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Soft Touch Says

Suite at T.I. Made Me Cry...

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Soft Touch Says - Happy Spring Time Fellow Dice Setters!  

I wish to thank the subscribers that have written to me with comments about the newsletter and web site. I appreciate the feed back, questions and suggestions. Many of the things we are  implementing are a result of reader's feed back. It is my intention to provide this newsletter for the betterment of the dice community. Several people are working behind the scene providing you with the very best information about the game.

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Soft Touch 


Hey, nice to meet you Ed.


Just wanted to share with you some heat that I got yesterday at Treasure Island, noon time, from the box, claiming that I was mocking him with my dice settings and taking longer then 5 seconds.


I'm not claiming to be professional, but I can set the "all 7" and the "3V" pretty quick. As it turned out yesterday, I just got a bit more lucky hitting 5 and 9 when on the point.


It was absurd, mainly because I threw two rolls. The first was $25 profit ($10 pass with a 6 place bet). Not much there on a short roll. My second roll was $35 profit, hitting a few more points and 7-11 on the come out.


But then the box decided to move the dice to the next shooter and I was done. Even though I just completed another pass, the box told me that I have a 5 second limit to shoot. I asked him if it was the official Treasure Island craps rule. I told him even at the Pallazo they told me 13 seconds was their limit. The box laughed. He moved the dice on to the next shooter. And then he told the stick that I couldn't shoot anymore.


I took my profit after playing for less than 5 minutes and then went to the cashier asking to file a complaint against the box.


Last week I had a roll of 22 at the Planet Hollywood with nice $250 profit. I  made a hell of a lot of money for other players too. After I sevened out, all the "dealers" told me, "very nice roll."


I'm not heading back to Treasure Island. I just wanted to know if there is something I can do in those specific moments. It took me less then 8 seconds to make my sets. It was absurd telling me to throw in less then 5 seconds and then pass the dice on me. Pissed Off Pat



Hi Pat nice of to you to write.


Look, the box at TI was just messing with you. You should not take it personally. Your first mistake is talking back to him. Just ignore the temptation to explain or question his authority. Silent power.


It’s their craps game and you are not at "Burger Griping". You will never get it your way arguing with the suite. His main job is to roll with his over paid ego and harass the players. If you think you will get an apology, "Oh, Mr. Pat, sorry I offended you. I was just teasing you in my friendly dysfunctional way." That is never going to happen with a suit. Too much ego in $500 Italian loafers. Emphasis on loafers. When he's done with the players, the dealers get his wrath next. Professional bully comes to mind. (I can hardly wait for the hate mail from the suits that read this gibberish. Talk about not taking it personally. Yikes Mr.)


Be in control of yourself Pat. Treat the rudeness with kindness. Finish your hand, mouth shut, and color up. Thank the dealer for the game and walk to the cage. Ignore pressure from the suit. There is no up side trying to convince the suit that you are right or that Pallazo is better. (If the Pallazo treats you better…what the hell are you doing at TI?) See, they will always have a come back at your expense. Lucky you only paid with bruised emotions. Most players try to get even by pissing away their money… like they are going to hurt the casino’s bottom line trying to kick their arse. And that is exactly the game the suit is playing. Mess with the player. Get them angry and out of balance to emotionally chase a loss into bankruptcy. Ta da!


A little more practice at home and you should be able to arrange the dice, pick them up and shoot them in less than five seconds. Eight seconds making your set is too long. Add in the toss and you could be well over 13 seconds. Not that 13 seconds is a long time mind you. The average drunk random roller takes longer After he gets his girl friend to slobber all over the dice for good luck, then shakes'em like he's got a hold of his willie, it could easily take a minute and a half. Yes, ridiculous and it is still their game and their rules. They don't have to mess with the drunk taking too long. They already took care of him by plying him with "free drinks". They have an angle for ever situation Pat. It's a business, not an amusement park.


Okay, a little coaching. Are you looking at the dice while they are still in front of the boxman? From that position, you should already know which die you will need to move to make your set. Usually, you do not have to move both dice to make a set. Practice at home. You will get there.


Last, there are plenty of nice casinos with friendly dealers. No need to patronize dumps.

Ed Jones

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