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Here I give you my basic strategy for using pre sets for specific outcomes.  This is based on hours of practice, trial and error, theoretical practicality and success at the tables..  If you haven't looked at any of the sets on the previous page, I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with them and then come back here.  Having a set of dice available would also be handy as you can roll each of the sets below on their axis' to see why I use each particular one.

For come out, use the crossed hard 10 set or the straight sixes set.   The only exception to this is if I have come bets up and I want to call them on for the come out, which is rare as I am MOSTLY a place bettor.

If the point established is:

                                        6 or 8         I use the "Flying V"

                                        5 or 9         I use the Crossed Sixes

                                        4 or 10        I use the Hard 2 set (I also call this one the "Mini V"      

You can also use the guidelines above if you need to limit your risk at the tables. An example. If the point is 9, you probably have a pass line bet with odds on the point. To limit your exposure, perhaps you will also ONLY place the 5 as well until you get a hit or two, then you may want to spread your exposure over the 6 and 8 as well. Remember, you will not have success with every individual toss, nor will you have monster rolls every time.  With every set there are theoretical seven outcomes.   Your goal is to alter the frequency table, cash in, and be in the black when the inevitable devil shows up.

You may find in practice or at the tables, that despite all efforts, the seven is showing more frequently than it should for a specific set.   Before abandoning that pre set, try rotating one or both die on the axis and resume shooting.  It may be that your shooting style causes the sevens that ARE on that axis to come up.  This slight adjustment may just do the trick!

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