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The World is NOT Flat…And You Can Bet on THAT!

 "If the glove don't fit, you can't convict."

Johnnie Cochrane while defending O.J. Simpson was right, but the facts were wrong.  If you have a blood-soaked glove that has fully dried; the sticky nature of hemoglobin causes leather to shrink.  Nothing says "not guilty" better than a piece of evidence that appears to exclude your client.

Johnnie, along with all other lawyers and most random-rollers know that if you can't stand on the facts, then you "stand on the table".  That means, grand-stand, showboat, use dubious scientific calculations, tainted logic, the laws of mathematics, prevarication and bluster as you defend for your client or in the case of those who don't believe in Precision-Shooting, defend your belief.  The Road of Erroneous Beliefs is paved with bullshit!

There's an old prairie saying from the Great Plains.  It goes something like "The earth must be flat and falls off at the edge of town, because when people leave here, they never come back."  It's not true of course, but it sure seems that way to some small-town folks.  It's the same way with small-minded folk, only more so! 

Imagine believing that a human could NEVER run a four-minute mile.  There were lots of theories why it couldn't be done.  It was argued for decades that gravity, physics, nature, wind-resistance, human dynamics and mechanics, bio-limitation, genetics, physiology, muscle-limits, brain-frontiers, lung capacity and even "God's will" were why it was IMPOSSIBLE!  Some of those ideas actually made quite a bit of sense back then.  Roger Bannister recorded the first one, but there was a rash of sub-four-minute miles right after his.  Do you think that human-beings suddenly changed overnight?  No, not at all.  Instead, once Bannister proved that it could be done, others followed and made it look simple.  What was the artificial barrier that was holding them back?   If the four-minute mile was the milestone today, there would be the same hoards of educated people saying the same thing that they said back then… IT CAN'T BE DONE…IT'S HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE!  

Why settle for true random outcomes from the dice when you really don't have to?

When I throw, if the dice hit the "egg-crate" foam back-wall of the table, I've made a mistake and I can pretty much guarantee you that the result will be TRULY random!   There is a small smooth margin at the bottom of the "alligator-bumps" that is flat and just begging to be gently kissed and caressed by the dice.

Sure there are 36 dice combinations, but if we arrange the dice properly, then roll them so that the horizontal axis is eliminated from the equation, we no longer have a negative-expectation game.

It's not magic or hocus-pocus, and it's not re-writing the rules of math; it's just Precision-Shooting.

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

By: The Mad Professor

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