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The Following responses are from Dice Setter Newsletter subscribers

representing that they feel comfortable with the casinos' game and dice.

They have been selected from our February Survey,

 Dice Setter Wants to Know...


Have you played craps in a casino and felt that the dice used in the game were

altered or otherwise not fair dice? Do you think casinos cheat at the dice table?

Fair Dice


The gaming license is everything. It is the source of all profit. The very idea that any casino would do anything to endanger its gaming license is insane. The fastest way to see that paper go bye bye is to rig a game in any way and get caught at it. If a game is found to be rigged it better be done by employees without the knowledge of the management and even then it is a disaster that is going to be hard to clean up.


The dice are fine. Let's all stop wasting time & energy on Harley and his antics. Stop pouring gas on this smoldering wreck.


I have heard stories but have never personally experienced play at a table using shaved dice. I have encountered dealers that forget to pay or try to bully me into making pass line bets when I want to place a bet (generally on 5 & 9) but who hasn�t. Cannot wait to hear the results of your survey. When I was overseas in Korea (1985) they used to post the whores names and the bars they worked at that tested positive for STDs on a board at the bus stop we used to have to take into town. Hopefully you�ll create a list of casinos to avoid if the results of your survey deem it a problem. Thanks


Yes, I have played craps in a casino and have never felt like the dice used in the game were altered or otherwise not fair dice.


I go to Vegas twice a month and I don't think they alter the dice because I win more than I lose. And if I lose I accept it as part or playing craps. NOW, that my precision shooting is much more proficient but there still room for improvements I will never give up practicing to be the best I can be. Different casinos, different conditions, sometimes different sets etc, But I don't think they alter the dice just to make money cause they do anyway rather you win or lose and I don't think they would risk losing the license. That my opinion. ALOOOOOOOHA


I have played in many casinos in AC   and Vegas and also on cruise ships. I have never thought that there was any thing done with the dice any other kind of cheating going on.


Only when I loose --but really no I don't think they cheat.


Casinos don't need to cheat at the craps tables, or any other gaming tables, for that matter. All they need to do is just let the bettors in, and most of them will find ways to self-destruct - all on their own.


I really don�t think that casinos would risk so much for so little. If they did anything of the sort then the gambling commission would come down hard on them and could possibly put them out of business. Let�s not lose sight of the fact that the more people winning, the more people will play and the more money logically the casino will win. If they were going to rig the dice then it would be so people will win so they can draw in more people to play.


In casino play this has never been the case. However I have experienced loaded dice while in military service.


Although it certainly wouldn�t surprise me to learn that casinos cheat at the dice table, I personally haven�t felt that it happened while I was playing.  I play in Vegas, Tunica, and Biloxi.


No, I don't think that they cheat.  I am basing this on the fact that I play primarily in Vegas, and at the main casinos on the strip (such as Bellagio, Wynn, Caesars), and sometimes at the Palms and the Orleans.  No need to cheat.


No.... Nothing has been proven, except there is wild speculation, and unfounded or unreliable accusations. Unless something changes in that regard, the whole issue is he said, she said....It would be interesting is someone could prove such a thing....maybe I could recover some of my losses. Not through demand, but by playing into the bias.  I would not need to set the dice.


I have never felt the dice were unfair.  Since the casinos have a license to print money because of the laws of probability and, more importantly, the bad psychological responses (i.e. foolishness) of ninety percent of the gambling public (steaming, no money management, etc.); it would be crazy of any casino to jeopardize their good fortune by cheating.  They don�t need to cheat�everything is stacked in their favor.


No, I don't believe I have ever experienced altered dice at any casino.  No, I don't believe any casino has cheated me at dice.  However, I won't play craps at some casinos due to 1. Not allowing me to set the dice. 2. Odds being less than 10X, and 3. The minimum bet is set too high. 


I don�t think they cheat,,,,,


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Have not felt like the dice were crooked in a large casino but have felt that the dice were not right in some of the back room games that I have played in.


I have only played a dozen times or so in the casinos, yet so far I have not experienced a situation where I was under the impression that the dice were not just random dice.


No and no


The games are fair.  Dice have not been altered.  The odds favor the casino...as is all gaming venues at the casinos.


