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  Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter

Volume I : Issue VIIII

February 2002


The one year anniversary of the site has come and gone....  It's something of a relief to have that milestone behind me.   Of course, since the site had 40,000 visitors last year, that means that I'll be shooting for even more visitors next year!

As I mentioned in last month's newsletter, a redesign of the site is currently underway.  I also have been trying without success (so far) to set up a relationship with a hotel/casino or two to offer casino rates to site visitors but basically, the minute they get a whiff of the dice setting information, they decline.  I'll keep plugging.

Interest in dice influencing continues to grow exponentially.  A recent dice setting thread on a another site's message board received over 1400 page views.  The word is spreading hallelujah,hallelujah!

The message board  has also seen a huge jump in activity in the past month.   Keep posting those great threads...we'll all benefit!  Remember, there are no stupid questions.... Well, O.K., there are SOME stupid questions, but they're generally asked on OTHER sites' message boards.

Special Announcement UPDATE!
Sharpshooter - Dicesetter.com Weekend In Las Vegas!

Last month's Sharpshooter - Dicesetter.com Weekend In Las Vegas announcement has generated a huge amount of "buzz" on the web.   As of press time, all seats for this unique two day program were spoken for.  Heavy, roadrunner, Billy and Dice Doctor are just a few of the shooters who will be joining me for this rare opportunity.   I'm looking forward to meeting those of you who are attending.  I believe future generations of dice influencers will just refer to this gathering as "The Weekend."

(If you missed this opportunity, you can always get more information about the PARR course on Jerry Patterson's site . )


A Winning Attitude
A roundtable discussion with South Shore Swamie, Heavy, Engineer and Billy

South Shore Swamie

I would tie a winning attitude in with a positive attitude and consistent attitude. Here is what I am trying to get at: Suppose you are a pass line bettor along with betting inside, if the point becomes 5, do I always take my 5 place bet and move it to the 4? OR do I bounce around and trade off between the 4 or 10? Me... I would like to remain consistent because win or lose I will walk away from the table knowing that I remained consistent with my betting style and was not trying to chase that carrot.

To take this one step further: A winning attitude on winning days means to have the discipline to walk away a winner. Hence a winning attitude on losing days IMHO means to be able to have the discipline to walk away from the table without trying to double your betting or switch to a martingale to recoup losses, or just plain betting stupid.  

A positive attitude along with a polite one I believe is the key to a winning attitude.

Happy shooting  


I do motivational sales meetings all the time - meetings where I talk about personal limits and the fact that most of those limits are self-imposed.  What keeps us from breaking down barriers and excelling?  Well, there's a technical term we in the motivation business use to refer to it.  It's "the shit between your ears."  
Okay, maybe that's not a technical term.  We should talk about self-limiting thoughts, words, and actions.  Have you ever stepped into the casino thinking "I'm going to get my ass kicked tonight." - or uttered the magic phrase "I'll quit as soon as I lose these last few chips."  Have you ever looked around and read the body language of the other players at the table?  You can tell who's winning just by observing their posture and demeanor.  And all of these things are integral to developing a winning attitude.  
The Z man - Zig Zigler - refers to it as "Stinkin' Thinkin'"- setting yourself up to fail.  And everyone engages in a little of it from time to time.   
How do you stay out of the attitude trap?  First of all, you should begin all sessions with sufficient bankroll and a winning strategy.  Take your time and do what winners do when you get to the tables.  Chart for a game that's going your way, then start low and go slow.  Lock up a small win early so you don't have to play catch up the rest of the session.  Avoid taking depressants (alcohol) while gambling.  Instead - order a fruit juice or virgin Bloody Mary to keep your blood sugar up and your mind alert.  Make bold, decisive plays.  If you think you should call your bets off - open your mouth and call them off with conviction.  If you think you should hop the point on the next roll - get your bet in early.  And on those  occasions when things do not go your way - do the things that winners do.  Limit your losses, toss in a final chip for the boys, and leave the table with class.  
Do not give in to negativity.  Positive things happen to positive people.


Winners will tell you that what it's all about is confidence. Having the knowledge, experience and drive to handle any situation that comes up.

