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Volume 13 : Issue 4

                                 April 2013

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Soft Touch Says

Math vs. Table Patterns and Trends

Who Ya Gonna Call?

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Hello My Loyal Readers,

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Although the first of April has come and gone, my lead article is no joke. I want to tease you first with a hint, a lot water has flowed down the Colorado river since our guest author's last article. Somebody pinch me if I'm dreaming. Our lead article's author hails from the City of Dreams, Sin City, The Meadows, home to White tigers, Siegfried and Roy and... okay, okay, I got lost there in the history of how long it's been since the last article from my beloved friend, mi compadre, mi amigo, Seńor Beau "The Dice Coach" Parker.

Soft Touch 

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The "math guys" say that the math rules the game of craps. It’s all about the math. The odds are built into the game and a player cannot change the odds of the game.

I agree that no one can change the built-in odds of craps, even the player who tries to control or influence the dice. Changing the odds just can’t be done.

But I also believe there is more to this game than just the math. Craps is a random game that incorporates a number of probabilities for different outcomes. Some of the forces that I believe affect the game are as follows.

Meta Physical Energy
Metaphysics is defined as the branch of philosophy that examines the true nature of reality, whether visible or invisible. Metaphysics includes the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, and, fact and values. Basically, metaphysics is the philosophical study of being and knowing. It is very closely related to spirituality, but it is not a religion.

Laws of Attraction
When you conceive of a certain thought you are giving out a specific vibrational frequency. This will in turn attract a material manifestation of energy on the same vibrational frequency. Essentially the Law of Attraction states that it is your inner thoughts and emotions which create the physical reality in which you live.

Patterns and Trends
The math guys don’t believe in patterns and trends of this craps game. This is where the "Meta Physical Energy and Laws of Attraction" come into play.

I am a firm believer in short term patterns/trends in this game. Charting the game really helps me pick my next bet. I also believe in dominate repeating numbers.

Yesterday at Paris I charted 31 rolls. Of those rolls there were 4- tens and 6- fives in short clumps and both the 10 and 5 hit back to back. Two of the tens were hard-tens. This short session took about 20 minutes and I picked up 6 units. The only numbers I bet were the 10 and 5. When the 7 finally showed, all my bets were off the table.

During a session last week at the Aliante Hotel and Casino I charted 132 rolls. In this session a pattern developed that when the 11 showed, the next roll was a 6 or 8. Once I identified this pattern, I just bet the 6 and 8 for a net profit of 5 units. (Note: a pattern has to happen twice in a session before I will make a bet on that particular pattern or trend).

Remember, there is nothing out there that works 100% all the time. However,  when these trends hold up 75-80% of the time, it catches my attention.

The next time you play just look for repeating numbers or pattern that are occurring in that particular game. Pay close attention and you will truly be amazed.

Send me your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

The Dice Coach

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Today's Wisdom:

On Bluffing


In life you've gotta call everybody's bluff. And when you get really strong and secure you've got to call your own.

                                                                                  Stuart Wilde / Secrets of Life


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