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  Articles by Irish Setter
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Personal Note from Irish Setter


I took up craps late in 1998 and was hooked instantly. In researching the game on line, I came upon the topic of dice setting, but discounted the idea until I witnessed a dice setter in action shooting from straight out. I again took to the web in search of dice setting theory and found there was little published.  


In my search, I met Heavy, the Mad Professor, Mickey D and a few other like minded players who were eager to share their thoughts on dice influencing techniques. As time progressed, I decided to develop a web site where those interested in dice setting and dice influencing could congregate.


The web site DiceSetter.com launched in February of 2001. The site would soon become the destination site for dice influencers whether they were novices or accomplished shooters worldwide.  


In December of 2005, I stepped down from hosting DiceSetter.com to spend more time with my wife and young children and to get in more live casino play. Soft Touch became the new owner of DiceSetter.com.


Irish Setter




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