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Volume 15 : Issue 1


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Soft Touch Says

A Note of Gratitude...

Soft Touch Says -

My dear readers, playing craps is the most thrilling game in the casino. The complexities present the challenges that fuels my passion for gaming. Thanks for being along with me for the common journey.

Happiness is freedom to share ideas about so many different dice strategies! Wishing all my readers a prosperous New Year, no matter your game.

God Bless!
Soft Touch 


Hi, Ed Jones here,

As we are wrapping up another spin around the sun with the twelfth issue, the publisher of Dice Setter, Ms. Soft Touch, wishes the loyal readers of Dice Setter a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

In addition, she wishes to express her heart felt thanks for your continued readership. Your visits provide web ranking, (whatever that means) but mostly, it provides Dice Setter with recognition from the advertisers that we chose to represent. It is our desire that our information continues to be accessible and free. But, somebody gotta pay to keep the lights on!

Cranking out articles is no small task. It is our goal  to provide readers with information that is thought provoking, something for you to consider, something to enhance your game. Is not Dice Setter's intention to "make" all craps players play the same way or believe the same thing. The intention is for our readers to decide form themselves, to weigh the merits of the information shared within and decide how or if it can provide an advantage when playing craps.

With the conclusion of this year's newsletter, Dice Setter, under the care filled supervision of Deborah Garcia, a.k.a. Soft Tough, embarks on its eleventh year, providing free information to the dice players worldwide.

This is the last issue of Dice Setter Newsletter. New and coming soon, Dice Setter Digest.

Here to serve, and honored to be observed,

Peace and blessing to all for a joyous holy day season.

The Publisher and the editor for DiceSetter.com

Deborah Garcia

and Ed Jones


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