proven strategies and insights about what really works in live play on the craps table.    


   Why would anyone do this? Simple, first and foremost they love playing craps, the energy, the excitement, the truth that is always discovered on the craps tables in live action. They also really enjoy meeting people and hanging out in Las Vegas the Casino Capital of the world, if you've never been to Vegas you are missing out on one of the most exciting experiences in the world.


   Now after all that effort why would they share their secrets and the lessons they learned along the way? Another simple answer "they know that when you teach anything you reinforce it for yourself", so in offering their lessons to you, they continue to grow in understanding of the game they love.


   The instructors below have worked with hundreds of students and have invested several years of their lives studying, testing, practicing, teaching and playing craps.


   If you want to learn how to play craps or improve your current level of craps play...then there's only a few ways to do it;

1) Read about it in a book or on the Internet.

2) Watch a video/DVD.

3) Learn on your own at home or at a casino. (which can get expensive).

4) Take the free lessons from the Casino about  how  to win.

5) Most casinos offer free gaming lessons, teaching the basics of the game. But, isn't kind of like the asking the wolf to guard the sheep?

5) Get "real world", hands-on, in person coaching, and instruction, from an experienced winner.

  Those are your choices for the "learning the game of craps"


    You want to know what really works in the real world, you want time tested information, and you want the latest skills helping you to get the winner's edge. Who's advice are you going to follow? "Who ya gon'na call?"


   I'm sure you would agree the best teachers and instructors of the game are people who play it, teach it, and study it every day, right? That's who I would want instructing me.


  Dice Setter's goal is to help any craps player, (beginner and advanced), become an advantage player, by connecting them with dice experts focused on the game of craps. Their strategies, tips and techniques can save you thousands in "learning" expenses, instead of you experimenting on your own at the casino.


  Dice Setter is proud to be associated with the following craps coaches. We know you will enjoy meeting each one of them and that if you apply what you learn from them, your craps game will improve! Play smart, play to win!


Our craps and instructors are dedicated teachers of the game!



Select the link below for each coach's articles.



Soft Touch


The Professor


The Dice Coach


Deborah Garcia Michael Vernon Beau Parker


Professor's Playbook



Disclaimer: No promise, guarantee or warranty of financial gain is promised on this website. All of the material disseminated on this site is for informational purposes only. If you or anyone you know has a gambling problem get help at Gamblers Anonymous or another method.



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