When you walk up to the craps pit you should know what moves to make when the table goes cold or the shooter throws the eight for the sixth time.

This confidence comes from knowing the game, inside and out. Knowing the rules and taking advantage of them. Knowing your bankroll and how that is going to affect your play today. Paying attention to the other players, the dealers, box people, and understanding how they can help or hinder your game. Knowing what a bad shot looks and feels like leaving your hand and what will be needed to make the next shot better.

How do you become proficient in these things?  You must devote the time and effort to LEARN. The more you learn the more confident you will become, and when you gain the confidence in your game you will be much harder to beat.


It’s those little details deep in you, that when attended to, keep you in that zone. It’s all about how to keep each day “feeling like you could do no wrong”, and bettering yourself in the process.
When Nick the Greek stated: “ The difference between a winner and loser is, character!” he was right on the money with this age-old wisdom.  
Develop your own rules for your games, and stick to them, have discipline.

Solve your own problems first, and then head to the casino, not the other way around. You should have knowledge of the games you play, and a craving to play them. Keep yourself clean, alert, and ready to seize opportunity when it is before you. And never leave the casino without winning a little something for yourself; this will help you develop the winning attitude.
Win, or loose you will know that you have tried your best to attain the goals that you were seeking in your life, and on the gaming tables.
If you are at a level where you are winning the competition over yourself by yourself, then the rest of the world will have to look out.


Every four years the world and especially the United States are captivated by the Olympics. I like most of you have been glued to the TV every night watching the best athletes in the world compete in front of thousands of people in the stands and millions on television. These people have devoted their lives to the pursuit of perfection in their sports.

The other day I was watching an interview with a European athlete that had won a gold medal. She was young, smart and beautiful, not a bad way to go through life. The interviewer was asking lots of questions about the event and how she dealt with the pressure of competition. One of her responses was so insightful that it has stayed with me for a whole week and if I'm lucky it will stay with me throughout the rest of my life. She said "I'm wise enough to let things happen" This young girl on a world stage tells us that she is wise enough to LET THINGS HAPPEN!

How many of us aren't that wise? How many of us don't allow ourselves to have the good things happen to us. How many times have we stood at the craps table and not allowed the mis-payments, chip fills, boxman comments, late bets, poor courtesy to just HAPPEN around us so that our mind can be consumed by the task at hand...namely making the next shot the best shot that it can be?

Can we be wise enough to know that these distractions ARE going to happen, and can we be wise enough to allow them to happen and not have them affect that next shot.

To be as wise as a young girl.. to allow things to happen, to allow ourselves to have that winning attitude.

Las Vegas Craps Table Directory

For several months, I have posted the Las Vegas Craps Directory graciously provided by the folks at nextshooter.com. I recently received an email from a site visitor who suggested that in addition to the great information that is already provided, that we should, as a community, also begin to gather and update the page with table length data.  I think it's a great idea!  So, next time you're in Vegas, make sure you make a note of the table length(s) in each of the casinos you play at and email them to me when you return.   I'll do the rest.  Thanks!

Cheap Craps!
Used with permission.
Provided by:
Las Vegas on 25 A Day

I can't guarantee that these are up to date, but a cheap craps table is an excellent way to test your developing shooting skills.

Quarter Craps

Las Vegas Club - It's the late night deal. Weekdays from 3 a.m. to 9 am. the LVC has quarter craps with double odds. They'll give you 5x on $2, but for a quarter, you take double odds and say "Thank you, Mr. Gaughan." By the way, the 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. shift is frequently referred to as "graveyard" because of all the flesh-eating zombies wandering Las Vegas casinos at that time.

Joker's Wild - Way out in Henderson, these two small casinos offer a quarter game some of the time (word is it's the 3 p.m. to 1 a.m. shift) and they have 10x odds!

Dollar Craps

Boulder Station - This is one of the not-so-fancy Station casinos, but it frequently deals a mean game of craps with 10x odds and only a dollar required of the bettor. Not a lot of action in this locals haunt, but it's there if you're in the neighborhood and need to build your empire back up with only a dollar.

