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How YOU Improved MY Game

Yes, I am talking about YOU the readers, message-posters, article-writers and web-master of DICESETTER.COM.   

Every time that you post a message on the Message Forum; every time that you submit a Trip Report; and every time that you send in your questions or comments, and every time you submit another excellent article, and every time that you make a web-site as this so vibrant, educational and alive; YOU improve MY game. 

Today, I’ll tell you why.

You guys and gals get me thinking.  Whenever you pose a question, I have to think of it in relation to how I think, and how I handle it in my own casino situations.  All that thinking can either tire you out, or it can provoke a certain view of things from a fresh perspective.  It’s that fresh view that brings the best of new opportunities or re-discovered prospects. 

It’s when we look at the same old things from a new angle that we see a whole new world of possibilities.

This website has improved my game considerably.  The more that I read, the more that I write; and the more that I learn.  You ask the most intelligent questions.  From some of the most mundane comments comes some of the most profitable ideas.  So, thank you very much for helping me in that regard. 

Let me give you one big example of how you have helped.   Over the past twenty-four months, my average hand has progressed from a Sevens-to Roll-Ratio of 18:1, all the way to it’s current level of 28:1. 

In the past twelve months that Irishsetter has had this site up and running, most of those increased rolls have been due to my having to analyze and dissect each element of my own shooting.

When you start describing the physical motions that you have to go through to consistently throw the die; it sharpens your focus. It makes you look at the tiniest of aspects, like the length of my fingernails, or the tightness of my belt, or the comfort of my shoes, or the amount of smoke in the air, or…well you get the idea.

There’s also a much more difficult part.  That is, when I start writing about the psychological side of this game, is when it becomes incredibly difficult for me.  My grip on the English language is tenuous at best.   When I write about how to organize thoughts, feelings, urges, attitudes and moods while at the tables; well my grasp of this language leaves me wanting.

However, the good part is that it makes me really THINK about the game and how I conduct myself when I am at the tables.  When you start casting thoughts down onto electronic-paper, you quickly realize that what you KNOW, is very different than actually passing that knowledge on to someone else.

Here’s another specific example of where your comments and questions sharpened my view and improved my profit.  I used to use the Come-Out roll as a way to establish a new Point.  Through your questions I quickly came to realize that I could use the Come-Out as a separate set of rolls within a particular hand.  I turned it into it’s own separate profit-generator.  I now break each turn at shooting into the Come-Out and then the subsequent Point-roll balance.  I now treat the Come-Out as an individual opportunity that currently lasts on average about five rolls.  Like one of my favorite Pit-Bosses is fond of saying, “If you didn’t make money off of THAT roll, don’t blame it on the shooter.”

So, thank you for putting up with my ramblings over the past year.  Moreover, thank YOU for helping me improve MY own game.

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor

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