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Subtle Signs of Caution


Over the years of teaching applied metaphysics, as it relates to gaming, two of the most asked questions I receive are, where do I start and how do I know that it I am doing it?

With anything new, and especially with something intangible like perception of etheric energy, the questions are reasonable. It is not complicated, however. You begin where you find yourself. There is no wrong way about it. Once you accept that perception of information ahead of time is something that can easily be done, you are on your way.

To begin, you have to believe in something that you cannot sense with the five senses. You have to accept that you have a sixth sense. Your starting point is an agreement with yourself that information of an event is available to you before it manifests in your reality. This must be a 100% conviction, no doubt allowed.

As the teacher, my beginning point is to ask the student, “Isn’t it true, you have had a premonition and soon after, it came to fruition?” I have never had anyone reply with a no. This becomes the anchor point, the baseline for owning the ability to perceive energy as information.

We constantly are receiving and perceiving information. A huge amount goes unnoticed simply because the brain has not been trained to be “turned on” to the awareness of subtle intuition. Your brain had to be trained to read words. Your brain has to be trained to read energy.

We are bombarded with clues from the near future all the time. A huge amount goes unnoticed because it does not relate to our present moment. A huge amount goes unnoticed because it is discounted, denying that whatever it is, couldn’t happen. The key to making the most of perception is by having a strong positive affirmation. My affirmation is, “Tell me everything I need to know for my highest good.”

A few weeks ago I was driving into town, about a 17 minute trip. On the way, as I was just entering a controlled intersection, the signal turned from green to amber. I took notice, caution. I drive the route every day and almost never experience a caution light without having enough time to actually slow and stop, anticipating the coming red light.

A few more miles down the highway the amber light switched on again while entering the intersection. Now I am on alert. If this information holds no meaning for me, no big deal, I have nothing at stake. If, on the other hand, it has meaning for me, my life may be at risk. I continued to drive on having completed about one third of my trip.

I pondered the caution light and it soon faded from my attention. About six blocks from arriving at my intended destination I experienced a third amber light, just as I entered the intersection. You know what they say, the third time is the charm. I took full notice and my years of experiencing premonitions told me that the lights were a warning of some sort. Two blocks later, from my right, a man walking from a convenience store stopped curbside, mid-block. I was in the left lane. As I approached, he stepped off the curb into the street. At first, it appeared as though he was simply anticipating traffic and he was trying to get a head start across the street. I was off the gas and was just about to the pass the man in the street, when he suddenly bolted, running awkwardly in front of my truck. I jammed on the breaks and he made it to the other side unscathed. The look on his face, as I passed, told me that he had no awareness of what almost happened. However, thirteen minutes earlier, I did.

Working with perception of energy takes some training. Mostly it has to do with reminding yourself that you are a student of energy and then recognizing whether there is meaning for you within the energy. “Tell me everything I need to know for my highest good.”

Lock in those times when you experience premonitions that come to fruition. “I knew that was going to happen.” The more you do, the more you will come to see information from the near future. You strengthen your sixth sense and in doing so, you are able to differentiate the messages holding meaning for your life.

Copyright © 2017 Michael Vernon


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