Yes, I think the dice are fair...


no crooked dice in casinos...they have pay off advantage and would be stupid to risk gaming license.... however its probably happened somewhere sometime, most likely by the "crew" and accomplices


I haven't suspected altered dice yet, but will pay attention even more now.  I catch non-payouts at the Silver Legacy in Reno, at least twice on every trip.  They even tried not to pay me on a x25 Fire Bet win!  Of course it's always a "mistake" when they don't pay LOL.  At the Riverside in Laughlin, the dealers hustle you for tips all of the time.  They have finally left me alone, though--for the most part.  The problem I have is that sometimes the players don't know they are betting for the dealers, and they automatically put themselves back up after prop wins. 


I don't think that casinos cheat as most of my play is downtown. How ever I don't think that they change the dice often enough to keep sharp edges.
In 20 years of playing craps in Atlantic City I have never had an occasion to suspect the dice had been tampered with or were in any way unfair.

I have not encountered any suspicious situations during my frequent play at BOTGATA IN A. CITY, NJ; or any other casino in AC, or VEGAS. I usually play at BORGATA 3 to 4 weekends per month, and I usually go to LAS VEGAS once or twice per year for a week at a time with comped rooms.  I spend many hours at the craps tables, and I am a very focused player, so I don't allow myself to get caught up in the gaiety or excitement of the table, regardless of how hot a shooter might be. I watch those pit people like a hawk, and I am always planning my next moves regarding increasing my PLACE BETS, or TURNING MY BETS OFF, or TAKING DOWN, my bets.


I have played in Tunica at Sam Town, Harrah, Fitz, Hollywood and The Road House On 12 different times. I have played in Biloxi at The Grand, Palace, and T.B. three different times. I have played in Shreveport, a. three different times at The H.S and Boomtown. This has been in the last ten Mo,'s I feel they all have a fair game of dice.


Some  Casino's  (bigger ones, ones on strip) in Vegas have different dice numbering placement design arrangements from other casinos...was told by gaming commission several years ago that  it is not a problem  as there are two  different marking patterns available to the casino's...Did not seem to care that it might affect dice setters approach however...the design changes are subtle and most would not notice....Dice setters would have to modify their arrangements however.., Gaming commission takes position they are fair dice, however...


As a random roller, I've generally had fairly even luck.  Sometimes I win, sometimes not.

My last two trips to Las Vegas, however, have been horrible disasters.  On both trips I was never ahead and had no winning sessions on trip 1 and one winning session on trip 2. I ended up with HUGE losses for me, about $1000 on each trip (I'm a 5-dollar bettor).

 Despite this, I really don't feel that the casinos were doing anything "funny" with the dice. Nor do I feel that I was cheated. The bulk of my play was at the Orleans on both trips.


Sir: Have not come across any suspicious dice.


Haven't been making point numbers of late. But can't say it's me or the dice. Dealers getting more picky about dice hitting the wall. When my dice hit and drop with little or no roll I get called. You feel casinos are loading the dice?


I have not played at any casino where I felt that the dice were altered or were biased.  As to the question if I think that casinos cheat at dice, no I don't think they cheat at dice, but do wish they would let us play a fairer game, for example, interruptions about hitting the back wall, the need to hit the back wall harder etc. The implication that the casinos would use biased dice is kind of ludicrous.  If those individuals that are soliciting this "theory" thought about it, this would be the greatest moneymaker for craps.  If you know the dice are biased in anyways, we could technically make a killing at these casinos.  For those individuals who make this claim, I wish they would publish the casinos that are employing them, I'd get every dice player I know to play there and make a killing by betting into the bias.


Personally I have never had the feeling of being cheated by a casino at the dice table...they already have the odds in their favor, and ninety percent of the players play like nimrods anyhow...why would they risk it?


I live in Vegas and my wife and I play at the Sun Coast I do not see anything with worn Dice.    But have noticed there and other Casino's with worn felt and under pads.  As you very well know the bounce on the table does mean a lot on how you thrown the Dice.  Went on a Craps trip within Southern Nevada and saw a lot of Casino's with worn felt between the Wall and the Pass Line.  Some of the Casino' have moved there tables around in hopes of bringing younger players to the tables to increase profit.  We play off strip and on strip Casino's at least 4-5 times a week so let us know when one you will be in town and be more  than glad to set up to the table with you all.


I doubt that casinos in Nevada, or anywhere else, need to cheat at a relatively random game like craps. They have other ways to disturb you, like when the stickman rushes you to throw or leans into the table so that he gets hit by the dice. I've seem the pit critters use calipers to spin the dice to check the balance of the dice to make sure they have not been weighted or get out of square. Add that to the under padding for extra bounce on the table and higher than average table height and you shouldn't need to worry about them altering the dice to cheat you.


