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 Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter

Volume II : Issue I

June 2002

What I did on my summer vacation.  As a youngster, I always hated this assignment when I returned to school in September.     I remember thinking, "I didn't do ANYTHING during summer vacation!"   I spent my days in the swimming pool and spent my evenings chasing lightning bugs.  Throw in a weekend camping and a week at the beach, and that was pretty much my summer vacation in a nutshell. 

As an adult, I'd give my right arm to again have three care free months ahead of me...  Wasn't it G.B. Shaw who said, "Youth is wasted on the young."?

We've all got other things on our mind during these dog days of summer, so I've kept this issue of the Precision Shooter Newsletter short and sweet.

In this edition: I'm Not Supposed To Be Here
Announcing Toss Tracker!
A November to Remember

I'm Not Supposed To Be Here

Sometimes, late in the evening I'll be sitting in front of the TV and I'll look up from my book or magazine and there will be a commercial playing.  Most of the time it'll be an advertisement for soda or crackers or some other rather generic product and I'll go back to my reading material.  Other times it will be an ad for a product that has absolutely NOTHING to do with me.  Be it a feminine hygiene product or the latest CD from one of the teeny-bop boy bands, the TV commercial actually causes me to think, I'm not SUPPOSED to be watching this station at this time.  And I change the channel, in hopes of finding a show for which I'm the right demographic.

The same holds true at the craps table.  There are times when you are standing at the table and events are occurring which may cause you to wonder if you're supposed to be at that table at that time.  Sometimes it's casino heat, sometimes it's rude or obnoxious players, and sometimes it's the way the dice are rolling against you.  If your instincts are telling you that you should leave, this is the one time you should ALWAYS trust them.  

If the dealers are giving you a hard time for setting the dice, vote with your feet, or at least leave until more hospitable conditions are available.  Obnoxious players at the table?   Take a walk or get something to eat.   There are always other tables, or other times to play.

I know how hard it is to walk away from the tables, but if you ever find yourself thinking, "I shouldn't be here."  Then you shouldn't.

Announcing Toss Tracker!

Just released!  Our friend Pablo,  has written an awesome web application for you to track your practice and in casino throws!

Rather than keep all of those paper records and then manually perform the calculations, he has developed a web site to assist with tracking your precision shooting progress. 

Let Toss Tracker calculate your SRR and determine your signature numbers!  Keep notes about your session or your grip or set!

It really is an amazing site, and best of all, it's free!  Check it out by clicking here.   You'll have to register a username, but I think you'll find Pablo's site an excellent tool.


As most of you know, for the past year, dicesetter.com has hosted in one form or another, a message board for sharing dice influencing ideas and techniques.  What many of you don't realize is that some of the most pertinent threads from the message board have been archived for future access.

Ever wondered how to troubleshoot your throw or perhaps how to solve a sticky finger problem?  The archives are provided specifically to answer questions that have appeared frequently on the board.    There are over 50 threads (and growing) in the archives, so check 'em out!

A November To Remember

Join Heavy, and one of Vegas's top precision shooters as we get together for a November to remember.  The Axis Power Craps seminar comes to Vegas!  Learn all the elements of the precision toss: the pre-set, grip, pick-up and delivery. In addition, you'll be instructed on the mental side of the game and be shown how to instantly get into - and stay in "the zone." You'll also learn the correct betting, money management and discipline skills to help you survive the random rollers - and prosper with the hot shooters.   Keep an eye out for the official announcement and registration info on dicesetter.com, Heavy's Axis Power Board and July's Precision Shooter newsletter.  Space will be extremely limited for this seminar, so if you're interested in being notified when registration is available.

If you can't join us for the November seminar, there are still a couple of spaces available in Heavy's Tunica seminar in August and the one day seminar in September in Vegas following the gaming expo. (see link below)

If you have any comments or ideas for future issues, feel free to email me at ed@dicesetter.com  And as always, we are looking for contributors with a fresh perspective.

If you know someone who would be interested in receiving future editions of Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter, copy and send them this link. Subscribe to Dice Setter

Good Luck!

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