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Volume VIII : Issue #9

Date September 2008

In This Edition:


A Word From Soft Touch

Signs Not Superstitions

I Ain't Superstitious...

Queen Bee's Buzz...

Today's Wisdom...

A Labor of Love...

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Soft Touch Say's
When it comes to playing craps, if I had to rely entirely on my logical normal mind, I would never step foot in the craps pit of a casino.  Do not misunderstand, logic, math, probabilities and rules are all important in how this game is played and should be learned. Yet, to really prosper during our sessions, more is required of us. That "more" of us happens to be our perception, coming from our energetic self.
In the process of learning how to play this game, it has been so important for me to see, hear and even smell things that are not ordinarily visible, audible or smellable in the casino and at the craps table.  And, as crazy as it may seem to some players, I ask those who choose to be my playmates at the table to look beyond the physical planes of the game so that they may find for themselves their higher power of perception within the game. Michael Vernon, The Professor, is one of my favorite playmates and is a wonderful player who really knows how to play this game with an expanded awareness like no other player I have seen.
I have interacted with so many players who find it easier to consider their approach to this game as work, forgetting that this GAME is meant to be PLAYED.  It seems that most players would rather work than play making their enjoyment of the game serious business. I respect that.
However, in my view, the game is not meant to be work.  It is meant to played. And, it is meant to be enjoyed.  Honestly, there is really no right or wrong approach to winning.  Still, I do know one thing, the more I play this game with lightness and playfulness, the easier it gets. The lighter I become, the more I "see" and the more fun I have playing this game. (Is it not so strange that this concept seems to hold true with anything in life?)
So, until next time, I hope the articles in this edition helps you see the game with "new eyes" and helps you play in a "new light". When we look around the craps pit with different eyes, a whole new game opens up to us.

Soft Touch


PS If you have any suggestions for the new Dice Setter website or newsletter please send them to me at and I'll have a look and see how we can incorporate them into our future plans.

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Signs Not Superstitions

Among our community there is always a lot of talk about superstitions at the table. Stick changes, dice tossed off the table, waitresses interrupting the shooter, are just some of the frequent events that take place during a session of craps and many believe that, as superstitions, these occurrences may have an impact on our game. There are various lists of superstitions that have been written about and many feel they have no impact on our game. But, do they?

For quite some time, I have been stating that belief in craps superstitions should not be a part of a serious player's game. Still, as a student of energy, I believe that there are energetic indicators, signs, expressed all the time, that are subject to a player's interpretation. It is natural for all of us to look for signs to guide us into what we perceive to be an unknown aspect of the game.

Through observation and perception in the present time, we work to understand our gaming environment as we play. It is just part of figuring out the game as we play along.

Most players believe that superstitions and signs are the same thing. Not really. I personally do not attach any meaning to superstitions because, as players, we attach the emotion of fear to them. We are afraid something will a happen if we don't follow the rules of that particular superstition. And, fear is power in the hands of the casino and they love nothing more than having the players adhere to fixed and rigid beliefs that have turned into superstitions. Casinos love scared players.

So when players ask me about whether I have superstitions about the game, I share that we have to understand that superstitions are just a reading of a sign according to someone else's interpretation that is rooted in the past. I play in the present.

After all, a novice player would not necessarily be bothered by their dice falling off the table unless someone has told him that it is a superstition if they do not ask for the same dice or a seven will soon follow. In the past, that may have held true for that player and what ensues is the perpetuation of the belief that when dice fall off the table, a seven will follow.

It is not unusual for me to see a seven out after dice fall off the table. However, I know that the seven out occurred for energetic reasons not explained by superstition.

I know that superstition does not exist in present moment. And, since I am only dealing with the dynamics of the table in the present moment, I interpret outcomes are due in part to thought energy shared, expressed and introduced into the players game and arguably, has some influence on the shooter's outcome. Simply put, there is a sign that the shooter may have lost his focus as we witness the dealers and the players deciding whether the same dice will be used or not.

If a player were to understand that certain events will occur, like dice falling outside the table while playing, there may be a connection between that particular event and the sense of something to come.

Here's what I generally ask myself when I see a sign: Is there a connection between what I am seeing, sensing and feeling and the outcome I am expecting? Obviously, we are anticipating an extended roll and has something disrupted the energy to achieve that? Answers come to me in an instant. This is the difference between knowing and believing.

Remember, thoughts stem from beliefs. And, thought energy is a topic best reserved for another article. I just need players to understand that knowing and believing are two different things that impact our gaming reality. We give off energy all the time that attracts whatever we happen to be focusing on because of our beliefs.

Being in the present, the interpretation of signs expressed at the table is the opposite of superstition. Seeing, feeling, witnessing something during a game is rooted in the present moment. It is a momentary occurrence we see, reflect and then become aware of its significance to our game.

I see signs at the table all the time. Some of us act in response and have a favorable out come and others who simply disregard these same signs take the financial hit. This is when we catch ourselves stating, "Darn, I knew that was going to happen."

