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  Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter

Volume III : Issue IV

October 2003

Welcome back to another edition of the Precision Shooter Newsletter!  This time of year is generally one of the busiest for the web site as players put away their golf clubs, water skis and the barbecue for the season and head for the casino for some indoor excitement.  There's also been an influx of new players visiting the web site and registering for the  message board.   In fact, we've just passed another milestone for the site in October as the 200,000 visitor stopped in at Dice Setter!   Welcome to those who've just joined us and thanks to those who've been around since the beginning and keep spreading the word about the site!

Keep an eye out on the message board for an announcement this month regarding the next live chat.  I'll be speaking with my colleagues this week to find an agreeable time.

I'm afraid that between the real world job and getting sessions in at the casinos before the snow begins to fall in the Sierra's, that I don't have a great deal prepared for this newsletter.   Look for an especially large November issue just after Thanksgiving!


In this edition:
Upcoming Seminars
Mad Professor's Mini-Table Craps Tour with the Vegas Ghost
A Little Help From Amazon.com Users


Upcoming Seminars

Last call for the Right and Wrong Weekend with Heavy and Dicecoach!  It's my understanding that there may be a seat or two remaining.  Click the link below or the banner above for info!

Dice Coach's Dice Weekend in Las Vegas - Nov. 7 to 9, 2003


Mad Professor's Mini-Table Craps Tour with the Vegas Ghost- Part XIV

(Read Part I , Part II, Part III or Part IV or Part V or Part VI or Part VII or Part VIII or Part IX or Part X or Part XI or Part XII)  

I love the outdoor balconies in the low-rise Mardi Gras tower rooms at the Colorado Belle Hotel-Casino.  Although they’ve seen better days (about a 15 years ago), the fresh morning air of the Colorado River and a fresh cup of coffee in your hand, betrays the fact that in just a few hours, today’s daytime temperature will soar well above 130-degrees.  

So started my second day in Laughlin, Nevada.  

I held off calling Mel’s room because I knew the Vegas Ghost required extended rest after hooking up with a particularly attractive waitress at the end of her slinging-beer-to-non-tipping-locals shift.  I figured that he was a big boy and could find his own way down to the buffet.  Besides, there was no need to rush love or lust, and the tequila-soaked recovery thereafter.

It also meant that I could get in a solo session on the mini-tub over at:

The Edgewater Hotel & Casino

This property is part of the Mandalay Resort Group.  That means its rooms are modest, sparse and sometimes more than a little bit worn out, but if you just want a place to sleep, shower, and fart in peace, then this is as good a place as any.  It also means that you’ll likely find the food choice and quality is limited, unless of course you’ve served more than your fair share of time in the care of a state institution, in which case, you will feel quite at home at The Edgewater.

For a detailed look at this casino and the rest of the Laughlin resorts, I would kindly invite you to see my Laughlin Table Report Part I and Laughlin Table Report Part II.

Their Mini-Tub Table

In addition to their normal-sized layouts, they have one 10-player tub that sees quite a bit of action.  On this particular day, it was set at a 50 minimum bet, and capped with a $250 limit.   At other times you can expect either a $1 to $500 range, or a $2 to $1000 limit.

Based on my own records, you should find those limits at the following times:


Sunday to Friday 2 a.m. to 10 a.m. 50 to $250
Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. $1 to $500
Monday to Friday 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. $2 to $1000
Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. to 2 a.m $2 to $1000
Most other times $1 to $500


In other words, you have close to 50 hours each week when the table is usually set at a lowly 50 minimum.  That is plenty of time to get properly acclimated to the small dimensions of this sort of table, without exposing much of your bankroll.  I’ll also tell you that it is a perfect opportunity to try out any low-cost Short-Leash progressions on choppy tables like we discussed in my Dodging Bullets As A Darksider article.

- mini table tour continued here

If you have any comments or ideas for future issues, feel free to email me at ed@dicesetter.com  And as always, I'm looking for contributors with a fresh perspective.

If you know someone who would be interested in receiving future editions of Dice Setter Precision Shooter's Newsletter,  copy and send them this link. Subscribe to Dice Setter

Good Luck!

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