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Strategy # 10

Craps CPR System - Conservative

Basic Gist: No Pass Bet, 2 place bets, adjust as they hit

Maximum Loss: $12

Some friends of mine were heading to the casino to play craps for the first time. One member of the group had a limited bankroll and wanted to play only one place number at a time. She asked if there was a system that could hopefully keep her money alive long enough to enjoy an afternoon of craps. I told her there was no guarantees but suggested that she might try a little CPR on the six or eight.. I then explained that CPR stood for Collect, Press and Regress.


Here is how it works with a place bet on the number six. Place the number six for $6. When it hits the first time you Collect your $7 win. You now will have a $1 profit even if the shooter sevens out.  After the second hit you tell the dealer to Press your bet. He will add $6 to you place bet and give you a dollar back from the $7 you won. You now have a profit of two dollars.  On the third hit, you will tell the dealer to Regress you bet back to $6. The dealer will give you $20. This is $14 for you place bet win and the $6 that you took down when you regressed your bet. You now have a profit of $22 no matter what happens.


You can now repeat the process. Just remember to Collect, then Press and Regress.


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