Living in Canada and playing at Government owned Casino, leaves very little likely hood of tampered dice. On the other hand where does one find an honest government?


I�ve played at two casinos in the last month.


Both casinos showed no different pattern of results from previous visits.  At a table on Jan. 30 in 3.5 hours of play I came out ahead and experienced the normal cyclical flow of dice rolls.  Inside numbers were hitting and there wasn�t an excess of sevens, hard ways or craps. Similarly on Feb. 5 in 2 hours of play there were a couple of hot shooters and inside numbers were positive. Again I walked out with a profit. I don�t think the casinos around here are into manipulation practices � in fact I think they are hoping to attract more players and wins always does that.


No problems sensed. Bulk of play in AC, remainder large in Las Vegas. Have also played in Curacao and Canada, as well as California. Amateur dealers precluded my staying longer, so I never got a strong sense of what was going on in those low-level places.


Yes, I have played and no I do not think they are altered.


How stupid must you be to think a casino would compromise there integrity and risk there license to beat people who pay 795. trying to influence the outcome


I have played at many different casinos, both in Las Vegas and elsewhere.  I cannot recall ever having the feeling that the dice have been altered in any way.  Unless you consider being "cursed" as a real alteration.  Just kidding but it sometimes seems that way.


I have played in several casinos. But never thought the dice were not ok.



No I haven't felt casinos cheat at craps.  Although, I have had a string of bad luck at craps at many different casinos.  I haven't changed the way I play the game or throw the dice, but something is definitely different and I can't put my fingers on what that is. Given my string of bad luck, I probably don't play craps as much as I used to.


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My only related comment is that the brushed look dice seem more slippery, harder to grip. I would also say that using altered dice that impact the results would be risky for casinos and therefore would likely not be considered.


I've never experienced anything other than "fair dice" at craps.


I never experienced a game where I thought the dice were altered.  Sometimes the sizes of dice are larger than the 3/4� size or seem a bit on the lightweight side. Some tables have extra bouncy underlayment which, in combination with a felt that is on the loose side (not tightly stretched), will tend to catch the dice corners and wickedly bounce the die hither and yon if it snags the corner.


I do not have as much experience as most and I have only played in Wisconsin and have not noticed anything different from my own practice dice.


I do not believe I have ever seen an altered die in a real casino.  The odds are with them, and the pyramids do their job.


No---I have never


I have not knowingly experienced altered dice at the table. In fact I usually know the seven is coming the second the dice leave my hand, usually the result of bad technique on my part. I'm grateful when one of those throws turns out to be a 2, 3, or 12. Funny how those throws never turn out to be a point number. I have experienced heat, asking me to bounce the dice harder off the back wall, to speed up my toss, or the boxman holding and inspecting the dice for a while before returning the dice to me, but the dice themselves appeared fine. Enjoy.


Other than a little slots play, I only play craps.  I have never thought the dice or the game was cheating me. 


In answer to your query, not that I could tell. I don't believe that casinos cheat at dice, they don't need to.


It�s very unlikely that casinos use set dice to alter the end result of the shooter, Craps is hedged in there favor without such measures.. Having said that, one still needs to be in tune with dice control to beat the casinos in the long run.. Short term, almost any Craps system can make you some money ( If your Luck holds )  But to outlast the casinos and make a living playing Craps one needs to learn Dice control, Money management, Know how to bet,  Bank Roll, and Discipline.


I haven't played at any casino where I felt the dice were altered. I don't think casinos would want to risk being fined or lose credibility. But, then again, who knows. Also, I don't play that often as locals do. So, local crap players would be at a better position to give a more accurate response.


...have never seen or suspected altered dice or an unfair game in any way.

I cannot say if it�s dice or specific tables but where I play in Milwaukee (local Indian casino) I have wondered about both possibilities. One of the 4 tables in Milwaukee has a reputation of a looser. I have noticed more loosing streaks and have heard player�s commenting this particular table always seems to be best played from the dark side.

There are weekend sessions I have noticed more 6/1 seven-out�s that have made me speculate about bad dice also. I try to keep my eyes and mind open, as I understand after all, they are trying to take my money.

I play at all 3 of our CASINOS and am friendly with all the dealers and feel that if any hanky panky was happening one of them would let me know.  They don't change the layout very often either. We have a running joke that when I 7 out, I accuse them of turning on the magnets.


