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You Had To Be There
Part II

Can you parlay a casino to it's knees, and bet them into a wrestler's "submission hold" until they cry "uncle"?

Can you get them to a point where they LOWER the table MAXIMUM to ease their risk and pain, and then close the table entirely when they just can't take it any more?

Yes, and you can bet on it too!

It just happened on the sunny island of St. Maarten in the Caribbean.

Parlaying a win is a simple idea. After you have won a wager, you leave the entire profit along with the original bet “in action”.

That is exactly what happened at Maho Bay Beach Resort yesterday. If you have read my article "You Had to Be There", you know how an opportunity that my shooting produced at the Princess Casino at Port De Plaisance was capitalized on, but not by ME!

This time it was my turn. On the Come-Out roll I bet $1 on Boxcars or Midnight. I rolled 12 three times in a row.  On each new roll I parlayed most, but not all of the winnings from the previous hand.  For a random-roller, the chances of that happening is 21 out of one million.  Thankfully, my friend Dave had “discovered” this opportunity and taken full advantage of it less than 24 hours previously.  This phenomenon occurred during two different turns I had at rolling the dice.

In my case, the casino bosses thought that I was a just lucky roller, and they weren't going to take any more chances that luck would kick their ass again. After the dice had circled the table twice, and I was able to unleash those two performances, it got to the point where they LOWERED the table MAXIMUM to ease their risk and pain.  Then when it was my turn to shoot again for the third time, they hurriedly decided they just couldn't take it any more, and rushed to close the table?

That's the first time that's ever happened to me, but then again, that's the first time I parlayed a casino into submission.

It's ironic because the Pit Boss, Boxman and all the dealers at my table told the casino manager that runs of repeats happen "all the time?" The odds against a shooter rolling a 12 are 35-to-1. The odds against rolling the combination three times in a row are 46,655-to-1. If you played at the tables for eight hours a day, you would likely see about 20,000 rolls every week. The odds against three successive 12's in 20,000 rolls, is roughly 2.25-to-1. So seeing such a sequence is not unknown over the course of time, even with random-rolling.  

What is unknown is when it will occur, unless you were at MY table!

At the end of that session, I felt like I had really worn out my welcome at that casino. We are on our way to Aruba to try our luck and skill there.

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

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