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Ask the Mad Professor
Part 8

(read part I here or Part 2 here or Part 3 here or here for part 4 or here for part5 or here for part 6  here for part 7)

A mailman worked the same route for thirty years.  Upon his impending retirement, the Post Office sends out notices to all the households that he delivered to.  On his last day on the job, he goes to the first house.  The family there congratulates him and gives him twenty-dollars.

He goes to the second house where he is again congratulated and is given another twenty-dollars.  When the mailman arrives at the third house, a beautiful blonde opens the door wearing almost nothing.   She beckons him in and closes the door.   She takes him upstairs and has wild-rutting-beast sex with him.  Afterwards, the two of them go downstairs, while the blonde makes the mailman a grand breakfast. She then places a single dollar bill next to his coffee cup.   Not wanting to be rude, he eats the meal, but curiosity gets the better of him.  He asks her what the dollar is for.  The blonde turns to him and states, that upon receiving the retirement-notice she asked her husband what they should give him.  She continued, “My husband said screw 'em, leave 'em a buck,…but the nice breakfast was my idea.”

The e-mail bag continues to serve up a heapin’, helpin’ grand buffet of craps-related questions.  Here’s a few more:


If you and I were to somehow meet up at the craps tables for the first time, what is the first bet that you would make when the dice come around to you? What would you recommend to me, and would my presence affect the way that you shoot or bet?



Unless you kiss me seductively on the neck, or lick my cheek or pat my bum (butt) like my girlfriend does; then your presence won't bother me. Oh, by the way, if you do that, be sure that my girlfriend is not around. She can be a real fiery one when she's jealous.

I would bet as I normally do. When I freshly arrive at a table, my bets on my own throws start out at the table minimum. Once my shooting has been dialed in, and my throwing is producing good initial results; then my Place bets will start kicking off a fair profit.

After my base bets have been covered, and I have locked-in a profit for that hand; I will "ungreedily" increase my Place bets. When I win more than two or three Pass Line points, AND my Come-Out rolls are also producing winners; only then will I increase my base Pass Line bets. However, if I haven't reached max-odds by that point (5x, 10x, 20x, or 100x); then I'll simply bump up my Odds until they max-out. That is almost always how I bet on my own throws.

I chronicle my betting methods in the Mad Professor's Playbook article. The only recommendation I would give to any other player, including my own girlfriend, is to go easy until I settle into a profitable Precision-Shooting groove.


I'm interested in the "$22 Inside w/ NO-4 method". Is there any other progression that could be used on the NO-4 instead of the 40-120-360? Would a 5-Step Fibonacci be appropriate...say 40-40-80-120-200? Also, I don't usually make Lay bets. Would a $40 NO-4 cost me $42? How do I place this bet? Do I say "Lay the 4 for 40"?



To Lay the 4, you would say, "Lay the 4 for $40", and you would throw down $41 (if your casino charges the vig up-front). Alternatively, you could say, "$40 (or $41) No-4", as you put your money down in front of the dealer.

A 5-step Fibonacci is okay, but it is only a partial hedge. It will not recoup your previous losses if the first $40 Lay-bet goes down.

I know that there is a lot of criticism against hedge-betting, but under the right circumstances, it can be a pretty consistent money-maker. Some people like to lock-in a smaller, but sure-profit, instead of shooting for a greater, but riskier return.

Please understand that the No-4 progression DEMANDS that you have a LARGE bankroll. Further, once the Place bets have paid for themselves, I strongly recommend that you remove your No-4 Lay bet. That way, if a hot-hand develops, you are in on it without worrying about your No-4 getting picked off.



My regular casino has a lot of tables. The problem is that I am a $5 player and the table minimums range from $5 to $100. I can't tell you the number of times that I've squeezed into a hot table, throw my cash down and called out a bet, only to hear "No Bet" from the dealer, and to be told that it's a $25 table. How do I avoid this?



The table-minimum cards are color-coded. Red or blue cards denote $5 tables, while black ones usually represent $10 minimums. Yellow is used for the $15 tables, and green cards are shown at the $25 ones. White table signs generally represent $1, $2 or $3 tables, but there is a lot of variance within this sub-set. Always look for the card, and check that the denomination suits your needs.

Thanks again for all the great questions.  I hope the answers were helpful.

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables…and in Life.

The Mad Professor

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