El Cortez - Both their tables always will take a dollar bet, and they'll give you 10x odds. When they take quarter bets, it's a great place to mix and match. Play the pass line for a buck with full odds, then make your stupid bets, like Big 6 and Hops for only a quarter. The pit bosses will hate you until you prove to them that you're a degenerate who belongs here.

Nevada Palace - Without a car, forget about it. This place is way the heck out on Boulder Highway, nowhere near the Strip or Downtown. 10x odds can be had by the lowliest slug with a buck in his pocket and some money to play the odds.

Sahara - 5x odds on your buck means the Sahara knows that it's the dollar players that butter its bread. Bring your low-roller instincts, but not butter. That was just a figure of speech. The Sahara may very well be the nicest low-roller casino around.

Westward Ho - The casino is small and sort of weird, but the people are friendly and they're more than happy to deal a dollar craps game. Too bad it has a lowly 2x odds.

If Cosmopolitan Magazine Developed A Precision Shooters Quiz
(thanks to the roundtable for helping me develop this important self-analysis tool)

1.        You want to be a precision shooter because:

a.        The only thing chicks dig more than guys with big feet are those who have long hands.

b.        Women love guys who can make a hard 8 appear immediately after a hard 10.

c.        Everything else you do in your life is completely done at random.

d.        Search me!  Why in the world would you want to keep the dice on axes?

2.        When you have dreams about craps, they often involve:

a.        Donuts, hotdogs, and the Lincoln Tunnel.

b.        Steve Wynn running naked through freshly mown grass carrying a bag full of cash.

c.        A Mandalay waitress and a hard eight.

d.        Multiple withdrawals from the ATM.

3.        When the dice are thrown off the table, you most often:

a.        Apologize profusely.

b.        Re-set your aim for the SECOND biggest idiot at the table.

c.        Pray that the woman in the short skirt at the next table bends over to pick them up.

d.        Figure a lineman is shooting.

4.     Pips are:

a.        Gladys Knight’s back up singers.

b.        Guys who wear long fur coats, shiny shirts, big purple feathers in their hats & drive big-assed old Cadillacs.

c.        Small, yet sublime breasts.

d.        Guys that bet the big six and eight .

e.        You’re not sure but the Mandalay waitresses must have big ones.

5.        A Buffalo-Yo is:

a.        When you’re trying to get the fat cocktail waitress’s attention.

b.        Is the politically-correct term for Bison-Yo.

c.        A yo bet from the guy with the hairy back .    


6.        Crap Check refers to:

a.        Having difficulty finding the casino level men’s room…and finding a little  “extra” in your boxers.

b.        Getting a comp to the Boardwalk Casino’s Surf Buffet.

c.        Remembering to by-pass the all-you-can-eat refried-bean station.

d.        What you have to do BEFORE reading posts on John Patrick's message board.

7.        A Lammer is:

a.        A Precision Shooter playing In-Cognito.

b.        A player who is out on an unauthorized "day pass" from the local jail.

c.        A player that stays in Vegas because the jersey mob is looking for him.

d.        That little plastic piece on the end of your shoe laces.


8.        The dealers “Wash Their Hands” when they leave a table because:

a.        Most of the players don't.

b.        That brown stuff on the $1 chips is definitely NOT chocolate.

c.        Craps is a dirty little game.

9.        The first thing you do when you step up to a craps table is:

a.        Say a novena to the dice-gods.

b.        Note which woman is being short sticked and play opposite her.

c.        Ask if they'll be open tomorrow too.

d.        Promise yourself you won’t be superstitious.   Then you knock twice on the rail, pull your left earlobe three times, and turn your baseball cap around backwards.

 10.        Your precision shooting moniker (nickname) SHOULD be:

a.        Fat Chance

b.        Doom & Gloom

c.        Yo Yo

d.        Viagra (always shows the point hard)

e.        Sticky Fingers


If you have any comments or ideas for future issues, feel free to email me at ed@dicesetter.com  And as always, I'm looking for contributors with a fresh perspective.

If you know someone who would be interested in receiving future editions of Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter , copy and send them this link. Subscribe to Dice Setter

Good Luck!

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