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 Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter

Volume I : Issue XII

May 2002

If you look directly above, you'll see that this is the 12th issue of the Precision Shooter Newsletter.  One year, wow.  For those of you who have subscribed to the newsletter from the beginning, thanks for your ongoing support. (And thanks to Aparadim and MP for suggesting the newsletter)  For  those who have joined more recently, I hope you've found it to be useful and entertaining.

It's been a busy month in dicesetter.com land.   The Precision Shooter's Message Board has successfully migrated to the new host and the general consensus is that by requiring registration with a valid email address, we avoid the childish behavior and nastiness that occurs on other non-moderated boards. If you haven't checked out the new board yet, click here.   (Don't forget the regional "Team Play" message board where you can arrange team play with crapsters in your area, click here )

In addition, despite the fact that dice influencers are a minority group amongst craps players, it is indeed obvious that interest in dice setting / precision shooting has exploded in the past year.  With that increased interest comes a negative side effect... vitriolic attacks from the naysayers.   For journeyman shooters, this is nothing new, and the arguments that detractors use are the same ones that I've heard for quite awhile.  If however, you are new to precision shooting, I urge you to NOT engage the skeptics in debate.  I guarantee your discussion will soon spiral into schoolyard name calling.   Maintain a low profile both in the casino AND on the web.  Let your shooting do the talking for you and maintain a quiet confidence as you profit from your skill.

Finally, you'll notice a small addition to the main page of the site. In addition to winning the Golden Web award in 2001/2002, dicesetter.com has now received the Diamond Web Award for 2002/2003!   Thanks to all who visit the site!


In this edition: Progression vs Regression Roundtable
September 20th Seminar
Custom Built Practice Tables
Gimme Shelter

Progression vs Regression
(a roundtable with roadrunner, Heavy, MickeyD and Porkchop)


I happen to be a switch hitter.
I find that on the Random rollers the best thing to do is get you money back in you pocket as soon as possible.  $12 6 and $12 8 is a little adventuresome.  1st Hit down to $6 each 6 and 8.  Then comes the progression.  $6 to $12 $18 $30 $30 $42 $42 press 50% every other hit from the on.
Random rollers do have long rolls from time to time.
I think regression is a great way to get the money off the table.


I, too, like the regression style of play.  My preference is for three units on the inside numbers, then regressing to one unit each after the first hit.  On the second hit all bets are fully paid for.  One more hit and I'm free to press my bets up.  I normally press every-other hit unless the table is on a hot streak - then I'll power press.  For example, if I have a $6 six and eight and the eight rolls, I'll drop an additional $5 on the table and press both the six and the eight one unit - OR press the number that hit up to $18.  Likewise - if I have a $12 six or eight and it rolls I'll drop an additional $4 on the table and take that number to $30.  But then I take two hits at the $30 level before I progress again.  
Both progressions and regressions can be fun - but if you look at the math - neither particularly improves your chances of scoring a win.  But they DO let you feel like you have a little more control over the craps universe - for better or worse.
The key to progressions and regressions is to chart the tables beforehand so you can spot the prevailing trend.  If all of the players are going point-seven - you don't want to be playing EITHER strategy - you want to be on the Don'ts.

Mickey D

I personally like to play stress free craps.  And the only time there is no stress is when I'm playing with the House's money!  So I prefer to go the regression route. However, it's the size of my buy-in that determines which way I really go!  $400 or less I play a progression and press only after my bets have been paid for with a previous hit.  $600 or more I play $66 inside and regress to $22 inside after a hit, and press on every other hit.
In practice I've had good success with setting the flying "V" and betting a $60 6 and 8 and then regress to $44 inside after a hit.  But I haven't had a buy-in to support those dreams!


Regression Rules!! - (BUT ONLY WITH "QUALIFIED' SHOOTERS!!")
We all seem to follow the same general rules about not jumping on the Chicken Feeders and watching our buy in go bye-bye.
As Heavy indicates once a shooter has proven themselves - I too am willing to risk a bet on them - however - I try and hit quick and then move up - $60 - 6/8 - 1 hit - down to $30 each - then I do a horizontal press, (both 6/8 after every two hits  like most others here).
I do get whacked at times on that first few rolls - and if the shooter is hitting nothing but outside numbers - I take the bets off after three rolls and place the 5/9 for a $10 each to ride out the roll.

yuri.jpg (51512 bytes)

Yuri's Classic,
Dice Control For Casino Craps
Click the book cover to purchase...

Sharpshooter's Get The Edge At Craps
pre-order from Amazon.com! 
Due out late summer. Click the book cover to order...


axiscover.jpg (11676 bytes)

Word is OUT on
Axis Power Craps
Click the book cover to order or for more info

Frank Scoblete: "Heavy is among the vanguard of an elite, new breed of craps player - savvy, informed, and deadly serious about turning craps into a positive expectation game."

John Patrick: "Heavy is the undisputed heir to the throne - a true master of the game." 

Larry Edell: "If you are a casino owner - this book is scary - very scary."

Irishsetter: "Place your bets! Heavy has thrown another winner!"



One of the most overlooked opportunities for the precision shooter are the mini-tub tables.  It does take a bit to acclimate to these tiny tables, but the advantage is obvious...a SHORT throwing range!  In addition, several casinos which have one or more mini-tubs, also have good odds.  Check out the list below, and the next time you're in Vegas, test the waters!

Casino Royale Circus, Circus Wildfire
Nevada Palace Barleys Holiday Inn: BOARDWALK

For more crap table information on these and other casinos, click the Las Vegas Craps Table Directory  link at dicesetter.com.  Brought to you by the generous folks at:

Save the Date!

Unique one day workshop !   September 20th, following the Global Gaming Expo in Vegas.  Scoblete, Sharpshooter, Edell, Heavy and The Dice Coach, together for a precision shooting seminar.  Meet and mingle with some of the most noted names in dice control today.   Watch them throw and hear them speak about dice influencing and other important topics for precision shooters.  Seating is extremely limited, so register early.  Click the link below for more information.  See you in September!

Custom Built Practice Tables

No  time to build your own practice rig?  The guys at  crapsjack.com are building some fine practice tables for precision shooters!  Select from the basic practice table (shown) or visit their web site for examples of their other tables.   All tables are custom built to your specifications.

crapjack1.jpg (117596 bytes)

If you have any comments or ideas for future issues, feel free to email me at ed@dicesetter.com

And as always, we are looking for contributors with a fresh perspective.

If you know someone who would be interested in receiving future editions of Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter , copy and send them this link. Subscribe to Dice Setter

Good Luck!

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