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Did I Hear You Right?

In my much younger high school days, I had an after school job at a local grocery store. Bagging groceries was my specialty. I loaded up some bags, the lady and I proceeded out to the parking lot.

On our way out, she says, in a low, soft voice, " I have an itchy cooter". A few more steps, again, " I have an itchy cooter". I'm sorry lady, but, I can't tell the difference between all these new foreign cars, you'll have to point it out!

I have since paid more attention to what people say or the underlying meaning of what they have said. I was visiting one of my favorite casinos a couple of weeks ago. I struck up a conversation with the guy on my left, at the table, about how choppy the table seemed. He agreed. The diced passed to me.

A couple of sevens on the comeout, a yo, and then a point established. A series of numbers then the point was made. Established another point as the stick changed. The stick changed again before that point was made. A couple of sevens, another point established. Another pit critter pulls up a chair next to the box. I came out of the " Zone" when that happened, and noticed the gallery standing behind the players at the other end of the table.

The stick pushed the dice to me, but not shortsticking, since I had made a few (and hit) hard way bets for the boys in the course of the shoot. Numbers and a few craps trash sprinkled in, now and then.

Then the box anounced, " Sir, make sure you hit the wall every time you throw". I threw a couple of more numbers. The pit critter sitting next to box says, " Sir, you need to hit the wall harder". The guy on my left says to me,"They're hassling you".

Have you ever had a time, when you wish you had said something a certain way, only for it to be an hour later when you thought of it? Well, doo-da, doo-da. I said," That doesn't bother me, when they do that it means I must be doing something right! "

I then threw the point, TEN HARD. Not another peep from the pit or box while I finished my shoot, about ten minutes later. The pit critter scooped up the dice and replaced them, the old dice in to the desk drawer. " Yea, it must have been the dice", I said. Everyone nodded in agreement except the dealer across from me. He gave me a grin and a wink. I did notice he was studying my sets from time to time.



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