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Please send us your comments and testimonials to ed@dicesetter.com

I was surprised and pleased to receive your April update, thanks. George G.
Great to hear from you! Please keep posted on all updates! ~ Sally 
Re: Old Gold, I am enjoying reading IrishSetter’s articles again. HardRock
Fantastic Ed, glad to be receiving Dice Setter news again! Joanna S.

Thanks for the email update.  Keep them coming. Marc I.

    Thank you for sending your newsletters on Dice Setting. I do believe in the power of dice setting. I also have learned from you to control my actions at the tables. I hope you will continue to send me your valuable information on this matter and hopefully we will meet at the tables one day. Your Friend Brian

    Thanks for sending me your very informative October 2007 newsletter, this one especially goes right to the heart of my dice play, which is walking away a winner instead of staying and losing it all. Most bettors go into a dice game with a few hundred and expect to win 10,000 and no matter how much they get ahead they won't leave the table until they have lost their buy in and more. Once I learned discipline, I have become a different player, a smart player, I take a lot of small wins which eventually turn into a very handsome profit.

    Remember the old saying take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves, same thing for dice, take the small winnings and they add up to a nice bankroll. The casino has a very difficult time beating me and their chances are slim they will get any of my money and it all boils down to knowing when to walk. Thanks for your newsletter, I enjoy it very much. Jack


  Also recommended Free Craps Lessons P4K


  Now that is a monster newsletter! (October 2007) What a collection of focused thoughts. If the reader does not "get it" after hearing it said from so many angles, I am not sure how to get through to them. Aloha de Mike in Hawaii


   Many are called but few are chosen. Dicesetter.com and all of the free information you provide is a blessing to those of us in search of something better. Speaking of a search. Dicesetter is the best gaming web site on the world wide web. Thanks for making it available. (Jack Rabbit)

     Hi, I use to visit this site a lot a few years ago but then took a break from all gambling for awhile.  This is my first time back on the site since and I just wanted to let you know it looks great.  I'm still going thru it seeing what's new and how much of the old info is still here.  Glad to see the site is still up and running.  Keep up the good work. Oracle Jones

     I have enjoyed Mike of Hawaii's articles in the past. This months article only adds to that appreciation. Mike has wonderful vision and imagination. The Fair Market Value article puts the very vague concept of casino advantage into a perspective that most of us non-mathematicians find easier to visualize. This article is very timely for me. Thanks for all you do there at Dice Setter Newsletter. It is refreshing to read about overlooked, and new concepts for the game of craps. After all, there are enough systems promoters out there touting the many ways to lose. Ken K.

     Hi Ed,  I just wanted to write you a note and provide a big thank you for a previous tip you provided.  A couple of months back you mentioned a Craps Tournament to be held at the Las Vegas Hilton.  You also pointed out that a $5 Yo bet on the come-out and a Yo would garner an entry.  Yesterday, I finally made it to the Hilton.  I got a Players Club Card and went to check out the tables.  I supposed I used the Meta-Craps approach you spoke of and some previous advice because one table had poor energy so I walked over to another.  It had positive energy, but not so many chips in the racks plus it was packed--no where to get in and be comfortable.  The third table was empty and at $10.  I walked past it, then turned around and thought twice about an empty table.  Lots of personal rolls is usually a great thing, but empty tables never work. The dealers were watching and the boss had the guys put the table back to $5.  This was  all I needed to go up and lay down $100.  I tossed down a $5 pass line and $5 Yo and set up a 5/6 dice set and immediately through the Yo (first toss ever at the Hilton).  I was thrilled.  I can't recall ever betting a $5 Yo previously--only a $2 buck C & E.  So I suppose I'll get the opportunity to be in the tournament (I got my entry voucher from the table boss).  I have no idea what a craps tournament is:) but it sounds like fun.  Thanks for the awesome tip.  Amazing how it worked out.  BTW, between the Hilton and the Aladdin, I came out ahead $210 for the night - I was really feeling in the zone the rest of the evening after the Yo.  Positive energy is EVERYTHING!



     I should start out by saying that I really enjoy DiceSetter.com and the Dice Setter newsletter. The information the site makes available and the content of the newsletter are fantastically valuable sources of sober, sensible, and useful information about craps.  As an aspiring controlled shooter (I've been at it for about three months) I've found it remarkable how many craps related web resources are either inaccurate, mostly full of casino ads, or plain useless. Dice Setter is like an oasis! I realize maintaining an evolving web site is a time consuming thing. I really appreciate having DiceSetter.com as a resource. J.T.


