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Soft Touch's Top Ten

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Summer Time Blues?

Soft Touch's Top Ten

It's been quite a few years since I have shared my "Top Ten" list of casinos where I like to play craps. A lot has changed since that initial publication in 2005.

With their eye on the "bottom line," the ownership of a number of Las Vegas establishments has changed. New casinos have opened up, while others have closed down or been stopped mid-renovation. Dealers and floor supervisors have moved from one casino to another, or worse have been let go as a result of slots taking over the casino floor space.

Still, as the economic pendulum swings in different directions, so do my choices of where I like to play. This is the link to my last list: https://www.dicecoach.com/lo16.asp. You will notice a few changes.

Over the years I have notice that I visit Vegas more frequently, and for more extended periods of time, during the summer months - May through August. Although I enjoy the wonderful seasonal times, especially going into the fall and winter with the festive holiday displays, the bulk of my profitable playing time is focused during the summer months. Hot months seem to always translate into hot tables and hot games for me.

With that being said, I felt it was time to revise and re-publish my top ten casinos for the summer of 2013.

Keep in mind that as a player, I have evolved. My time is even more valuable now and efficiency is key to my playing strategy. I do not force my way into a casino environment, preferring to have the energy invite me into a game.

As players, we also have to remember that sometimes there just is "no game." This is a very hard concept for many players to grasp, especially those who are not local residents of a town that allows legal gambling. Many visiting players, and even some locals, are far too eager to jump on the first table they see and begin playing. I have no criticism of this if the player is willing to surrender to the prevailing energy and accept the outcome win or lose.

In general I have certain protocols that I follow when going to the casinos. First, I am not attached to any one particular table unless there is something that attracts my energy and attention to it. Next I ask myself the following questions: Are the dealers friendly? Do the players look like they are enjoying themselves? What is the music like? Is the music something I enjoy? When dealers do welcome me to the table, do they freely share the table "temperature?"

Then, as I watch a specific table, I ask: Are the seven cycles within random frequency? Are points being completed? How are the players betting?

My "Top Ten" list has changed over time, just as my playing approach has evolved and developed. Some of the same casinos I liked from years ago are still on my list - even though a lot may have changed in the pit.

Other factors that influence my play are as follows: I will play different shifts, avoid certain days and players who know me. I do follow my biorhythms check local sidereal time and other factors when deciding what part of the day to play. I want and need all the information I can get, tangible and intangible, to allow me the best opportunity for a favorable outcome.

Still, I recognize what suits me may not suit another player. The bulk of my play happens within the top five where, in most cases, I find the dealers to be friendly and inviting. These guys dictate the energy of the game.

Soft Touch's Top Ten

1. Bellagio (dealer friendly)
2. Caesar's
3. Aria (athough bouncy)
4. Venetian
5. NYNY (like the popcorn craps too)
6. Fremont
7. MGM
8. Bally's
9. Sam's Town
10. Rio (during WSOP)

Other pits I consider visiting if I happen to be in the area are Harrah's, Palace Station, South Point, and Aliante. And, I might consider playing at The Quad and Mandalay Bay once I put in some summer play time on their tables. I will update my top ten should it change going into the fall season.

One last note, sometimes you will find $5 table downtown and off Strip, but generally a $10 minimum bet is the rule on Strip, with Caesar's a bit higher throughout the day.

Remember, regardless of my Top Ten, you should always qualify the casino, the table and the shooter. Play fully funded. Never play with money you cannot afford to lose. Most importantly, let the game invite you in.

Happy summer everyone and see you at my tables.

Soft Touch 


Raiser Odds...

Hi Ed I have a question about 3-4-5x odds on don't pass bets or lay bets. Is each odd ( 3 or 4 or 5 ) assigned to each number group ( 4,10 5,9 6,8 )? Example: point is 4 or 10 can put as much as 3x's odds, point is 5 or 9 can put as much as 4x's odds, point is 6 or 8 can put as much as 5 times odds, or vise/versa? (Ed) Yes, this is how raiser odds work. 

If so, if the max amount odds are 3x, can it be "any dollar amount" as long as it doesn't exceed 3x's my don't pass amount. Or do "all point numbers" allow any of 3,4,5x odds in exact increments of the don't pass bet, example $10 don't pass on "any point number" - backing "only" with $30 (3x), $40 (4x), or $50 (5x). (Ed) No, see your above example.

 I just want to understand it accurately so I can have my mathematics correct when I start playing "don't". Thanks.

You exhibit your understanding of raiser odds, [4/10 3x], [5/9 4x], [6/8 5x]. The bet is reciprocal for pass and don’t pass bets. See your copy above. With a $10 don't 4/10 you can lay $60 to win $30.

It is important to know the max odds allowed. However, taking max odds is not required. In other words, you could take no odds, single odds, or double odds. The math is important to know and understand when playing craps, along with the rules. 

Although taking odds somewhat lowers the house edge for a pass line, never forget that once you are on a point, the bet looses 60% of the time. 

You have two things going on here, odds for payout and probability for a number to roll.



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