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Strategy #14

Iron Cross

Basic Gist: Anything but 7 with a Pass Line Bet

Max Loss: $44

(Have to have at least 1 place bet hit to minimize losses.  Don’t use if lots of sevens showing)

Buy in at a $5 table for at least $200. Make a $5 pass line bet. Whatever the point, back it up with double odds. If the point is 5,6,or 8 place a double unit bet on the other two numbers, then a single unit bet in the Field. You will win on any number except the 7. After 2 hits on any of the no- field numbers, take everything down except the Pass Line bet with odds.

You will now have at least a $5 profit (depending on how many field #'s hit) and a Pass Line bet with double odds working. Let the dice roll until a decision is made, then start over.  If the point is 4,9,or 10 just place the 6& 8 take 2 hits and take them down. This gives you a $13 profit even though the tough Pass Line bet doesn't hit. If it does, so much the better.   

Play this way if the table is warm or hot. After two losing rolls in a row, or if you're $100 down, drop to single odds and come down after 1 hit on your place numbers. Play this way until you get 2 winning rolls in a row, then return to your original play. Four losing rolls in a row, end that session.  Once you're $100 ahead, press your odds a unit.

If the 6& 8's are hitting, press them a unit and regress to 12, then 6 then off.  If the Field numbers are coming in, continue to play the field after removing your place bets. This is where your powers of observation and your skill as a craps player comes in. Have fun with it, just remember to drop to single odds and one hit after 2 consecutive losses or you go down $100 and start over.

This method keeps you busy raking in your wins, and allows you to stand at the table with a Pass Line bet even after you removed your other bets. I think it is hard (and boring) to stand there with no action. It also uses the best bets on the table

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