I have only played once in a casino the dice were fair. I am still practicing at home. A new casino is coming in three months near me so I will be ready


I haven't actually noticed anything different. I just have a couple spots I seem to do better than others so I won't play unless I can get 1 of those 2 positions.


I do not believe casinos alter the dice in any way. Why would they? They have the advantage with fair dice, so why would they risk losing their license and reputation to try to cheat? Why would anyone need to cheat in a game where they already have the advantage? There are plenty of bettors that make those high % prop bets all day long � would you risk losing the ability to own and run a game like that?

In my 30 years of craps, I have seen many, many mistakes and errors by dealers and boxmen, but I have never seen what I believe to be an attempt to intentionally cheat a player. I have seen the opposite � where the boxmen and crew go out of their way to determine if an error has been made against the player � and pay up if they are wrong. Of course, players don�t always catch the errors, and they are usually in the houses� favor � but not always.

Crooked dice may have been in the game in the old days, but that was before corporations, lawyers, accountants, mathematicians, shareholders, etc began running the casinos. Now, I believe they all know what a racket they have by running a fair game.

I�d be interested in seeing the results and comments from your survey.


I have not felt the dice were not fair. Considering the odds, I don't think the larger casinos cheat.


No, I play at both West VA. Casinos and Seneca Allegany Indian casino. I have bought some of there dice for my collection and they are the same as the ones I have from Vegas or Atlantic City. I have attended one of your classes and try to be aware of every thing at the tables. I hope that there is nothing funny going on!!!


I have never thought that, but if it is possible I would like to know about it because you could then clean up by playing the don'ts let me know if you find out anything specifically where I can find this I will go there ASAP.

Play a lot in AC.  Taj and Showboat mostly.  No problems these craps game seem fair.

Played a little at the Borgata, Caesars and Balleys; they also seem on the up and up.


I've found no problem in the casino dice as of yet, Thank God. I have found a problem just in some players...not realizing that their novice attitude towards their dice play affects other player's money.


I haven't experienced what I would classify unfair dice.


I have played craps in many casinos in Vegas, Biloxi and I am a regular at the Tropicana in A.C.  Any one who thinks the casinos cheat are not really thinking straight.  The casinos make loads of money without cheating; it is not worth losing their gaming license to cheat. I have seen pit bosses get a bit nasty when a hot roll is in progress but never have I felt I was being cheated. Most of the time even on a hot roll the pit bosses and floor people are very professional and times down right friendly.  I would like to say I ALWAYS color up and leave the dice pit after a hot roll or when I have achieved my win goal. I hope this is helpful for your stats. 


Actually I have opened tables and watched the dice out of the wrappers. I have never seen anyone alter dice although I have watched the stickman set the dice for the most possible sevens. After point established And a long roll. I know this is hoping the shooter gets impatient.


No, I don't think the dice were altered at any casino where I play. I was in Tunica last fall and played at a casino where the table was very bouncy and there were a lot of 7's showing. Won't name the casino except it's 1 of 3 situated together. Took advantage of the 7's by playing the Don'ts. Would like to see the results of the survey.

I don't think the casinos are cheating. If they had cheater dice on the table I would be able to see what was going on and bet into it. I think most dice players are just stupid and don't know what's happening at the table as they stand at the table and watch the action.

I was shooting at Mohegan Sun last December; a shooter tossed eight eights in a row.  After he seven out I congratulated him for those magnificent eights.  He looked at his two friends and said did I toss that many eights, they both looked at each other and I could tell they didn't know what had been tossed. Take it easy and thanks for asking my opinion.


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I have never experienced unfair dice.  Bad throwing all the time and physics is always at play and the release is everything, but no dice that consistently came up anything more than random. 

I will watch in the future.


I have played, but haven't felt that the dice were crooked.


I have not seen or 'felt" that casinos are cheating, with their cubes. Out side of different sizes or colors or weight of cubes they use. Only thing remotely "cheating is usual "heat" from dealers or pit.


I have never had a craps session at a casino where I thought about the casino altering the dice or overtly cheating.  I do have my suspicions about some casinos "modifying" their tables, however. It seems some table surfaces are a lot more 'lively' than others.  Then there are the harassing techniques some casinos employ to thwart my dice setting; but that's another topic.  Thanks for your newsletter...good luck.


