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What are you doing when you Retire?


Here's a test.

You don't have to study. No one will prick your arm to draw blood. This is not a sperm-test, nor an S.A.T. exam. The results will not be "marked on a curve". The Mad Professor has put only one question on this quiz. You will not experience any pain, but I can't guarantee that you won't feel any discomfort.

Here it is: Would you be happy with a $50 session win, no more or no less, each and every time you played?

Yes   or No 

That's not a lot of money if go to the casino once or twice a year. But if you play 1000 sessions a year - it adds up to a fairly decent income.

It beats the hell out of giving away Wal-Mart happy face stickers, or having to say "Would you like fries with that order, sir?" as you breathe in McFumes from the McCars in the McDrive-thru.

Ever see a local retired-type of player come up to a table, place a couple of bets, pick up his winnings and head straight for the cashier's cage? How do some of those grizzled craps veterans that populate the Las Vegas "locals" casinos play day-in and day-out eke out a living at this game? Grind, Grind and a little more grinding.

Just about every one of those guys is using a grind play. You should learn them, and add them to your Playbook because they work. Grinds are used by SOME of the retired guys living in Vegas, collecting a Pension and Social Security and augmenting their monthly cheques with a cool sip of water from the casino money-stream.

These grinds are used to make a few units. That being said though, most of the grinds out there if used for a long time at the same table will kill you. Just remember that the greediest pig who fattens first at the trough, is also first to be lead to the slaughter-house.  However, if used correctly, and brought into the game at the right time, these Grinds will make you money.

31 Parlay

Bet $10.
If that loses, bet $10.
If that loses, bet another $10.
If that loses, bet another $20.
The Progression looks like this: 10-10-10-20-20-40-40-80-80
Any time you WIN, you parlay that bet. If it wins, start over.
If it loses keep going up the scale.
You have 9 chances to hit a parlay. The "secret" is determining if the table is Hot or Cold.
If either, the grizzled veterans pick the dominating side with Pass or Don't Pass then they bet. If the table is choppy, they hang back and go into hibernation on the rail. They are not sleeping; they are not dead; they are not part of the casino-theme package; they are waiting for the right time to jump into play.


Make a Pass-Line.
Make a Don't Come after the Point is established.
Then make a Place bet on an open number.
Make another Don't Come bet.
Then make a Place bet on an open number.
Each bet will be for the same approximate amount of money.
Do not make any more bets.
Do not press your Place bets.
As Place numbers hit, collect the profit.
Do not replace DC bets that fall.
When the hand sevens out, take any DC profit.
If craps is rolled when your money is on the Don't Come then take your winnings and do not replace the bet.

Cold-Table Hit & Run

Watch for a very cold table.
(Cold Tables are usually not hard to find. The players are groaning, and even the liars are complaining. The racks are thin and meager, and few players are left in action).
Lay a $41 NO-4 before the Come-Out roll.
Wait for three rolls. If the shooter hasn't sevened out, the grizzled craps veteran will take his bet down and wait for the next Come-Out roll.

Okay, so where do we find these grizzled craps veterans who make $50 per session, two or three short sessions a day?

You'll find a few of them at places like Gold Coast, Boulder Station, Castaways (formerly the Showboat), Santa Fe Station, Silverton, Reserve, and Sunset Station. I haven't run into any of them at Bellagio, Mirage, Venetian, NYNY, Mandalay Bay, Alladin or Monte Carlo. But then again, other than Precision-Shooters, I haven't seen too many consistent winners at those glittering palaces either.

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor

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