We say this not because of superstition. Because we knew of an energetic influence, expressed as a sign, and had a choice to act according to our beliefs or from a knowing of current energetic influences. In other words, I see a sign of shift in energy, I can choose to shift my betting.

Next time I'm playing a session of craps, I will most likely change my bets on the table if I see a buxom waitress, with a beverage, tapping the shoulder of our shooter during his hand. I may even turn my bets off because when I know the shooter has lost his focus, through the course of this action, I know the game has changed and his hand will change not because of superstition, but because the energy of the present moment has changed the dynamics of the game.

Next time you play your game, know what to do with your "moments of reflection" instead of believing in someone else's superstitious experience. It will definitely take you to a whole different level in your game.

Soft Touch

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I Ain’t Superstitious…


From the parables of Don Guangoche, the old sage defines awareness as being in the present moment. To be in the present moment, you must be alert to everything around you. You listen, look, smell, feel, and even taste, to be aware. Additionally, you perceive energy on its way as it travels towards you in wave form. It is in this perception that you will notice the subtle hints of what is moving forward that can direct you to right place, right time and right action.


I chose to consider a superstition as an outward manifestation of an event with a subtle message. Pushing your feelings out and a head enables you to perceive information in the future.


So, when the dice go off the table and the seven rolls, I expect that occurrence as an acceptable aspect of playing the game. When the game does not seven out after the dice leave the table, I take notice and say, “Ah ha!” Some other superstitions you may know… seven follows craps, an interruption ends the game, arguments ends the game... breaking the energy will end the game.


I was shooting craps at the Cannery Casino. The table had been ice cold and finally someone was popping a hand. Oddly enough, it was me. The stickman started to move the dice back to me when suddenly the crook of the stick went around the dice and they were pulled back to the center of the layout. Some guy at the other end lost track of his $5 prop bet and wanted to know what happened to it. The game came to a halt over his confusion. By the time he finished arguing with the dealer and boxman, I had finished my beer, gone to the men’s room, bought a pack of smokes and was just getting ready to light up when I finally got the dice back to shoot. My point was “4”. My next toss was a perfect 5/2. (The result came with one die out 180 degrees)  Is this a superstitious event? Nope, just the way of it with break energy… the game breaks down for $5 bucks because someone stopped a game because of their lack of attention to their own bets. The game never did recover after that hand. The following shooters returned to the previous pattern of quick outs and a losing table for the pass line players. (For the record, I was not drinking or smoking and I did not leave the table, I just waited for the dice as detached as I know how to wait.)


Here is the tricky part. Does the seven-out occur because I am superstitious of the seven after the interruption of someone stopping the game? Or, is the seven-out my a perception of an event about to happen. How much of what we experience in a game is influenced by the power of our thought… or is it the power of fear? At first, it seems to me the events are independent. Otherwise, how come when I focus on the point, then roll the dice, it does no happen the same way a “superstition” manifests? In the example above, did the game break down because of the moronic player, or did it have more to do with my beliefs of a stalled game? If the “seven” can “materialize” by a person’s thought, emotion, or superstitious belief, then it should follow that the same process would be just as easy to “will up” for a winning result. Who says it isn’t so? What if it is just the fine line between beliefs… superstition verses intention?


One thing for sure, I believe that everything is an expression of energy. If you want to know the truth about any given situation, you only have to touch into the energy of it, and ask. Ask and the energy will tell you everything you need to know. Those little events that we like to identify as superstitions in a craps game are really just expressions of energy. They are simply the kinds of things that happen in a craps game. It is when you able to glean information behind the events that they become something more than a superstition. It is in the recognition of the information that a “superstition” becomes more than a joke and holds valuable information for the game you are playing.


As you learn to pay attention to all things happening in the game, you will develop the skill of "reading a table". In the beginning you have to be patient. Some of the information may hold a meaning for you and some of it may not. You have to be detached emotionally to sort it out honestly and decide which is a superstition and which is an expression of energy. It is in the awareness and being in the present moment that you are best able to perceive a feeling of things to come. Learning to do so will add to your advantage and help you to gain an edge in the game. As for me... I ain’t superstitious… unless I’m playing craps!


Copyright ©2008 Michael Vernon 

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Queen Bee's Buz:

As expected, we had a lot of feed back on the Feng Shui article in last month's newsletter. It stirred new interest and we are happy for your inspired thoughts. I just want to respond to those asking about shooting positions from stick left and stick right.

Of course it is fine to play at any position. The Feng Shui article gives you more information and allows you to have an additional edge knowing about the design of casinos, dice pits and how moving energy can affect you while playing the game.


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Today's Wisdom:


The Law of Abundance is Natural and God-Given




    In order to make your feelings right, you've got to agree that abundance is natural. You can't look at abundance with anger or envy, and you can't become abundant if you exclude yourself. So if you see a person in a limousine who is wearing fine clothes, if you say consciously or subconsciously, "What a rat. That lifestyle is not for me; poverty is holy and good," you deny your potential...


    To be abundant is simple, but first you have to be able to join in with your feelings. It's not vital that you can instantly visualize yourself in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel, providing you don't deny yourself from the possibility.


Stuart Wilde - Little Money  Bible, page 6


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