I haven't felt that the dice were altered, but I have run into situations where the dealers were doing funny things.  A couple of years ago at the Peppermill in Reno, I had a nice groove going with lots of numbers, and just as I was tossing the dice, the dealer at the far opposite end where the dice would go, thought it was a good idea to "straighten" a stack of chips in front of him, long after he had a reasonable chance to do so.  Of course, I altered my throw at the last second, resulting in a "seven out".  The other player at the table noticed the exact same thing and commented on it after I immediately colored up.  Another time, I swore that I had made my point, but the call was seven out...what was suspicious was that the stickman was "flipping" the dice before bringing them into the center, which I consider prima facie evidence of cheating, since I understand the thrown dice faces must be shown when brought back to the center for a new roll.  Correct me on this if I am wrong.  Is there any recourse?  I was the only one at the table at the time.  The previous incident, it was just one other guy.  For this reason, I only play at full or partial full tables at the Peppermill, or in the evening, when they have a nicer crew.  I've had no issues at other Reno casinos, and Harrah�s has the friendliest and knowledgeable dealers.


I would say No.


My answer is NO.  I would love to find altered dice - think about this for a second ---- you could very easily turn this to your advantage.  As someone who has spent thousands of hours practicing I know the "feel" of the dice.  Now changing from the slick acrylic to the frosted finish on dice did cause me problems at a casino in LV once.  And this was only because I had not spent any time practicing with the dice with the frosted finish.


I've played in a lot of casinos, but I have yet to find a "fair dice" problem.  The concept would be difficult to prove, and not necessarily in the casino's favor because I find a lot of "high rollers" use a negative regression on the don't pass line, so if this were true, they would probably come out ahead.  In any case, with a 1/6 chance of a seven on any given role, the odds are already in the houses favor, so why would anyone think of making the odds even better?   It wouldn't be necessary. For me, I find rhythm and atmosphere in a casino just as important as setting the dice.   When the boxer or dealer interrupts the roller inadvertently or purposely, it is the shooter's job to ignore whatever was said, regardless if it is meant to be helpful or not, and concentrate on just shooting his or her style.   Those types of roles tend to be the best in my opinion. Thanks for asking!


I have not felt that the dice at the Foxwoods Casino or the Mohegan sun have been altered in any way to my knowledge. These are the only two casinos in my area, I am eager to read you�re up coming article on this subject.


I have not had an experience with dice I consider shady in a casino.

I do not believe that there are any casinos that use loaded dice.


I was in Las Vegas in November and I didn't feel as if the Casinos were altering the dice at all. I went mainly to get a feel on if I thought I had a chance at winning and I must say I do believe I can .I would say I broke even playing Craps the two things I tested was my Money management and setting the Dice in which I changed up a few times. The biggest or the best thing I did was going from Monday to Thursday so I could start my day by hitting an empty table another words play by myself in which I feel is the best time to play.


I don't believe the casinos are ordering biased dice. I believe they are ordering cheaply made dice that are biased and the pit critters don't know how or care to use the balancer to weed out the biased dice. The casino has the advantage why would they risk blatant cheating?


Thanks for putting up the newsletter, most appreciated.. I don't think they have crooked dice.. nah.. The super trampoline like new tables is enough to make the dice as random as you can get.. Was in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos this weekend and played a bunch.. lost - had fun.. I'd like to know how other DI's handle - "please sir, you must hit the back wall" My toss and pre-toss look NOTHING LIKE all of the other players @ the table.. I stand out like a sore thumb.. How do other players camouflage (?) this..


I usually always play at the same casino namely Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS.  I have never felt as if the dice were loaded or cheated in any way.  Before I pick up the dice on my come out roll I always inspect them prior to picking my two.  I hope that this helps in your survey.


Play mostly at the Riverside Casino Resort in Laughlin and find their dice to sometimes have been in use so long that the corners are rounding. They spin balance OK and overall I am pleased with the dice and with the personnel. 


I cannot see anyway that a casino could even use unfair dice if they needed to. I believe the dice are fair.


No I have not. I don't think the casino would take a chance of using illegal dice, too much to lose. Besides the odds are with the house and the house always win in the long run. I have played where the dealer didn't pay correctly unless called to his attention. Was this deliberate? Well I can't say for sure but when the payout to me was large it sure felt that way. I can't see an advantage to the dealer in shorting me. But it sure shorts him in future tips from me. 


Fair dice!


to be honest, I haven�t noticed any changes in the dice......but, ill be in Las Vegas the end of February.........is there anything I should look for to reinforce this position?....


