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Volume 14 : Issue  2


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Soft Touch Says

Praises for Dice Setting

Father Time:

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Soft Touch Says,

Dice Setter went on-line thirteen years ago, this month. The purpose of the site, the old forum, and newsletters has always been information based. In this issue, it is fitting that we publish a recent trip report from one of our successful readers. The report smartly defines the intent and purpose why DiceSetter.com is on-line. You have to read this man's dice setting story sent to Ed last week. All I can say is Wow!

Thank you all for making Dicesetter.com the most read website for the game of craps.

Soft Touch 




Just a quick note on your page of dice sets. 


I like to roll the dice. By no means am I a pro, but like everyone I prefer to try to win then lose. I Googled dice sets and your site came up first. I have the dice sets page bookmarked on my phone and I look at when I am playing craps.


I like to bet 6/8 and hard 6 and 8. On the come out I hop the hard ways for 10 each, Hop the 7"s for 10 each and put a 2 way horn high yo or 12 for 25 and 5. After the point is set I play the 6 and 8 and usually fill odds on the point.  Sometimes if I'm up or a few 6 or 8's hit I'll put the table minimum on 5 and 9 and raise them a unit on each hit. That's it. 


Any way I was at Harrah’s in Atlantic City this weekend and was doing quite well when I rolled, hitting hard ways on come outs and during my rolls. I did well when I rolled. But like any recreational, roller I got killed on other shooters. Money management is not my song suit. 


I decided on one last roll. I started out as I normally do with the Crossed hard 10 set. I hit a few hard ways and a few points. Long story short. I ended up rolling for 85 minutes, hit the fire bet after only 20 minutes and set a record of rolling 14 separate points. I used the power V and the crossed 6 on come outs to set the 4th and 5th points. I used the crossed hard 10 set for my non come out tosses.   Bottom line is I was directly to the right of the stick, set myself perpendicular to the table,  gripped the dice with my thumb and fore finger on the sides and tossed them to get one bounce about 3 to 10 inches from the back wall and that was it. 


On that one roll I made $22,000 (including my $5k fire bet).  I took care of the dealers with a few hop's on the come out for $750 and a $1000 hard 8. Tipped them $25 on each hard 6 or 8 I hit and when I cashed out I gave them $485.


Bottom line is your sets do work. Yeah occasionally I crap out on the first or second roll but overall I do believe that I give myself a slightly better chance at affecting the outcome by setting the dice and throwing from right next to the stick on the right.  I throw right handed in a gentle manner trying to get one bounce before the wall. 


Thanks again for your site.  It does help and with a little luck, I think one can help themselves to shoot decent numbers. 


You can use this email. However I ask that you don't use my name. 



No Name


Father Time: The Casino's Best Friend


Yes, time is the casino's best friend.  And it is our enemy if we choose to keep our bellies pasted to the rail while holding out for a winning streak at the craps table. The concept of time being a gamblers enemy holds true for all casino games. The longer we play at any game, the greater chance the casino has to gain their financial upper hand.


Last October, an interesting article was published on the internet in the Wall Street Journal.  It examined data that is rarely ever released from an internet gaming site, Bwinparty.com, which explored the gambling behaviors of thousands of anonymous internet players over a span of two years.


Here is the link to the WSJ internet article examining that gambling data released to Harvard Medical School and the raw data.


               Link 1    Link 2


While the article addresses strictly internet data, it is still important to understand that brick and mortar casinos make it their business to fully understand our gaming behavior. Like a greedy child, Vegas casinos aren't exactly willing to share their information publicly and this article gives some interesting insights into where the casinos derive the majority of their wealth.


It concludes that the casinos make the bulk of their money from a small percentage of gamblers. Most of these players are the heavy bettors, playing more often and losing more than they win. The percentages cited in the WSJ journal piece are enough to evaluate how heavy gamblers play and bet, versus light gamblers who gamble less often. It becomes immediately apparent which group provides the lion's share of the casino's profit.


Again, with time being on the casino's side, the conclusion is that the casinos harvest their gaming profit from this small group of players who have chosen to bet big and bet often. This group represented about 10% of the playing population and contributes about 80% of the casino's wealth. With the percentages being what they are, it makes me wonder if the Pareto Principle is at work here. For more on the 80/20 rule, you can explore the theory on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle


While I recognize that the WSJ article about this study did not focus on craps specifically, the data still gives the craps player some ideas on how to best approach their game. It is certainly worth reading and exploring.


We can conclude from this article that we have a pretty good chance of winning on any given day provided we stick to some general playing rules, and sound betting approaches to preserve our bankroll. The primary message here is to limit your playing time, whether it is at the craps table or any other casino game. Time is not on our side and if you don't walk away with your profits, you will end up giving your money back to the casino.


Most of my playing sessions rarely last longer than an hour. The majority of the time my wins are small. Still, small profits from short sessions add up over time. A dollar over your buy-in makes you a winner. If that is where you find yourself as you approach an hour invested at a table, then move on.


Remember, once you have a profit, endeavor to keep it and not give it back.  A good rule to follow is to move any profits away from your buy-in monies- consider it money that does not play.


Soft Touch 

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