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Soft Touch Says

Dice Busters in Las Vegas

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Soft Touch Says -

Whew! Another successful Dice Busters campaign is now in the book. I'll tell you what, each event is truly a chapter... if only I had the time to write the book.

Fortunately for me, someone else did have the time, at least for a summery of the day. (My thanks to Jones)

Happiness is popping a 5/2 coming out, laying across the board. BINGO, Mr. Parker!

The team took that play... literally to the bank. Setting for sevens never looked so good.

Hmmm, good thing this is a web site about playing craps. Ed, that fourth sentence sounds a bit suspect and I am pretty sure that it is not my original copy.

Ah, Ed... please give me a call before going to the office tomorrow. Ya think?

Soft Touch 


Who You Gonna Call…Next June 25th? 

The Dice Busters™ program, held June 2015, was a “rolling” success. Sure, that could be said for all the previous programs. However, this one was hitting on all twelve cylinders. Va-room!

With limited seating, the makeup of a class is always unique. Each Dice Busters™ class is a true expression of likeminded energy. By that I mean, complete strangers are drawn together, from all parts of the world, with a common goal. It is a perfect example the law of attraction. Like meteors hurling through space, the students collect as one and enter the atmosphere of Las Vegas. They convene on the same day, at the same place, and at the same time. It is not by accident or coincidence. It simply the law of attraction, metaphysical energy, that explains how complete strangers manage to gather for a once in a lifetime meeting. 

The morning of Dice Busters™, students began to arrive twenty-five minutes early. In fact, every single student was early. Intention and commit are two necessary ingredients for success. The group was unusual, as each student was fairly new to the game. Each owned about one year of dice experience. Without having to re-tool for bad habits, the open minded students were as quick as they were eager to take on the knowledge shared by the Dice Busters ™ team. 

The morning lesson kicked off with a round of introductions. Each person shared a bit of background and their motives for attending Dice Busters™. Program norms were explained. The show began with a lesson about identifying the energy present, the unseen information that can be supportive for a player’s results in a craps game. It is like a puzzle. The task involves identifying the important pieces. You start with the corners and then you get the “picture” into focus, as you put more puzzle pieces together. 

Each student received a personalized critique of their toss mechanics with the dice. During this time, conservative betting, the concept of playing it safe, was introduced. A virtual game was played from the resulting rolls. The benefit of witnessing eleven other shooters adjust flaws and learning how to critique a dice roll is priceless. It is the only way to help yourself in the heat of a game. 

Before the lunch break, there was a recap of the morning’s information and students related what they had learned. The show did not stop, even for lunch, questions were answered and interactive discussions with the coaches took place. 

After lunch, the students learned advanced plays for betting and how to recognize the appropriate conditions for making the bets. In other words, when to use the “bait” that the fish are hitting. 

The skilled shooting that took place, during the practice sessions, was remarkable! Each student had outstanding rolls. The energy was high, even after a grueling day of lessons.  The expenditure of energy, throughout the day, was acknowledged. It is unavoidable, with so many years of dice experience to be shared. With that said, the casino session is always prefaced with specific cautions and, of course, the fatigue factor. The results in the virtual game are not necessarily translated into the casino session.

Side note: The Dice Busters™ casino sessions have been scheduled on the morning following the one day program. However, contrary to the coaches’ advice to rest up and not stay out late, it never happened. The next morning, several of the students show up at the casino session dragging their wagons, with just a few hours of sleep. The coaches have conceded to holding the casino session after a few hours rest following the classroom presentation.

Following the two hour break, a reserved table awaited the group for their live session. The energy was high. The anticipation that each player would continue to shoot, as they had back at the Dice Coach’s dice pit, was obvious. Also, perhaps not so obvious, was the typical “stage fright” that is exhibited each year. The pressure of performing on cue, for some, is intimidating. For others, it comes down to a fear of failure. And last, some simply disengage all together, hoping that the coaches will show “their stuff”. These are true emotional feelings, and even though they are addressed prior to the casino session, it is reality, none the less. 

The game started off like a dog fight. The dice looked good, but no one could sustain a hand. Just the same, by hanging with the morning’s lessons of conservative play, most of the students avoided a bloody nose. There were a few hands that made a little bit of profit, which helped stave off the hemorrhaging. 

After one complete round of shooting, the group settled and dug in their heels. Refusing to take it laying down, the ice broke with a nice hand that got the group back in the grove. Others followed with hands that showed a profit and the shift in energy pulled the game out of the ditch. All in all, it was nothing notable to brag on. Let me say that by hanging with the basic plays, we kept the gaming going until confidence kicked in, the game regained consistency and longer rolls that made “cents”. (sic) In the end, most players had recouped losses and made a profit. The session ended after three hours of play. 

The follow-up debriefing was short. The students were satisfied with their experience expressing their gratitude to the coaches for sharing their expertise. 

By midmorning of the next day, the Dice Coach was receiving positive text messages from several of the students who teamed up to play after the program. With students reporting positive results, the Dice Busters™ team rested assured that they had delivered another successful event, confirmed by satisfied customers.

What special plans do you have for June 25th, 2016?

Ed Jones

Editor / ed@dicesetter.com


In just one day you can change your game forever!
Dice Busters™ - June 25th, 2016


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