No, I have not felt that the dice were altered.  I'm interested in the outcome of your survey!


I have been shooting dice for more than 30 years and have never thought that the dice were altered in any way.


Some days it seems like the dice are crooked... but I don't think so. Too many other variables in favor of the casino, plus they can deploy other shenanigans. I play mostly in Biloxi, Tunica and the Bahamas (Nassau) and Atlantic City.  I don't think the casinos are using crooked dice, or "weekend" dice.  When I am dogged by the seven It boils down to a flaw in my toss or state of mind. "Seven Happens". I have played in casinos where the stick-man (person) tried to throw me off my game; short sticking and swatting the air with the stick as I throw the dice. I even had a pit boss sit on the rail at end of the table, one time, while I was throwing the dice. (This was on a trip to nowhere casino boat). 


The answer is no to both questions. The casino does not have to cheat the odds

are already built in to their favor.


No, I've never thought the game was rigged, seems like way too much to loose as most casinos are megacorp owned as I see it. The game is already setup for the house to win in long run. Not like it's Mom and Pop running the game, if rigged someone has to know...  people just aren't that loyal anymore... just ask Tiger.  As for that video of a DI doing his/her thing we discussed a while back... I'm still looking. I'll be in Vegas next week, maybe see the real thing. Might give Beau call. Will you be publishing the results of your survey? What is your opinion, you probably get a lot more table time than I and assume have a more critical eye as well.


No, I don't believe cheating goes on in the casino dice games.


No, I don't think the casinos have to cheat to make a profit.


Yes, Fair dice. 

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Live in LV. I have seen the stick tell shooters no setting of the dice. As for fair dice 

I have no problem playing in the casinos here in town


I do not think any dice I have use was not fair. Casinos do not need to cheat as they hold the advantage.


I have not experienced any game that I felt the dice had been altered by the casino.  I notice, however, that all crap tables are not the same... Particularly, some are inclined a little too much .. And this make it impossible for the: sharp shooters: to influence the outcomes....


I have played craps in a casino and felt that the dice used in the game were not altered.  I am still very new to this game but did not have any feeling the casinos cheat at the dice table.


Sorry Ed, I mostly play in A.C. and I can't say that I've seen or thought that the dice were rigged. I did see one yahoo get busted trying to put anti-perspirant on his finger tips from a stick in his pocket! Have a great day! Eric


I've been playing for many years and although sometimes it seems like it, these billion dollar corporations have way too much at stake. There is no way that they manipulate dice as a part of their normal routine. I used to be in the business way back when and I had never seen it. What do you think? You guys are the experts and have probably played at hundreds of more places than I have.


I think most casinos don't cheap simply because they don't have to because of all the suckers playing all the high house edge prop bets. The only time I can remember being suspicious of a casino would have been at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas. This was a couple of years ago when the place was really hurting and about ready to close their doors. I was shooting with my wife & I had a great roll for about 20 minutes or so. My wife got the dice next and was having a very good roll of her own when all of a sudden the pit boss changed the green dice to red dice. My wife rolled 2 more times then sevened out. Does this mean they were cheating, no but those dice sure seemed to roll a lot longer after the change increasing more random dice throwing. As soon as she sevened out we cashed out and left. Bad luck quite possible but it sure made me wonder if it was a possibility. I was trying to set the dice while I was shooting (I am not very good at it yet) but my wife was not. That is the only time I have felt I might have been cheated & I have been playing dice for 30 years.


Aloha, I�ve been going to Vegas to shoot craps for over 22 years. I believe that casinos wouldn�t cheat in today�s gambling. The casinos stand to lose way too much by cheating the gamblers by losing their gaming license.  Maybe back in the mob days, they might have tried it. Aloha


I believe the dice used in casino craps games are fair na un-altered.


I have never felt the dice were loaded.  Many times there are "Don't Betters" betting stacks of greenies that would offset any small disadvantage the dice would make for the Casino. In Blackjack, however I have seen hand dealt games that have been shaded in the houses favor by dealer slight of hand. 


I don not feel that they "load" the dice. The table length, table covering, odds amount, table limits can be used to the casinos advantage.  I feel they have too much at stake to out and out cheat.


