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Volume 13 : Issue  7


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Soft Touch Says

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Soft Touch Says...

It's been a long hot summer here in Texas. The best cure for the heat of summer time blues is cold, refrigerated, Las Vegas air. I humbly can say that I did cool my "heels" just about enough to suit me. Craps is alive and doing quite okay in "The Meadows". I employed a couple of new ideas during Dice Busters Experience with success. In the same breath, my tried and true techniques will always be the mainstay of my game. DIce aside, I also managed to squeeze in enough poker time to scratch that itch too.

In this issue I have published betting tips from the Dice Coach. Thanks Beau!

Soft Touch 



·        When first entering the game wait a few rolls to see what the table is producing:

   Are the shooters making passes? 
   Are they repeating numbers?
   What numbers are coming up more often than other numbers?

   What numbers are not showing at all?

   Are there lots of craps numbers, field numbers etc. 

·        Always play in the moment - bet what is rolling and lay what is not. 

·        The Come-out set for (7) is 6-1-6-1 axis with the 4-3 on top. 

·        Parlay the naturals -7 & 11’s.  On the first hit the parlay is 3 to 1, second hit parlay is 7-1, on the third hit take your winnings and increase your base bet by 50%.  After the parlay, you do not take odds on your pass-line bet.

·        After you set a point -wait one roll due to point-seven-out factor (PSO) before placing odds bets and making place bets.  After each subsequent point is established in a hand, wait one roll before turning on your place bets and odds bets.

·        Only bet pass-line on yourself.  When other shooters have the dice make no pass-line bets.  After a point is established the shooter only has a 40% chance of hitting his or her pass line point.  After the point is established you can place a bet on the line or have the dealer place your bet where the puck is located.  These are not contract bets and can be removed.

·        When placing bets on the box numbers, remember each number is an independent occurrence.  Always collect on the first hit, press on the second hit, collect on the third.  (ie: collect-press-collect-press) You can do a full-press or press one unit at a time.

·        Only make bets within your own comfort zone. If you are thinking about making a bet that you are not comfortable with, -don’t make the bet.

·        Remember there are no bad bets -just bad timing. Don’t chase numbers.

·        Look for certain patterns or trends and always follow the current trend.


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