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Learn how to play craps! Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player Dice Setter articles can help improve your experience against the odds at the craps tables!


Deborah "Soft Touch" Garcia, has accomplished the unthinkable with her Dice Setter website. It took the "Soft Touch" of a woman to bring together the world's renown, expert dice authorities to the same FREE on-line gaming website.


Now you can be connected directly to the likes of, Soft Touch, The Dice Coach, The Professor, "Mike In Hawaii" and many other experts of the game in one on-line publication, Dice Setter.com.


No other website published on-line provides you, the gaming enthusiast, with such an array of eclectic authors and diverse opinions for the game of dice... over 1,700 pages and it is all FREE!


You won't want to miss a single issue. Keep up to date with the latest trends, commentary, books, workshops and winning strategies.


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