No.  That's an absurd concept.  The casinos can't risk their gaming license by taking the chance that the gaming commission might make a surprise visit and check their dice.  Dull dice yes.  Purposely altered, I don't think so.  If a certain number keeps showing up, hello, we are dice influencers.  Isn't it more likely that we keep doing the exact same thing?  But that's just my opinion, as it is the opinion of others that dice are being altered.  If someone suspects a specific casino is using this tactic, they should take action and call the gaming commission. You can't let suspicions take over your thoughts and smother rational thinking.  Now if you tell me the gaming commission is also in on it, then I'd say, "see what I mean?"


I do not believe that casinos use altered dice. If they were to be caught by their respective gaming authorities it could go as far as losing their gaming license. It just wouldn't be worth it. I do think many try their best by using closed cell and microfiber to minimize the payouts. Also heat and tactics against a hot shooter does happen and did happen to me. I no longer play there. The incoming stickman stuck his arm out just in the middle of my toss from SR1, my arm came into contact with him, and I rolled a box number despite this. I complained and he stated that I was crossing into the prop box and that was against house rules. I told him then he should have said so and that no one had stated that previously. Of course, the box had gone to him before he came to the table and directed the action to be taken.


I suppose you might consider the heat as cheating. I believe all players should have a fair chance to get some casino money. Cut the heat and the casino should take their chance at getting my money.


The best thing any player can do is NOT play if they think the casino is giving too much heat or cheating some other way. Tell the rest of us and spread the word even among the randies. Hurt their bottom line long enough and they will make changes.


No.  Setting the dice for a shooter, yes, cracking a new stick when the table is getting hot, doing ANYTHING to disrupt a rhythm, yes, but not cheat dice.  They really don't need to.


There's nothing hot about this, only the rants from those unskilled who need to rationalize their failures elsewhere than within themselves; there is no need to spend energy on them as that is what they seek. I would rather the casinos focus on these morons than on the skilled players.


Fair dice thanks!


There are three places I like to play in my area a couple of them the dice really go every where after they touch down even on the second bounce they use to not do that. IM not sure how you can tell if it�s the dice I just assumed it was a change they have made with the table mat. The other place I throw dice, I don't have that problem. Will be interested in knowing the outcome of the survey.


I believe in the dice are altered in the big market cities but I have not experienced in a lot of the smaller market casinos in the 12 different casino's that I have played in, the dice have felt fine. I even went to 4 different casinos in 1 day when this topic 1st came up almost a year ago. I personally have not experienced it. My question would be why cheat if you already have an edge and subject yourself to an investigation?


I have played craps many times in 21+ years of visiting casinos.  I don't believe the dice themselves were altered.  However, the house does like to disturb a shooters rhythm.  This would have an effect of making shooters flustered and may cause a different approach to being the shooter and cause the seven to come up more often once a point is established.  I don't believe the house would be able to get away with using loaded dice or shaved dice.  If many shooters seven out, I do believe they would take their business elsewhere. Don't forget that a seven on a Come Out roll is a winner for the Pass Line bettor. Thank you very much for asking for my opinion. 


I may be a little late but here are my 2 cents. I have been playing with my wife for 7 years at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. I went to Las Vegas once and played at the Luxor, TI, Cesears and a few other I don't recall the names. I play once or twice a week in Connecticut. I have thrown a 5 number fire bet twice and my wife a 6 number once. 9/9/2009 both of us with max bet. I have thrown a high of 65 times in a hand. I have also thrown a low of 2 times in a hand. More on the second one. When I seven out lately it is a 5,2. I set so that the 5 and 2 are on the sides. When my dice bounce and cross each other like an "X" I usually get a 5,2. If they bounce towards the front of the table into the hook I usually seven out. I don't know how I can throw 7 points with 4 different numbers one week and the next week seven right out, using the same set, from the same spot on the same table. The 5,2 is usually the killer number for me and most everyone else on the tables. I own my own CNC machine shop and am ISO-9001 with design.  I make and inspect parts for a living. I understand thousands of an inch and ten-thousands of an inch.

I read that the dice are ground to ten-thousandths of an inch. I don't think that is really possible but I don't know if they will let me measure the dice at the table with my micrometer. Should I ask them sometime? I will do it if you think I will get away with inspecting their dice. I would think that they should let me if I do it over the table and don't hold up the game. They may not know they are out of tolerance and it may work in their favor sometimes and it may be the reason for the killer roll from the idiot just chucking them down the table. I do know one thing for sure, I have good and great rolls when I have good fast dealers. Dumb ass dealers are GREAT for the don't players.

Thanks for asking.


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