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The When, Where, Why, What and How of Signature Numbers
Part Two

Three women were sitting around throwing back a few drinks and talking about their love lives. One woman said, "I call my husband ‘the dentist’, because nobody can drill like he does."  The second woman giggled and confessed, "I call my husband ‘the miner’ because of his incredible shaft." The third woman quietly sipped her beer until her friend asked, "What do you call your husband?"  She frowned and said, "The ‘postman’, because he always delivers late, and half the time it's in the wrong box."

Okay, you’ve read Part I of this article, so you know WHAT Signature Numbers are, and WHERE and WHY we use them.

Today, I want to talk about HOW and WHEN to profit from your own Signature Numbers, but first let’s answer one question that novice Precision-Shooters always pose about this subject:

Are Signature Numbers Real?

Several readers have written in to ask that same question. 

They reason that while Precision-Shooting may work in making the “7” appear less often, they doubt that other numbers could intentionally be made to appear more often.

Well if you make the “7” appear less often, it just makes sense that other numbers will roll MORE often.  What really happens is that the appearance of certain numbers within the normal 36-roll distribution chart are re-jigged, so that the “7” is no longer the dominant number. 

That is the goal of Precision-Shooting. 

The by-product of less 7’s is the emergence of new dominant numbers.  Due to different throwing methods, various dice-sets and outcomes, we all develop our very own unique 36-roll distribution chart.  The results are what we call Signature Numbers.

Despite individual throwing methods, we tend to see some dominant number-trends that show up with the most common dice-sets. 

I would suggest you take a closer look at Irishsetter's and Heavy's excellent work on this subject.  There is a chart that shows a recalculated distribution chart for on-axis rolling while using the various dice-sets here.

Signature Numbers are indeed real.  However, part of your task on the way to becoming a consistently profitable shooter, is to determine which Signature Numbers are YOURS.  We cover that in “Part One” so let’s move along with our current task.

Max-Profit & Mini-Losses

We use our Signature Numbers to maximize our profits and minimize our losses by giving us the highest chance of making a profit while keeping our bankroll at it’s lowest risk.

If there are any commandments that ALL successful Precision-Shooting use, then that last paragraph is definitely one of those commandments.  It bears repeating.

We use our Signature Numbers to MAXIMIZE our PROFITS and MINIMIZE our LOSSES by giving us the highest chance of making a profit while keeping our bankroll at it’s lowest risk.

Okay, here is the rest of the Signature Number picture.

HOW & WHEN To Profit

This is where your real profit opportunities lay.

When we determine that our throw is consistent enough and adaptable enough to contend with various table conditions, then we can focus in on the money-making Signature Numbers.

Once we know what our own power-numbers are, then we set our betting-strategy to suit them.  To do that, we mostly focus on Place-betting.

Why Place-Betting?

We use Place-betting because it has low-volatility and a high-percentage of payouts (a higher frequency of paybacks, and a lower risk than other bets). 

In “Part Three” of this article, we will look at using higher-vig Proposition and Field bets IF they are currently high up in your Signature Number repertoire.   For now we are going to focus on Place-betting your Signature Numbers.

For the highest degree of success, we take our top two or three Signature Numbers and we Place bet them.  Obviously, if one of them is your Pass-Line Point, then Place-betting that particular one won’t be necessary.

WHY Place-Bet more than one number?

With regression-betting and careful use of multiple Place-bets, you can actually flip the odds in your favor.

I’ll use random-rolling to demonstrate why this is so.

Here’s an example:

Place-bet $60 on the 6.

On any one roll, your chance of winning is 45.5%

The casino edge against you is 54.5%, or 6-to-5 against you.

The $60 bet pays $70 when it wins.

A total loss without a hit will cost you $60. 

Okay, now look at this:

Split the $60 evenly between 6 & 8 ($30 on each).

On any one roll, your chance of winning is 62.5 %

The casino edge against you is 37.5%, or 5-to-3 in YOUR favor.

One hit nets you $35.

A total loss without a hit will still cost you $60.

By simply shifting your Place bet from one number to two numbers, your chances of winning improved by 17%.  With one number covered, you were a 4.5% underdog.  With those two numbers covered, you are 12.5% favorite, yet you still have the same amount of money on the table.

Okay, let’s take it to a random-rolling extreme:

Spread $64 across the board, to cover everything with either $10 or $12.

On any one roll, this gives you an 80% chance of winning, and only a 20% chance of losing.

You are now a 4-to-1 favorite on ANY roll of the dice.

A winning hit brings in anywhere from $14 to $18.

A total loss sets you back $64.

Now I’m not saying that you should bet every box-number.  I just want to illustrate a random-rollers chances of hitting ONE box-number before rolling a “7”.

With studious practice and refinement, your Precision-Shooting chances are at least equal to, and hopefully MUCH BETTER than a random-rollers efforts.

This example simply demonstrates how covering two or three of your top Signature Numbers increases your chances of getting a paying hit without increasing your bankroll risk.  

A World of Possibilities

Once you get one paying hit, a world of possibilities open up for you.

You can regress your Place bets to the absolute table-minimum.

You can completely call your bets “off”.

You can reduce your Pass-Line Odds bet.

You can remove your Pass-Line Odds completely.  

You can take your least dominant Place-bets down.

You can leave one or two of your most frequent hitters in place, but for a much-reduced bet-value, and also remove the lower performers. 

The benefit of making these types of maneuvers is covered in my Matching Bets to Your Shooting Ability article.

The “Regression” move, the “Less Bets” gambit and the “All Off” approach, each give you more opportunities to lock-in a profit, while reducing your bankroll exposure.  It is this type of flexibility that you must employ to guard against early 7-Outs.  This is also how you can turn almost every dice-shooting opportunity into a virtual profit-lock!

The Professional Precision-Shooters Secret

The secret is that there really isn’t any secret at all.  However, I will tell you the way that most professional Precision-Shooters play:

Establish a Pass-Line Point.

Back it up with appropriate Odds.

Place-bet their top two, three or four Signature Numbers.

Regress their Place-bets after one or two Signature Numbers hit.

Continue to collect winnings, and gradually Press the most dominant of their repeating Signature Numbers.

Branch-out and Place-bet other box-numbers that begin to show with any level of frequency.

Carefully balance locked-in profit against greater bet-values as their hand progresses.

That’s it…that’s the whole professional Precision-Shooters Signature-Number gambit.  

It doesn’t involve any secret formulas, decoder rings or multiple and overlapping hedge bets.  It just uses a straight-forward approach of betting the numbers that you are best at throwing.   My friends, from that point, the big and CONSISTENT money has a way of finding YOU!

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.


The Mad Professor

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