Found your site by accident. I play dice at lots of the boats up and down the Ohio on the Indiana side. I have been setting dice with 5s on top, 1s both pointing left...need to know more about setting, grips. Great site, will tell my friends. Anonymous


I thought the MetaCraps was extremely important article (January 2007) and very, very, very well written.
Hanging around gambling halls for several years, I've learned some the lessons in this article the hard way. Not being a complete idiot, I read, took classes and learned some of the lessons in an easier fashion. I still read and try to learn what I can "away from the action", such that I can practice and apply the knowledge at the appropriate time. A good friend uses the phrase "When the student is ready, a teacher will appear". Meaning to me, that answers will come when you�re ready to learn.
I found a pearl in the MetaCraps article in the phrase "Money to Risk" rather than "Money you can afford to Lose". I was ready for this phrase, thank you, thank you, thank you! I have listened and read the other phrases from other books, articles and coaches, and understood the function but "Money to Risk" clicked in my gray matter and I believe it to be the paramount phrase or description for "Gambling Funds". It describes what we are trying to do, better than any phrase put to that use so far. Invest to win! Please forward this to Mike in Hawaii, as I don't have his email.
Thank You, K. Kelley


Greetings, I have been studying your web  page on How to Play Dice. Just between you and me  your pages are  a better learning site than the others.

Fumar Senoir


Comment: I just read Soft Touch's newsletter on psychology at the craps table. It pretty much fits what I do, daily trade futures on-line. You will always have a losing trade... where things just don't go your way no matter how perfect your signals are. So, you maintain stops and move on. No jumping stops. No compromise. At the craps game, when I go to a casino, I do a visual of the craps pit. What do I see? A full table, people yelling? Or, maybe a table where people are walking away. I can play the pass line or the don't. The visual sets me up. In my opinion, your game should start before you ever reach the table. I have a loss limit, not a win limit. Down sixty bucks either from the beginning or a nice win..? I walk. That's it...no compromise. Seems to work for me.  Thanks for your great stuff. Nick


I have not been to your site in some time. WOW! Who turned on the lights? The new look and layout is so user friendly. What a wealth of information. Love the free lesson section too, a nice touch. I just signed on for the newsletter and have to say you have made significant changes there too. Seems to be more informative. Keep up the great work. Jay J. in San Jose


Soft Touch,  TERRIFIC!

The June newsletter is excellent. I think you're hitting your stride! And thanks to you and Ed for completing  the links to my articles. Really lights a fire for me to get on with it.

Jeffrey 47



 I'd like to say that I like the renovation of the dicesetter website.  It's now simpler and cleaner.

Thanks, Miguel Suaco


Dear DiceSetters.com,  


I wanted to send you an e-mail and thank you for all your help.  The topics are right on the money for what I am trying to study.  We will have some down time in March and I plan on spending a good deal of that practicing.  I'll send you a picture of the "desert" dice game when I get a chance.


Thanks Again,



Serving in Iraq

Web site looks great! Congrats Soft Touch!

I logged on today to the New and Improved Web Site. Wow! I am impressed it is really great looking. For the record I prefer the white background with black text to the black back ground with green text. It is much easier on the eyes for an old guy like me. Great Job on Web Page. -Houdini


 Very cool, ... (the new web site) Easy to read and navigate.

My eyes have seen the glory, but now I can read Dice Setter Newsletter. Thanks for bringing it back and for the wonderful changes in design. Tommy from Toledo
Soft Touch, The new site really looks great ;) -Silentman

I agree! (with Silentman) And a great March newsletter, too! - 6dollar6

WOW! March came roaring in like a Dicesetter.com. Welcome aboard Ms Garcia to the World Wide Web. I have two and a half words for you. I'm Jealous! A most remarkable job!  You have to be over the moon proud of yourself and should well be. Congratulations! -The Professor
My eyes thank you a thousand times. The first page is just what was needed.  Before you had to go through five, six screen before you got to where you wanted to be.  Nice job. You have eliminated the middleman. Charlie009


Hi Ed and Debbie, Thanks as always for all the hard work and beautiful transformation of the site. Jeff
Dear DiceSetter, I have been a subscriber to the newsletter for a few years. Thanks so much for making the changes. I can read it now!  (Ice Cube)


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