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The Fremont Hot-Table Method

I play at the Fremont Hotel in downtown Las Vegas quite frequently.  I’m usually in there at least several times a week.  Each one of their four tables is terrifically predictable for consistent rolling.  For a Precision-Shooter, that is one of the keys to bringing home consistent profit.  While each table has its own small set of idiosyncrasies, they all roll pretty straight and true.



However, there’s one more thing that really assists in bringing home MORE profit from the Fremont Hotel-Casino, and that is what this article is all about.

Each of their craps tables has an electronic roll-counter.   As each player starts a new hand, the box-man presses a small switch in the back of the L.E.D. digital display.  With each successive roll, the numbers change from 1 to 2, to 3, etc.  It’s a good way to keep track of just how many rolls either you or any other player at your table is doing.

The roll-counter is part of their “Sharpshooter” rewards program.  I know that most of you are familiar with it, but I’ll explain it for those who aren’t. 

Every time that a player throws more than 15-rolls; they receive a “chit” or paper-receipt that is time-stamped and dated with their Players Card number on it.  The total number of rolls that the player threw is listed.  Each multiple of 15-rolls (15, 30, 45, etc.) equates to different levels (values) of prizes.

You then go to the Players Booth to redeem your coupons.   They are redeemable for various free gifts and prizes that range from T-shirts, pen and pencil sets, sweat-shirts, car emergency kits, wind-breakers, hats, business-folders, tote-bags, sun-visors, coffee mugs, etc.   The coupons are cumulative so that you can go for bigger (higher value) gifts like leather jackets, large golf umbrellas, gym-bags and such.  From the large number of 15+ rolls that I’ve tossed there, I have tons of Fremont Hotel logo stuff that I give away to everyone from friends, neighbors and acquaintances to dry-cleaners, gardeners, car detailers, mechanics and delivery guys.

Okay, so what does all of this have to do with developing a Hot-Table Method?

Well, let’s think about this:

Each craps table has mirrors along the inner-wall on the stick-man’s side of the table.  While you are standing at one table, you can use the mirrors to keep an eye on the roll-counters on the two tables that are across from you.  Depending where you are standing, you should also be able to see the roll-counter on the table that is parallel to (beside) the one you playing are at.  In doing so, you can “roll-track” any open tables.  During busier periods, you can use this method to easily keep track of all four tables.

By “roll-tracking” what is happening at other tables, you can see how a particular shooter is doing during his or her hand.  I’ll tell you right now, that tracking other Precision-Shooters can be much more profitable than any other table-tracking or table-trending method, bar none!

If part of your money-making arsenal includes watching other shooters and determining if they are “bet-worthy”; then this method let’s you keep track of four different shooters at the same time.  Depending on your memory and the quality of each shooter, this method of “shooter-tracking” can offer potent earning potential.

Even more importantly, you can see if a hot-roll is developing at another table BEFORE most other people realize it, simply because most other people will only notice when the roar of the crowd announces another Pass-Line winner.  By keeping an eye on the roll-counters at the other three tables, you can actually see a long roll developing well BEFORE you hear the roar.  In most cases, it gives you a leg-up on getting in on a long or hot-roll.  Simply save your spot at your current table (by placing a $1 chip in the rail and telling the dealer that you will be right back), and hoofing it over to the table where the good roll seems to be developing.

Now this does not guarantee that a long roll will continue once you get there.  It simply means that you should be able to get in on it before it ends.  You shouldn’t “bet the farm” or even your prize-winning pig, but rather, “roll-tracking” provides an enhanced betting opportunity on a winning-trend table.

Listen, hot hands don’t come along that often.  Anything that will put you in the middle of the action MORE OFTEN is worth pursuing.  Now, once you get to the “hot” table, you have to bet as unobtrusively as possible.  None of your actions or bets should be done in any way that will disturb the flow of the game or disturb the pace, action or rhythm of the shooter.   Don’t let your anxiousness to bet be a distraction or interruption to the shooter.  Instead, you should blend in as smoothly and effortlessly as possible.  Like I said, “roll-tracking” only provides an enhanced betting opportunity on a winning-trend table.  It does not guarantee a profit.

In addition, when you use this “roll-tracking” method, there are many times when a shooter has a long hand, but doesn’t necessarily make very many Pass-Line winners.  You may not even hear more than a murmur of contentment rise from that sort of table, but there are loads of profit opportunities even when Pass-Line repeaters are not being thrown.  You have to tailor your betting-method to your bankroll-size and your risk-tolerance levels.

When the long-hand or hot-hand is finished, you can return to your “reserved” spot at your original table, and begin the “roll-tracking” process all over again.

Conversely, if you are looking for cold tables, you can easily track the other tables for “cold” trends.  If the roll-counter never gets much beyond four, or five or six rolls between each shooter; then you know that a darkside opportunity awaits you.

Simply stated, we use the table-mirrors to see the roll-counter on each open table.  We use the roll-counter to track different shooters, different trends and different profit opportunities.  That, my friends, is the Fremont Hot-Table Method.

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Fremont tables…and in LIFE!


The Mad Professor


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