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It's More Fun When You Win!



Volume 11 : Issue 2

June/July  2011

In This Edition:


A Word From Soft Touch

Hey Ed...

Who Ya Gonna Call?

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Greetings Dice Setters!

Summer fun is upon us and and nothing like the cool of a casino to beat the heat. Like the Dice Coach says, "Hot in Las Vegas? Not where I'm standing."

Well, speaking of the Dice Coach, the Professor and I had a marvelous time with Mr. Parker during the Dice Busters, June 25th. The program sold out with twelve students. Naturally I hit a monster hand during our live casino session. All the students seemed to have enjoyed the program and of course a successful craps game. Dice Busters Click on the link to read the roll results of our three hour session.

Ed is answering a few questions that came his way in this edition of the newsletter.

Keep cool, but keep the dice hot!

Soft Touch 

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Hey Ed!


Hi Ed,


I am asking about the rules. I was in Tunica, MS. playing craps, ( I just started playing a couple of months ago). The shooter shot the dice and one of the dice bounced up and rolled across a man’s arm, hit his hand and he knocked back on to the table. My question is should that have been called a no roll? Where can I find a copy of the official rules on this problem? Thank you, Keith                                                                                                                                                     

 Hi Keith,


Craps is not football or baseball. The rules are ruled by the casino and that is the boxman's job.


In your example, and it often happens, a wild die hitting another player lands in the field of play and it is called a roll. The casino is after results, not instant replay. There is no reason for the roll you described to be given a second chance as far as the casino is concerned. Hence the phrase, "Craps Shoot"!


Keith, as you log in more hours at the table, you will witness many questionable results. It's the casino's game, played by the casino's rules, and they will have the last say and they do not have to give their reason.


On-line you can find sites that have the rules for playing but not a rule book on calls. In other words, you are not going to find an official rule book like in baseball or football.


One war story… Once I was tossing from table end and I lost one die and it dropped out of my hand in front of me while the other die flew down the layout to the back wall. The box made the call..... "Six! Front line winner". I could not believe it.


Keep’em on the layout!




Hey Ed,


The pit boss was given me hassle about throwing the dice across the stickperson’s body on the stick left or stick right is this a rule or is this bs? Today they told me that I couldn't bet a dollar on hardway numbers unless I place a $15.00 bet either on a number or pass line bet is this b.s? Thank you and have nice day. Lefty


Lefty, not so much rules of the game, but remembering that the host of the game calls the shots. They tell us, we don't tell them. It is a losing argument. It is not like shopping at Walmart or Burger King… you don’t get it your way.


Never the less, yes they are giving you the run around and you should just stop playing there. It is BS. The stick man has to follow the dice. However, many a time I have brushed close to the stick because he was standing deliberately in my throwing range. It became a game within the game. No you should not have to make any additional bets to make a $1 hardway bet. Again, they make up the rules, sometime on the fly. Screw’em an take your business somewhere else. You will not win the argument with them. Walking away is your best play.


Again, referring to the previous question, you will never be able to present a rulebook and show them page 63 where it explains hardway betting.


Good luck at your new casino!




Hi Ed,

I like to play craps and I win at it. But I need your help. I place $10 on 5 place $12 on 6 and 8 place $15 on a hard 4 and $7 in the field and lay the 4 for $120 vig is $3. I win $7 on every roll but lose the lay bet if a soft 4 is rolled? Is there a way I don't lose my lay bet?

Should I place all my bets out there but not the lay bet for the come out roll? And then after the come out roll put the lay bet out there?

Any help please. Casey L.


Hello Casey,

I am confused, if your betting method is winning for you, why are you seeking help?

This play and others similar to it, have been around for ever. No way to win every time. Hedging a hedge is what you are trying do. If in deed you are winning with this play, you should be happy with your results.


Regarding you last question about sitting out for the come out roll, the probability of a 7 rolling for your lay bet to win is always 16.6% the probability of rolling a four is 8% and for the easy four it is 6%. The odds are always the same before any roll.

No reason to leave out the come out roll.




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Today's Wisdom:


"In life you've gotta call everyone's bluff. And when you get really strong and secure you've got to call your own."

                                                   Stuart Wilde - The Secrets of Life



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