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What is Dice Setting?


Dice setting is the process of positioning and tossing the dice in craps to alter the appearance of certain numbers. (Generally the 7)  The first time I came across an article on this subject I laughed and then dismissed the idea. 

Then, one evening at a craps table, I watched in amazement a fellow player set the dice and on the come out roll, threw 5 straight naturals (7’s and 11’s).  Then, after the point was established, he then threw over 15 rolls before finally sevening out. 

SO, that’s when I became interested in dice setting and now, after research, practice, and most importantly, success at the tables, I am a complete convert. The best part is, you don't have to understand Newtonian physics to become proficient, you need only to read and practice.

The idea of completely controlling the dice is absurd, but if you can slightly shift the probabilities, you will be well on your way to making some money at the craps table.  The topic is too large to discuss here in full, but I’ll leave you with one example. 

Let’s take the “7”.  Statistically, it should appear 6 out of every 36 rolls.  If, by setting the dice and executing a controlled throw, you could alter the probabilities such that the seven appears instead 5 out of every 36 rolls, imagine how that could impact how you play craps!

If this has peeked your interest, click here for more info and explore the rest of our dice setting articles.

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